Inside the Beast's Castle

Inside the Beast's Castle

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Noa Calleigh By no_kidding Completed

"As soon as you believe you are a monster is when you truly become the monster."

When a cowardly king uses Lyza's brother against her, she does what he demands. When she is ordered to go to a castle and kill the beast living in it, she goes, but without realizing that she is really part of a deal the king made with the master of the castle. When her attempt to kill the beast fails, she is held prisoner by a half-man who can barely control the darkness inside of him. Lyza faces dangers on the castle grounds that she only thought were stories, but the longer she stays there the more she realizes that everything, especially the Beast, is more than it seems, and the fact that she has power that she could only dream about.

A retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Wonderful cover by @nicegirlsreadbooks

Winner of fantasy category in Contemporary Reads Awards 2016

Winner of  "out of this world" category in 2016 Pre Watty awards

Highest rank: #1 in Fantasy 12/19/16

Arium Chronicles
Book 1: Inside the Beast's Castle
Book 2: When Snow Falls

What does the hand thing mean tho, I've never seen Star trek
Oh my god i read "huge" , and i'm already thinking about how "it" will fit "there". Damn this dirty mind
attractiveundead attractiveundead 16 hours ago
I think the deal will work out and that he should have traded one girl to save an entire kingdom.
I don't know why I like this so much, except that I like seeing neat, orderly things. XD
Aminilaina Aminilaina Dec 27, 2016
F*CKING FINALLY. A non-sh*tatstic author who can actually take criticism!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALREADY
KayaRuq KayaRuq Jan 05
Rereading from the beginning. Was away and now I'm back, this time I promise ill finish it.