Chapter 22: Rescue

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Zach's P.O.V

I kept on driving while my mother looked to try to find the place on her phone. "Anything yet?" I asked as I tried my best to focus on the road in front of me.

"No, sweetie. Don't you think we need some backup, or at least someone to help us out? You can't go in there alone." Mom said.

She was right, as always.

"Okay, Alex and Quinn aren't too far from here, and I'll get Bret too so at least Lena knows at least two familiar faces when we come to get her," I said.

I quickly made a right turn onto Alex and Quinn's street. Lucky Alex and Quinn lived right next to one another and are usually at one another's houses.

I parked the car on the side of the road. "Okay, I'll be back in a minute, mom," I said. She nodded her head and I headed towards Quinn's house since I parked in front of his house. I rang the doorbell and stepped back a bit.

Quinn and Alex came to the door. "Hey man, what's up?" Quinn asked. "Lena is in trouble and I need your help," I told them.

"Lena, as in Mack's sister Lena?" Alex said a little confused.

"Yeah, her," I said.

"Sure, man, we'll help you out," Quinn said.

"Thanks so much, guys, we've just got a pickup Bret and we're good," I said leading them to the car.

"Wait, Bret as in Amy's boyfriend Bret?" Alex asked.

"Yes...your point?" I said to him.

"Oh, nothing," Alex said in a quiet voice. He has had a crush on Amy since forever, he is just too shy to ask her out and also that she had a boyfriend plays a role in that too.

The boys hop in back while I get back in the driver's seat. "Have you found out where she is yet, mom?" I asked.

"Yes, actually I found a warehouse not far out of town." She said.

"Good," I said and began to drive.

We grabbed Bret on the way to the warehouse since his road ended up being one of the roads we had to go on, lucky us. "I tried calling Iza and Amy, but it's going straight to voicemail. Do you think that Mack and his father took them as well?" Bret asked in a worried tone.

"No doubt he didn't. They know that Lena wouldn't like to see her friends hurt. Not in any way, shape or, form." I said.

The warehouse seemed to be the only one on the road. "Stop!" I heard my mom shout, which caused me to slam on the breaks.

"Yes, mom?" I asked.

"We can't get too close, or else they will catch you. Did you not see the cameras?" She said pointing at the ones on the sides and entrances of the building.

"Nope," I said and looked around to try to find a way in. We, as in just the boys and I, got out of the car. "Mom, stay in the car and call the police. They'll need to be here to arrest Mack and his father when we free Lena, and if Iza and Amy are in there then them too." I told her.

"Okay, good luck and I love you, Zach." Mom said.

"Love you too, mom," I said.

Bret, Quinn, Alex, and I walked and looked at the surrounding areas around the building. Soon enough we spotted an air duct with no cameras around it or at least none that could be seen.

"Through there," Bret states pointing to the air duct.

"Good idea, Bret," Alex says.

I walked up first, then the boys follow. "It's bolted shut," I said. No, I was not giving up hope, I will rescue the girl

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