Chapter 18: Truth Be Told

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I'm shaken awake by someone. I look up to see Zach facing me. "We're at your house." He said. I nodded my head and opened the door to get out. I looked on the porch to find Zach's mom standing there. What's she doing here?

"Zach, your mom's here," I say turning back to him. He looked confused but looked at where I was looking before and saw her standing there.

He gets out of the car and we both walk up to the porch. I don't think his mom noticed us because she was turned around. "Mom?" Zach said causing her to turn around.

His mom smiles and hugs him tightly. "Where the hell were you!" She said. She then looked at me beside him. "Both of you! Where were you guys! Lena, your dad is worried sick about you!" She said in an unfamiliar tone.

"Yeah, I'm sure he was," I whispered to myself.

"What was that Lena?" She said turning to look at me.

"N-Nothing," I said. Before she could open her mouth again my father came out of the house.

He glared at me before speaking. "You're home! Thank god! You don't know how worried Mack and I have been." He said giving me a meaningless hug.

"S-Sorry for that," I said.

"Don't you dare do that ever again!" He said shouting a little. I know he meant much more behind that statement.

"Y-Yes s-sir," I said stuttering a bit.

My dad looked at Zach. "Thank you for bringing her home." He said to him.

"No problem. See yeah later, Sleeping Beauty." And with that Zach and his mom left.

My father changed from being this worried guy about his daughter to a demon within a second. "Get in the house now!" He shouted. I quickly scurried into the house where Mack stood in the middle of the room, smirking at me.

That night was the worse beating I'd ever received. I didn't know if I'd ever wake up again after this time. Being pulled into the light sounded like a good thing. At least I'd be with mom and we'd both be safe from him and Mack.

I didn't want to wake up after that, but unfortunately, I did. I really thought I was gone this time. Just my luck huh. I did the best I could to drag myself up the stairs and into my room. I dragged myself onto my bed, not caring about a single thing at that moment.

I was happy my phone hadn't been damaged any more than it already has. I ignored the beeping sound of my phone before I fell into a deep sleep, hopefully, I won't wake up from this one.


The next morning I felt worse. With the nightmare and pain I received last night, it felt like I couldn't even move the next morning. I got up and out of the bed though and got dressed, even though the pain was unbearable and shooting throughout my whole body.

Covering my face with makeup to hide the bruising and I put on a simple pair of jeans with my regular hoodie that I always wear. I grabbed my things, meaning my bag and phone, before heading downstairs to make them breakfast.

I quickly made them a meal of bacon, eggs, and a stack of pancakes each. Even though I was hungry I didn't eat anything. I'm being punished by not to eat anything for the next three days. I'll survive, hopefully.

Going to school wasn't any easier. I didn't want to be there. I wanted to be back home, and by home I mean with my mom. There, no one could hurt me. I'd be completely free. I did my best to ignore Zach all day, I just couldn't face him. I didn't want him in my life just to bring him down into the pain that I receive daily.

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