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The Scandalous Wedding by crazygal88
The Scandalous Weddingby _WordSmith88_
She knew that this marriage was nothing but a business deal. A deal which she had to agree to, upon obligation. For her parents, family legacy and of course the million...
  • dominant
  • hot
  • silva
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WEDLOCK by chimerascribler
WEDLOCKby chimerascribler
ketika is 19 years old turning to 20. She is from an upper-middle class south indian girl. With easy going girl character. yashwanth is 24 years old turning to 25. He i...
  • relationships
  • india
  • humor
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why don't we imagines / smut by teenwolfhards
why don't we imagines / smutby - ` ¥ trista ! ¥ ` -
wHy dOnT wE wHaT?¿
  • jackavery
  • sister
  • random
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Love Arranged by SarahattheDisco168
Love Arrangedby sarah
[Chapters are taken down until further notice for editing, the explanation will be found inside] Halfway through her years in high-school, Maggie Carter could've almos...
  • teenfiction
  • romance
  • opposites
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His Sudden Bride (The Brides # 1) by leyla4forever
His Sudden Bride (The Brides # 1)by Leyla James
LET THE GAMES BEGIN... When Lady Alexandra Herbert discovered that she was to be married to Edward Wellesley, Marquess of Douro, heir to the Dukedom of Wellington, she w...
  • victorian
  • wiltshire
  • family
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The Blonde Bandit by AbstractAddison
The Blonde Banditby ꧁ᴀᴅᴅɪ ꧂
Brooklyn Jackson. Born from as thief for a father and a fashion designer for a mother. Who's genes will take over? It isn't that surprising when Brooklyn becomes a thief...
  • killer
  • ohkissme
  • scandalous
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The Final Days of Earth by watforddropout
The Final Days of Earthby watforddropout
The world is coming to an end in seven days. Kathwren and Elizabeth are two sisters caught up in the crazy chaos that seems to be happening all around them. Life will ne...
  • shotguns
  • kidnaped
  • barrel
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Lorraine (Sequel To Wild Child) by AmybooW
Lorraine (Sequel To Wild Child)by Amyboo W
Lorraine Fowler is finally back after taking her gap year from Yale. She was 18 when she left. Now she is 19 and ready to face the two men she left behind. She has to...
  • life
  • scandalous
  • crazy
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( Sandhir) The darkest Passion by chantinglove138
( Sandhir) The darkest Passionby Haya Shaikh🔹
Sandhir book. The darkest passion.... No lovestory has a fairytale beginning.
  • kiss
  • dark
  • story
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Flowers in the Attic by StayingAlive
Flowers in the Atticby -H
Ambrose Oleander Akakios. The boy living in the attic. Ambrose's grandmother, Lenoir Akakios. The one keeping him there. Riley Mavericks. The only one to help him escape...
  • attic
  • scandals
  • love
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Want a Kiss I'll Give You a Punch by FreeSample
Want a Kiss I'll Give You a Punchby ⋙R A I N⋘
What happens when the famous Hollywood celebrity, Mike Nor, comes across the short tempered Ashlyn Demoir? Not smiles and sunshine, that's for sure. These two are worse...
  • badboy
  • comedy
  • cute
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A Forbidden Love (Book 2) by lovestone_
A Forbidden Love (Book 2)by lovestone_
This is the second installment of "A Forbidden Love"(This is the second book). Naomi and Andreas move to a new place. Not only does Naomi have to get over the...
  • daddykink
  • german
  • secondbook
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Dolan Twins interracial imagines by Terrific_TiTi
Dolan Twins interracial imaginesby Terrific_TiTi
This is for the dark skinned DT divas who don't relate to :My long blonde hair fell past my rosy cheeks and my blue eyes twinkled in the sunlight. And do relate to :As I...
  • preferences
  • shortstory
  • interracial
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Afar by huzailazahid
Afarby huz
#1 in Afar (01-03-2019) (Completed) Jane's vocal coaching abilities seems to be fraying day by day as she tries to heal from a drastic incident happened two years ago...
  • afar
  • ame
  • romance
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Notorious  by midas-
Notorious by lex
In which Isabella Leclair gets drunk and makes the worst mistake of her life. °Mature content [04.21.19]
  • olderman
  • love
  • seductive
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Dilemma Ψ  Dylan O'Brien  by Mischievoustilinski
Dilemma Ψ Dylan O'Brien by Mrs. O'Brien
Where Dylan O'Brien comments on a hot girls instagram that doesn't know will be his co star, and a journey goes from there [DYLAN O'BRIEN x AU/SOCIAL MEDIA]
  • hollandroden
  • media
  • dylanobrien
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scandals // prettymuch by birlemstaken
scandals // prettymuchby birlemstaken
it wasn't supposed to start this way. but at least our story isn't some type of cliché. it's more of a scandal.
  • pretty
  • fanfic
  • fanfiction
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Alex Was Here by prttyrndmtngr
Alex Was Hereby Y A D D
Janelle Alexandra De Leon is a sixteen year-old junior high student aiming to complete her last year to be able to leave the complex and hopeless situations brought abou...
  • boys
  • fun
  • scandals
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Girl Name Sandra.. by always_clever
Girl Name Nia
The story has a setting in the late 1700's, where there was royals ruling the land and wars to gain land. Girl Name Sandra is about a black female living in the late 170...
  • late1700s
  • interracial
  • wattys2016
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Daddy Dearest ~ Zane x Garte  by ZanvisShips
Daddy Dearest ~ Zane x Garte by Zane >.<
Listen! I know what your thinking but just give it a chance! It takes place with Zane in high school. Garte has had a thing for Zane for awhile now and he doesn't know w...
  • boyxboy
  • pheonixdrophigh
  • aphmau
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