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That evening, I decided to cook for a change— and to my surprise, my vegan pasta salad was welcomed by everyone (and their growling stomachs). I'd been nervous at first, but they munched it down like it was as good as anything. Asher even reiterated how delicious it was a few times.

"So, our trip to Japan is one week away," Wesley piped up from across the table, eyeing Kurt and Connor. "Which means you need to have everything in order before Sunday. Get your videos scheduled, your bags packed—"

"—geez, okay, dad," Kurt replied, his tone only half joking. I eyed the two of them, and frowned. Kurt shifted in his chair uncomfortably, and Connor quickly changed the subject. I leaned over towards Jade and murmured,

"What's up with him?"

Jade rolled her eyes.

"Oh, he's just in a bad mood because he got roped into doing one of Connor's paranormal videos tonight. They're going out later to get stuff for some kind of ritual..."

I tensed, and my thoughts snapped back to my Uncle Jim and how he'd become haunted after messing with paranormal things. And then that thought led me back to that night, in the alleyway, with that guy.

A shiver went down my spine, and all the sudden I couldn't stomach any more food. I pushed the bowl away, my eyes fixated on the table. Jade eyed me worriedly.

"You alright?" she asked. "Hey— if that stuff makes you nervous, you don't have to be here when they do it. We can find someplace to go."

I shook my head. Even thought I'd slept most of the day, I was still exhausted after the events of last night, and the last thing I wanted to do was hang around at a fast food joint until 2AM waiting for the boys to finish their video.

"No, it's fine. I'll just stay in my room," I told her quietly, drumming my fingers lightly on the table. Asher then looked over at me, and said,

"Hey, Wren— what are we going to do about that recording you got last night?"

Everyone's eyes turned to me, and I sat up a little straighter.

"Uh, well..." I trailed off, then quickly cleared my throat. "Well, we need to figure out who we're going to leak it to, first. And it can't be someone who Audrey can shut down in an instant. We need to play our cards right."

Asher hummed a little, and then his eyes lit up.

"I can ask Brielle if she has any ideas! In fact, you and her should meet up tomorrow and talk about it. I can ask her to meet you somewhere— I'm sure she'd be more than happy to, especially seeing as it involves Lana."

That spiked my interest. Ever since I figured out who Brielle was, I'd been dying to put a face to the name. I wanted to find out what had happened between her, Lana and Audrey.

"I would be so down with that," I said, and Asher smiled.

"Cool. Okay, well I'll ask her tonight," he promised.

After dinner, I took everyone's plates and was loading the dishwasher when my phone rang. It was Audrey, and a mixed emotion went through me. Curiosity, for what she wanted. And dread, not only because of what happened at last night's party, but also because of how she'd last spoken to me. But when I answered— tentatively, I might add— it seemed that there was no need for concern because she erupted into the most animated, excited conversation.

"Wren— oh my goodness, you absolute shining star! Your campaign worked! Lana got the deal!"

"The deal?" I asked, a little lost.

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