Lady and the Wolf [Book One, Lady and the Wolf Series] -Published-

Lady and the Wolf [Book One, Lady and the Wolf Series] -Published-

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S. A. Cross By Hendrixx Completed

"Fate is tricky and her time is limited. She can love without reason, and forgive without thought - that is her curse and her gift. Be that as it may, the wolf will remain by Red Riding Hood's side for all eternity, for she is a lady, and he, a monster." - Aleksandra Volkov.

Van Volkov was born with a curse, a demon that lives inside of his mind, and a promise to protect. Having lived his entire life for the sake of others, he has created a steel wall that surrounds himself - impenetrable, just like his heart. Revered as a God by humans and a murderer by his own kind, he lives in secrecy, letting few humans know that he is one of four pure lycan's left in the humans world. 

That all changes when he rescues a human child after her family are killed by rogue shifters. Vowing never to acknowledge her existence or his rare act of kindness, he struggles with the fact that she could be the key to breaking down his steel walls and unlocking his buried humanity. 

But how do you find your humanity when you're not really human at all? 

Aira Blight was six years old when she witnessed her entire family's death. Taken in by a doctor and his kind wife, Aira slowly but surely recovers from the trauma. As she grows, Aira is supported financially and academically by a supposed stranger, but she knows her saviour is watching over her, and her one wish is to help her cold and angry hero feel compassion and love - the same sort of compassion and love he has shown Aira her entire life - although he may not know it.


Published December 15th, 2016. Available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback. 
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^ Ehhh. He can’t help who he’s mated to. It’s only creepy if he were to instigate a relationship with her before she’s an adult.
srcat064 srcat064 Jun 28, 2017
i don't understand how this book works with mates. are him and aira mates?? are they going to be? or do they pick their own mated
My_Highness My_Highness Dec 06, 2017
Huhhhh then why doesn’t he have a mate aka Emma’s sister
TheShadowchronicles TheShadowchronicles Jul 25, 2017
Nobody's buying your excuses, dude. Just thought you should know.
^ Because Emma is probably mated to his brother. This making her his sister-in-law.
srcat064 srcat064 Jun 28, 2017
this is kinda creepy bc like they gon be together but rn she 6 and he's a grown adult