Blood War (Halfblood Chronicles, #1)

Blood War (Halfblood Chronicles, #1)

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Katy Cage (on hiatus until March 26th) By katycage Updated 8 hours ago

Our blood might be different, but we all bleed red. 

Daemonstri are beings akin to witches, demigods, vampires, and the like, and in their hidden society, blood status determines everything. 

Seventeen-year-old Nika suffers the hierarchy worse than anyone, and she copes with it by training to be a keeper of the Vigil. But social inferiority becomes the least of her problems when vengeful shapeshifters kidnap her best friend. 

With the help of old enemies and new allies, Nika scrambles to Lu's rescue by battling political conspiracies, foul magic, and dark temptations of the heart---all while a violent conflict shakes her fracturing community.

The wolves want vengeance, the government wants a scapegoat, and one defiant halfblood wants to save her friend before it's too late. But even if she succeeds, the Daemonstri world may fall to ruin, dragging Nika and her loved ones with it.

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