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So Will the Plan Work? [A Ziam Fanfiction] by LoveandHeartbreaks
So Will the Plan Work? [A Ziam Fan...by Jenny Swaift
Liam is in love with someone.And that someone is none other than his bestfriend and bandmate Zayn Malik.Liam tried hard to push these feelings away but it won't help so...
The Reunion by Nllzhbetterthanwords
The Reunionby Nllzhbetterthanwords
It's a sunny day in LA, as per usual and Louis Tomlinson has just arrived to the hotel he was requested to stay at. Requested by whom? Simon Cowell of course. Why? For t...
Tattoo- Ziam ✔️ by oh-harold
Tattoo- Ziam ✔️by Harold Tommo
The one where Zayn needs his ass tattoo covered. Spanish & Italian translation available!
Zalien Invazion  by VenerableBean
Zalien Invazion by thePayneGang
Liam saves A handsome stranger from almost dying and let's him live at his place until he can make it on his own. Naturally, he grows very fond of Zayn, but what he does...
One Last Time - I'll Make It Feel Like Home by Hoe4oneD5
One Last Time - I'll Make It Feel...by Hoe4oneD5
After nearly six years on hiatus Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall all put their solo careers on hold to get back together once more. Will they be able to put their differenc...
The One Direction Group Chat  {aka the boy talking shit and being funny} by soulofheathens
The One Direction Group Chat {aka...by A.K.
The greatest group chat ever. They talk shit. There is ZIAM, (ZAYN AND LIAM) LARRY (LOUIS AND HARRY), AND NOSH (NIALL AND JOSH). ENJOY THIS! Has lots of lovely fluff an...
The Boy That Doesn't Talk // ls by hazxtommo28
The Boy That Doesn't Talk // lsby 💚f💙
Where Harry, a famous solo artist, meets Louis, the boy that doesn't talk. (btw because Harry's the only one who sings, one direction albums are his personal albums and...
Kitten l.s/z.p/z.h by bloodhazetaegukk
Kitten l.s/z.p/z.hby schizolarryia
In which Louis is new to the bdsm world.
bruised ~ ziam by soft4ziam
bruised ~ ziamby soft4ziam
"roll up your sleeves Zayn" tw • self harm • abuse • anorexia • depression • suicide attempts • more to come {i restarted this story because my tops sounded li...
Happy Ending  by pridegayproud
Happy Ending by L||Devil😈
Liam Payne is a gay who is bullied regularly by Zayn Malik. Liam is just a nerd who gets straight A's and his friend Harry is a player of the basketball team. Niall, the...
✓ | HEY THERE DELILAH! larry stylinson x instagram by louiswenttoamsterdam
✓ | HEY THERE DELILAH! larry styli...by tara not yummy
"easy for you to say, you aren't the one going out with him!" louis protested, causing delilah to roll her eyes a bit. At least his attitude was still there. ...
my step-brother's best friend // ziam by hugsfromziam
my step-brother's best friend // z...by ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Young Liam Payne was left as an orphan at a young age and was forced into an orphanage, little did he know was that the Styles family was going to choose to adopt him an...
Ƭɦҽ ƁƖօօɗʂʋƈƙҽɾ ➼ Ȥíąɱ ՏʋƥҽɾղąƭʋɾąƖ ⱭƲ by Ziams_Roses
Ƭɦҽ ƁƖօօɗʂʋƈƙҽɾ ➼ Ȥíąɱ Տʋƥҽɾղąƭʋɾą...by Ziams Roses
possessive/pəˈzɛsɪv/adjective : demanding someone's total attention and love. ❝Sometimes, someone walks into your life, so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise, a...
Zayn Malik is my dad? by xxonedirectionafxx
Zayn Malik is my dad?by xxonedirectionafxx
All my life it has just been me and mom, she never mentions my dad and I never ask. It's not like she's around anyways. My names Ariella, I'm 11 years old,as I was sayin...
same mistakes by nicotinedaisies
same mistakesby nicotinedaisies
mention of mpreg // ziam & side lirry
The Bet (Ziam) by ziamstruelove
The Bet (Ziam)by Marco Asensio
He was the school's popular Jock. He was the school's nerd. Everyone loved him. Everyone hated him. He had friends. He had no one. He had the looks, the muscles, and the...
Social Media 2 (Larry Stylinson) by Heyidkyay
Social Media 2 (Larry Stylinson)by L:)
Book Two. Life after🦋 [Completed]
blind love // ziam by hugsfromziam
blind love // ziamby ♡♡♡♡♡♡
liam payne is blind and bullied
Banter Boys [1D group chat] by crinklelouis
Banter Boys [1D group chat]by crinklelouis
Basically the boys texting about all the sht happening in this fandom now and then !Includes Larry, Ziam and captain Niall talking!
I Don't Fake {Zayn Sickfic} by Zayniac420
I Don't Fake {Zayn Sickfic}by Zayniac420
Just a little sickfic where the boys think Zayn is faking being sick