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In the Arms of You | ✔️ | EDITING by RosieTheDreamWriter
In the Arms of You | ✔️ | EDITINGby Rosie
Lena Mercer didn't think the tables would turn upside down. An accident was all it took for the person who Lena loved the most to disappear. A mistake Lena made on her s...
  • teen
  • darkness
  • burden
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Year of no Stars by tainted-Iove
Year of no Starsby Darby
When little baby Laura goes missing, no one is looking. Her kidnapper isn't who you would think, though. From the young age of two to the hormonal teenage year of fiftee...
  • friendship
  • feral
  • wolves
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Carter #HMS1 by humanitis
Carter #HMS1by Human
Hard Mate Series Book 1. (This series does not have to be read in order.) ***** "Listen carefully cupcake, I'm not taking any of this mate crap, so let's just get t...
  • burden
  • family
  • betrayal
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You're The One  by _afra_and_amra_
You're The One by afra and amra
Everything changes when time passes by, Samething happened to a girl called Leah.Her life was just a piece of shit but it changed.You should know to move on...People do...
  • love
  • college
  • watty2018
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Ava Goldien-book 1 by SU22703
Ava Goldien-book 1by SU22703
Ava Goldien is the protagonist from another universe where both magic and science are advanced and balanced,who is up against Lord Macabre who was made the greatest of p...
  • danger
  • betrayal
  • thuglife
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Burden ▷ Malia Tate by disolvingdesires
Burden ▷ Malia Tateby ˗ˏˋ lara ˎˊ˗ & britt
❝ In which she was a lost girl.❞
  • scottmccall
  • maliahale
  • burden
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Beyond Expectations(Au Sans X Mythic Reader) by Kia_Proxy_Physco
Beyond Expectations(Au Sans X Myth...by Kia Slenderman's Proxy
Edited: Your Y/N You have so many memories erased from you , some questions you can't answer and some adventure waiting for you But wait who can steal the heart of y/n...
  • burden
  • sans
  • adventure
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Sick Sehun  by sehunandchocolate
Sick Sehun by OH SEHUN💸
Sehun's been having accidents happen left and right throughout the day in the dorm on the groups rest day. He accidentally pisses off Chanyeol and instantly regrets it...
  • burden
  • hurt-comfort
  • sehun
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~BURDEN~ BTS fanFiction ~ by Th3w3irdon3
~BURDEN~ BTS fanFiction ~by Th3 w3ird on3
'You're just badluck' 'I can't believe I even became friends with a creep like you' 'Ever since I became your friend, my life became horrible... So If u really cared abo...
  • wattys2018
  • bts
  • depression
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You Are Going To be Happy!  by alittlemuslimah10
You Are Going To be Happy! by alittlemuslimah10
You matter. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are worthy of respect. You are worthy of love. You are capable of so much more than you can imagine. Don't give up...
  • spiritual
  • heaven
  • relief
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Cup Half Empty, Cup Half Full by I_Am-Not_Ok
Cup Half Empty, Cup Half Fullby Female Dog
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 teens, 4 burdens, 4 secrets. High school is hell, and somehow they've ended into its claws. It's every man for themselves. Unless...
  • lgbtq
  • burden
  • reality
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I Am Br(OK)en by PrismAce21
I Am Br(OK)enby PrismAce21
A long story about a girl's life.....a happy or a sad story? I wonder what it will be
  • onlinefriends
  • family
  • feelings
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The new nanny (Book #1) by Gurl_Writer18
The new nanny (Book #1)by Gurl_Writer18
What happens when your wife " forgets" to tell you important news. This is the story of Brandon and his wife Amelia. She finds out she is pregnant but it is no...
  • brandon
  • wesley
  • dna
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A Prodegy's Burden by LockTownitasaku
A Prodegy's Burdenby ItachixSakura
Itachi was a famous prodegy in the shinobi academy half aa year away from graduated more early then everyone else but he was never hated but looked up too he always shar...
  • itasaku
  • academy
  • shinobi
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The Third Person by Shining_Stuti
The Third Personby Shining_Stuti
A man... a woman... a wife... tangled in a riddle of the life... A story revolving around three lives... and a death...
  • insecurity
  • jealousy
  • suspence
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The Death... And Rebirth of Donna Noble by DoctorDonnaTARDIS
The Death... And Rebirth of Donna...by DoctorDonnaTARDIS
What happens when a part Time Lord is about to die? The Doctor, with the weight of all he has done resting on his shoulders and Donna with a new face, a new life and al...
  • death
  • doctorwho
  • timetravel
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Self loathing a low thing by sociallybackwards
Self loathing a low thingby Pranav Mehta
ITS IS VERY CRINGEY, but necessary for me.Kind of Like my Journal which i have left for everyone to see, to remind people, we all go through the same shit. All of you, a...
  • life
  • awkward
  • teenager
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Thomas Sanders// Anxiety Shorts// Prince Shorts by JuliaPumpreo
Thomas Sanders// Anxiety Shorts...by JuliaPumpreo
Anxiety wakes up feeling horrible but he doesn't want to burden the others so, naturally he hides it. After this first chapter I will take suggestions for future storie...
  • prince
  • thomassanders
  • overprotective
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Give Me Your Heart And I'll Give You My Life  by Godsamazingangel
Give Me Your Heart And I'll Give Y...by Miketello For Life 💘💘
.••••This story is going through a lot of Major editing. I'm working on making this story better! This is NOT TCEST! THIS IS JUST BROTHERLY LOVE!!•••• The tw...
  • mikeyshurt
  • imrandom
  • followme
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Monster [Complete] ✔ by crossingmountains
Monster [Complete] ✔by crossingmountains
❝Did I do this to you?❞
  • burden
  • hope
  • wonder
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