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I was woken by a loud bang from downstairs, followed by anguished yelling. I leap off my mattress-on-the-floor bed, and bolted out of my room to see what was going on.

I ran into Jade on the landing, who was peering over the handrail, dressed in a silk, silver dressing gown, a look of annoyance plastered on her face. She noticed me approaching and said,

"Don't stress, Wren— the idiots are just doing another of their stupid pranks."

"Pranks?" I asked, rubbing the sleep from my eyes as my foggy brain tried to process the concept of prank and 6AM. I looked down, but I couldn't see anything from here. The noise was coming from the kitchen.

"Yeah, they have this prank war going on for their videos," she explained, her voice still thick with sleep. She yawned and let out a grumble of annoyance, before adding,

"I wish they'd pick a better time than the crack of dawn— some of us didn't get much sleep last night. The joys of pregnancy, right?"

She slugged off back to her bedroom and shut the door hard, leaving me standing in my sleepwear with my hair ruffled. I felt practically naked— just because I was getting to know these guys now, didn't mean I was ready to start walking around in my pyjamas. I dashed back to my bedroom, raked a comb through my hair and threw on decent clothes before making my way downstairs.

I froze the moment the kitchen came into view. The entire island countertop, plus a few cupboards and walls, were splattered with what looked like whipped cream. And standing there, flicking off the muck, was Connor.

Asher and Kurt were in tears, laughing from the safety of the living room doorway.

"It's everywhere!" Connor cried in disgusted anguish, while Asher and Kurt high fived each other. I then noticed the vlogging camera, and my heart lurched. I darted into the next room— which was a small office the boys used sometimes— and watched as the three of them trudged upstairs. At least they'd had the foresight to offer Connor a towel, which he was using to stop the mess dragging through the entire house on his way to the bathroom.

I sighed with relief, and just as I was about to go find something to eat, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I fumbled for it, and the caller ID read Audrey.

My stomach lurched.

"Hello Audrey," I said, barely daring to breathe.

"Wren! Sweetie, I'm so glad I got a hold of you! We've decided to offer you a position."

"Oh, wow!" I blurted, my heart doing a summersault. Don't get me wrong— I was stoked. But stunned, also. I'd assumed the radio silence had been a bad sign.

"I've been talking to Lana, and she told me you have a specific skillset that she thinks would work best with her personal projects. Kara agreed, after seeing what you did the other day. So, we've decided to make you Lana's personal marketing assistant."

A flurry of emotions went through me. This was good— it made spying on Lana so much easier. But it was also bad, because it upped my chances of getting caught. If I was the sole witness of her marketing campaigns, and the JAWCK boys repeatedly dodged her tactics, they'd have only one person to trace it back to...

Audrey didn't seem to notice how silent I'd gone on the other end. She continued to chat,

"We're actually grabbing lunch at 12PM. I know it's short notice, but if you could meet us that would be amazing. There's a few things I'd love to go over with you before you start— oh, and I want you to start tomorrow."

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