Life of Wren

Life of Wren

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PSMalcolm By PSMalcolm Updated Oct 24, 2018

It started with a Starbucks drink, and it ended in a viral meme.

Nineteen-year-old Wren Robinson had it all- the perfect boyfriend, an architecture degree, and a life of comfort and luxury- until she threw it all away to chase a dream of living in LA. The expectation? Days at the beach drinking smoothies. The reality? Struggling from paycheck to paycheck in a shoebox -sized apartment in the dodgiest part of downtown LA.

But when she meets two YouTube vloggers, she suddenly becomes the centre of a huge internet scandal which gets her fired. Wren has to find a new job quickly, or risk having to return to her old life. But what Wren doesn't realise is that her life will never be the same again...

*Fortnightly Updates Starting in October 2017*