Chapter 23: Luke

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Lena's P.O.V

Darkness. That's all I see. I just seem to be lost in my mind. I don't know where I'm at for all I know I could be dead! The last thing I remember is passing out in that locked room Mack and my father put me in with Iza and Amy.

Are they okay? Did Mack or my father do something to them? I hope not, they've become my best friends here and I don't ever want to lose them! Did something happen to Zach? Is he okay, and what about his mom, Diana, is she okay too?

I was dragged out of the darkness I had been and into the light, a very bright light I may add.

My eyes snapped open but quickly closed as the bright light entered my eyes. "Turn it off or turn it down! Do something!" I rasped out, my voice sounding hoarse.

"Lena, sweetie, open your eyes, we cut the light down." I heard Diana's familiar voice ring in my ear. I slowly open my eyes. There in front of me was Iza, Amy, Bret, Diana, Zach, and two other guys I don't recognize.

"W-Where am I? Am I dead?" I said in a quiet, but audible voice. Diana laughed and had a small smile on her face. "W-What?" I said scared. What happened?

She comes over to my bedside and sits down in the chair beside it. "Sweetie, do you remember anything from 3 days ago?" She asked worried a bit.

"I-I remember that--" I was cut off by the sound of the hospital room door opening.

Men in police uniforms came into the room. "We need to speak to Lena Mercer, now. Everyone out!" One of the guys shouted. Everyone, quickly scurried, Diana gave me a quick hug, so did Zach, but his lasted a bit longer more than it should have.

Two of the men went back outside my room, I'm guessing to guard the door so no one can come in. "Lena Mercer, I'm Officer Francis. I'm here to ask you a few questions regarding your kidnapping." He said professionally. He didn't seem like he cared at all, not for me at least.

"C-Can I have some w-water please?" I asked in a quiet tone. My throat still hurt a little. He then handed me a cup of water that was on the side table. "Thanks," I said and drank the water. It made me feel much better.

Officer Francis nodded his head before taking out a notepad and a pen. "Now, Miss. Mercer, your brother and your father are being held in a local detainment center until the trial." He explained.

"T-Trial?" I said.

"Yes, you can't just put people in jail unless there is a trial and we also need to know how long they need to stay in there for. Now I need you to tell me exactly what happened, and what's been going on, long before you ever came to West Fields." He spoke.

He began to fire questions left and right, too fast for me to answer. I mean I just woke up from passing out, let me rest, please! Soon enough he stopped asking questions and got up. I gave him a few answers, but not a lot. "I'm just trying to help you, Miss. Mercer. The trial for your brother and father is on Saturday."

That's all he said before leaving the room, and then everyone soon piled back into the room once more. "What did they want to talk to you about Lena?" Amy asked me.

I didn't realize tears were falling out of my eyes as I spoke. "Everything." Was all I could get out.

I whipped the tears off of my face. "What happened while I was out. The last thing I remember is Amy and Iza waking up locked up in that room with me before I passed out from everything." I said wanting to know answers.

Amy came up beside me before she spoke. "Well..." and the story was told. I was told the whole story from the time I had passed out on Iza and Amy as they told me not to go to sleep to Zach, Bret, Quinn, and Alex, the two unfamiliar boys from earlier, breaking in and saving us and Diana calling the cops.

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