In the Arms of You | ✔️ | EDITING

In the Arms of You | ✔️ | EDITING

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Lena Mercer didn't think the tables would turn upside down. An accident was all it took for the person who Lena loved the most to disappear. A mistake Lena made on her seventeenth birthday changed the course of her life. From then on, she has suffered mentally and physically. 

Moving wasn't on the list of plans. A list containing one objective; to get out of her father's house. Moving to West Fields was a nightmare come true. A place where Lena couldn't hide from her father's wrath. 

Meeting Zach Holt wasn't on the list either. A bad boy who is suddenly interested in Lena. She has to decide whether he is the best thing for her or the worst thing for her. Zach has secrets too, but will his secrets cause more harm than good?

*#1 in #badboy - 1/20/2019*
*#10 in Teen Fiction - 2/11/2019*
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**OLD Cover design credit goes to @leigha_michaela**
**Started: May 25, 2017, Ended: November 24, 2017,**
**Editing started: December 14, 2018, Ended: ???**