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It started with a Starbucks drink, and it ended in a viral meme.

Nineteen-year-old Wren had it all— the perfect boyfriend, an architecture degree, and a life of comfort and luxury— until she threw it all away to chase a dream of living in LA. The expectation? Days at the beach drinking smoothies. The reality? Struggling from paycheck to paycheck in a shoebox -sized apartment in the dodgiest part of downtown LA.

But when she meets two YouTube vloggers, she suddenly becomes the center of a huge internet scandal which gets her fired. Wren has to find a new job quickly, or risk having to return to her old life. But what Wren doesn't realize is that her life will never be the same again...



"One minute I was working in Starbucks, and the next I was the subject of a freaking viral internet video. And just like that, I was famous. Like meme level famous— I was the next Cash Me Ousside girl." 

" was 100% not okay for one's ex to show up at the doorstep at freaking eight in the morning— if at all."

  "Not to mention that I was already an official meme, and that would stay on the Internet until the end of time. No really, I had a page on Know Your Meme now— I'd checked on my way over."  

"This is what my life had come to, huh? Getting Starbucks at my old workplace with my ex while I slowly anticipated an eviction notice. Boy, life in LA sure was wild!"

"This could be a great opportunity! A job like this would definitely put some more cash in my pocket. I might even be able to afford a bed frame!"


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- P.S.Malcolm

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