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The Milk Matte Masquerade started off sour when Nathan failed to show up.

Obviously, Lana was irritable— constantly checking her phone and texting him, with no response. She was wearing Milk Matte on her face, and in her pastel green, corset inspired, confetti covered bodice dress, she still somehow managed to look fierce and striking.

Audrey and myself were both attending the event with her— Audrey in a simple, off-white dress that didn't steal the show, but still looked classy, and myself a pastel pink pantsuit that Kara had handed me. With a belt, it actually didn't look too bad.

The venue itself was bright— there were pastel lights everywhere, in weird shapes and designs hanging from the ceiling. Backdrops were in various places for photos, each one completely pastel. One was a blue, pink and yellow sunset, and another was an old, pastel diner. The venue was filled with other models and makeup artists, who had come to witness Milk Matte in all their glory, and get their hands on some fabulous freebies.

A food tray in the corner had colourful, heart shaped cookies, and bright drinks. There was a stage across the room too, which I assumed would be where they'd announce Lana as the new face of Milk Matte's upcoming campaign. Any reporters here tonight would jump us for questions by the end, and I was already mentally bracing myself for that disaster.

"Where is he?" Lana muttered to herself, her fingers flying over her phone's keyboard once more as we made out way through the crowd. She hadn't spoken to me much since the incident at the couple's party on Friday night, and even now, she rarely acknowledged me. I didn't know what caused her to stop commenting every five seconds, but I wasn't about to complain. Perhaps she was just bitter she didn't have an excuse to fire me, or that I was currently Audrey's favourite person due to me getting Lana the ad campaign.

Speaking of Audrey, well, she wouldn't stop talking to me. Everything she had to say to me was a compliment, and to be completely honest, it was a little offsetting after my meeting with Brielle, and learning the truth about what happened. How could these people act like everything they did was okay? How could they shower me with praise and gifts, the company car, the fancy clothes, the VIP events, and expect me to roll over and do all their bidding, when it was all so wrong? I knew that if I made a single slip up— if they learned the truth about me, the tables would turn instantly. They would turn on me like vultures, and a single investigation into my living situation would give their dodgy lawyer all the evidence he needs to sue my ass off. Forget living in LA after that— I wouldn't be able to live anywhere but my dad's office, for the rest of my life.

"Lana, you should go talk to him," Audrey was saying, nudging Lana towards a slim, handsomely dressed man. "He would make an excellent contact."

"Whatever you say, Audrey," Lana mused, her fake politeness oozing from her lips. She looked at me briefly before she strode over and said,

"If you want to be useful, find Nathan. God knows what's happened to him."

After that, it was just Audrey and I standing in the crowd, watching the dancers nearby flaunting their outfits, and the makeup junkies by the freebie stalls trying to grab as much product as they could cram into their clutches.

Audrey turned to me, raising a perfectly waxed eyebrow.

"Are you alright tonight, Wren? You seem a bit off. I thought you'd be more energetic— this was all possible, thanks to you."

She gestured to the reporters hovering nearby, and the founder of Milk Matte herself—Hanako Matsuda— chatting with a colleague as she prepared to deliver the announcement speech near the stage.

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