Alluring In Blood: Vampire

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Karen By _Quinn Updated 3 years ago
For years, Audrey's life had been nothing but uneventful. Her true visage and her origin has always remained unknown to her. But after witnessing a murder and forced to commit murder herself - things start to come out of the open, supernaturals like herself inviting her to a school for both safety and knowledge of her past. 
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    Though when you're an oblivious vampire knowing nothing about your enemies lurking in the shadow, let alone know who to consider the enemy is, what can you do? Do you blindly believe what was thrusted upon you- upon billions of people beside yourself or do you go through hell to discover who could be trusted in this world.Who knew being Audrey Derosiers is worse than having a prophecy over your head?
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Ahaha this was funny! I'm going to send this to my friend. Anyway, your plot is very original, which is always great, especially on this site. I enjoyed the long chapters, it's a nice change. Anyway, reading on!
I love this already. It had my attention right from the beginning because that was a unique way to start off the story. It was to the point which was good! Also, the way you introduced your character was clever. And the plot is already interesting! Reading on, you have my vote :)
Aha this is nice! I don't usually like these type of stories tbh, but this was different. So voted! :)
Def different than other vampire stories, youhave a nice plot going on filled with mystery :D
Ohmigod. I love the facts. They had be laughing so hard.
                                    Yeah, I know I'm weird.
                                    Audrey's great and I love how this wasn't like vampire slave trade, or Twilight, or whatever.
                                    You have a good, and original plot.
                                    Voted! :)
There might be some mistakes like the commas are misplaced, but it's an awesome start! ;)