Chapter 20: Finding Her

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I ran out of that house before they could speak a word. I had to go. I didn't want to see them get hurt.I had to get as far away from them as possible.

As I ran I decided to run into the woods, I know the woods it's a good place, for now, to hide. They most likely will search for me and I just hope they don't find me. Danger follows me wherever I go.

It was dark outside as I ran through the woods. I did my best to try not to trip over anything like tree roots, but luck was never on my side.

Falling onto the ground is was caused my whole body to ache worse than it was when I was running. The pain was shooting all through my body with every moment I made. Sleep deprivation and not eating was taking a toll on whether I could get up or not.

I didn't want to move, but I had to. I had to get away. With one slight movement, I was back on the ground. Black dots filled my vision. I heard a noise that wasn't far away, but I couldn't do anything before I passed out.


I began to regain my vision from passing out. I noticed I was in the back of a car. I looked out the window, trying to give away that I was awake, well sort of awake. I noticed a number on the side of the building or warehouse that the car was pulling into. 48D2LK. I don't think the person who was driving noticed the numbers, but I did.

Soon black dots violated my vision once more and I passed out again.

Zach's P.O.V (Surprise!!)

I looked at mom and she was wearing the same expression I was. "Zach Hunter Holt explain to me what's going on right now!" She shouted at me. Okay, my mom was never the one to shout at someone, but right now I can tell she is beyond pissed.

"I'll tell you in the car, but we have to go find Lena before she does something she'll regret," I told her.

She nodded her head. "Let's go."

We both went and got into the car. I was in the driver's seat while my mom was in the passenger's seat. "She couldn't have gone far," I told mom.

"Don't over think her Zach. You don't know what she is capable of and neither do I. Now explain to me what is going on and why Lena has bruises all over her arms and face?" Mom said to me.

I sighed. I shouldn't have run away that day when I was yelling at Lena because she didn't tell me. I should have helped her. It's my fault she ran and I shouldn't have caused her to do that. "I learn the information from Iza because Lena told Iza the truth earlier that day." I began.

"Lena's father and Mack abuse her, mom," I said getting the tough part out of the way. "They have been abusing her since her mom's death and now I know it's been going on a lot longer than her death."

My mom put a hand over her mouth to try not to cry. "I saw the signs." She said.

"What?" I asked as I drove looking down the street to see if I can find Lena. God, I need to find her.

It will be my fault if something happens to her.

She then spoke again. "I saw the signs. When she first came to our house to stay the month with us, which only turned out to be a week or so, I noticed the bruises on her wrist. That's why I pulled her aside that day and asked her if she was alright. She said she was fine, but she didn't look fine."

"And that day when you threw pancakes batter into her hair when she crouched on the ground saying please don't hurt me. When she looked at her brother in fear when she spoke to him." Mom said.

She had tears streaming down her face by the time she was done. "The day when I jumped into the pool to save her cause she didn't know how to swim. She wouldn't deliberately jump in if she could swim, especially in the deep end." I said remembering the memory.

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