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"Alright, I just got off the phone with Brandon," Wesley said, finally ceasing his pacing around the hotel room as he pocketed his phone and turned to me.

I was sitting on his bed, waiting, biting my nails impatiently.

"He's out with Kurt and Ralph at the Tokyo Studio Ghibli Museum, and they can't get back for a couple of hours—but they promised to stop on the way back and pick up the application forms you need to get a new passport. We'll need to get a new photograph taken before we go to the US Embassy—it's only a couple of blocks away. In fact, it's closer to here than your other hotel was."

I couldn't believe my ears. How incredibly lucky was that?

"It'll just be an emergency passport to get you home—you'll have to renew the full thing once we're back home. And it could take 24 hours to arrive, but that's okay—you can stay here with us until then. I wouldn't file a police report until we get home either. It would slow down Audrey, but it will also delay the renewal process—and I think it's more important that we get back home at the moment."

I nodded in agreement.

"Thank God for you, Wesley," I said, flopping back on the bed in relief. "I didn't know what to do, I was freaking out."

He smiled a little, running a hand through his copper hair.

"Alright—I'm going to call Connor and update him on what's happened. Maybe he can do something from his end of things. In the meantime... if you want to freshen up, you can use the shower. It's just through there," he pointed me in the direction of the bathroom.

I frowned.

"Are you trying to hint that I stink or something?" I asked. His eyes widened.

"What? No! No—I just meant... you've been crying, and your makeup is... well, I figured..."

Realization came over me. I looked like a train wreck.

"Oh, right," I realized, blushing. "Thanks—I'll go do that."

I grabbed my toiletry bag and headed to the bathroom, overhearing Wesley on the phone once more. I took one look at my raccoon mascara eyes in the mirror and decided a simple facewash wasn't going to cut it. Mascara had dripped onto my shirt collar and I felt sweaty from racing all over Tokyo lugging bags with me. I decided I would shower after all.

I stripped and jumped into the shower, quickly washing all the makeup off and scrubbing myself until I smelt like vanilla and apples. Then I hopped out, toweled off and wrapped the towel around me. It was almost exactly like my routine at home— once I'd secured the towel, my damp hair settling around my face, I lightly dabbed on some makeup and lipgloss. I was too emotionally exhausted to go overboard—it was natural and just enough to make me feel good. Then, went to grab my clothes and remembered they had mascara stains on them.

It hit me. I wasn't at home—my bags were out in the hotel room with Wesley and I had nothing to wear.

I blushed furiously, mentally scolding myself for being so absent minded.

I paced for a few moments, debating what to do. I could just walk out and act like I'd intended for it, or I could ask Wesley to bring me some clothes and draw attention to the fact that I was basically naked.

But how would he react?

And why did I care?

Damn it, he was dating Jade. Well—fake dating Jade, but the two of them looked happy together regardless. Fake relationship or not, I couldn't get in between that, and also, why would I want to? Wesley and I were roommates, and nothing more. I couldn't stir up drama when living with the JAWCK boys was all I had. It was my only home, and right now, I needed that home more than anything.

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