Chapter 16: The Visit Part 3

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My grandpa, George, came into the room when we entered the house. "My little lightning bug, what are you doing here and who is he?" Grandpa asked me as he entered the room.

"Hey, grandpa. I'm here because I wanted to visit you guys, Mack decided to stay home withd—Dad." I said forcing the word dad out of my mouth once more that day.

He nodded his head then looked at Zach. "And him? Who is he and why is he with you?" He asked glaring a little at Zach.

"He—" but instead of Zach cutting me off, grandma was the one to cut me off. Seriously! I can explain things myself! I have a voice of my own here!

"George this is Zach, Lena's boyfriend and Lena wanted to surprise us with this visit." She told him. Once the word boyfriend came out of my grandmother's mouth, my grandpa's gaze was fixed on Zach, like a lion looking at a helpless gazelle.

"Well, you and I," He said point to Zach and himself, "Are going to have a talk, now. Don't want my little lightning bug to be hurt once more."

Zach then looked at me once more, confused. "Later," I whispered to him. He then nodded his head understandable. "Have fun, Zach," I said choking back a laugh.

He turned to look at me once more. "You know you're not off the hook right, Cinderella?" He said to me. I rolled my eyes.

"Well, you're the one who asked for it," I said, meaning about the talk with my grandpa.

As they were about to walk off, Zach sent me a pleading look, basically wanting me to help him get out of that talk. He was scared! I laughed right then and there, my grandparents look at me like I was crazy and with worry in their eyes. "Lena, are you okay?" grandma asked me.

"Sorry grandpa, but I want Zach to meet my friends in town, can't you do the talk when we get back? Please." I implored. Zach was so going to pay for this. All of this!

"Go, let them go, George, you can have your guys talk later. They're young, let them have some fun." grandma said.

Grandpa huffed, but let Zach go. "Fine, but we will have that talk, son." and with that grandpa left the room.

I still stood there laughing a bit. "Go have fun," Grandma said sending us out the door, but pulled me back for a moment.

"He isn't hurting you, is he? I noticed the bruises on your arm. We don't want a repeat of the last one do we?" She asked me in a quiet tone so Zach wouldn't hear.

"No, I accidentally fell going down the stairs the other day," I told her. I hated lying to my grandparents, but I couldn't let them know the truth about their son, my father.

She looked at me suspiciously, but let it go. "Okay, but if he does, let me know right away." She said with a smile.

"I will don't worry," I told her.

"Cinderella, you coming or not?" I heard Zach yell from his car.

"Coming!" I said and gave grandma a quick kiss on the cheek and a hug before leaving and getting into Zach's car.

When I got into the car I buckled up and Zach turned to me. He was about to speak, but I spoke first. "I saved you from having the talk with my grandpa, so now you owe me. Actually, you owe me a lot for the stunt you just pulled!"

He chuckled. I then punched him his the shoulder. "What? Why else you bring a guy over to your grandparents' house?" He said. I rolled my eyes.

"I could have just said you were my friend!" I told him. We were now on the road, driving to my best friend, Kyla Madison's, house.

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