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论如何错误地套路一个魔教教主 / The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader by 一只大雁 (Yi Zhī Dàyàn) by allourheroes
论如何错误地套路一个魔教教主 / The Wrong Way to...by allourheroes
English translation of the wuxia danmei novel by 一只大雁 (Yi Zhī Dàyàn). It's also called 少年江湖物语 (Shàonián Jiānghú Wùyǔ). The number one swordsman Zhao Jiangui is the marti...
(Book 1) Madam is a Sensational Figure in the City by ffrylebliss
(Book 1) Madam is a Sensational Fi...by Ffryle Bliss
As the leader of bandits, Yan Jinyi has been a bully for twenty years, and she ended up causing her own death. The next thing she knows, she wakes up and finds that she...
The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! by Irish_Rishi
The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an...by ℐ𝓇𝒾𝓈𝒽
WARNING: STORY IS NOT MINE! OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY! Original Author: Shui Qingzhu ------------------------- Synopsis: Yun Jiu was an ace special agent, but...
The Bandit's Strategy by fish_from_murderland
The Bandit's Strategyby anon fish
English translation of the BL novel by Yu Xiao Lan Summary Wen Liunian is Cangmang City's newly appointed prefect. The common people banged on their gongs and drums, th...
I am a cheat in wuxia world by CrescentRose11
I am a cheat in wuxia worldby Crescent Rose
Kira is your not everyday normal girl. She a girl who's good at everything she does and likes to learn about everything and the only person with an IQ of 500 on Earth...
Bookhunting: Chinese Novels by Foenix8
Bookhunting: Chinese Novelsby HIATUS
Have you ever read a Chinese novel? Or at least been curious about them? Maybe you're just looking for something good to read? Check out this compilation of original and...
Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei by Kitzkat84
Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfeiby Kitzkat84
Disclaimer:: This story is not mine!!! Its for offline reading purpose only... There are 5 chapters in every part... Credits to owner.. Description Once, because of a pa...
HHYL Fanfic - Reflection Of The Moon by Luxiufer
HHYL Fanfic - Reflection Of The Mo...by Luxiufer
Jing is the sun, shining with the brightest of radiance. Lu Cang is only the moon. For the moon, it is impossible to shine without the sun. But for the sun, even with...
Legendary Wife : The Unrivaled Demon King's OverPowered Songstress by yayako11010110
Legendary Wife : The Unrivaled Dem...by yayako11010110
Some say you hear a beautiful song Some say you hear an enchanting humming Some say you hear the most beautiful voice in the world Some say you hear the most beautifu...
Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse  by Ebonsolaris
Cultivator in a Zombie Apocalypse by Ebonsolaris
Ren Zexian had lived 10,000 years, had experienced many things, had lived through many things. That included the death of his own realm. But what he never expected to...
The Future Beast World: The Wife You Bought, can't Bear Cubs by SiNgamBek
The Future Beast World: The Wife Y...by SiNgamBek
Bai Yue, a mental patient who jump into the future world of orc..
Reincarnation of the strongest sword god 2695+ by VexedShade
Reincarnation of the strongest swo...by KingVin521
Starting over once more, he has entered this "living game" again in order to control his own fate. This time, he will not be controlled by others. Previously t...
The Guardian | fruits basket by JHCSEOKK
The Guardian | fruits basketby s.k
She fiddled with the band of beads adorning her wrist as her eyes flashed dangerously, "you may believe being the guardian is all fun and games, but out of all peop...
Against Fate (Eternal Love of Dream/Pillow Book FanFic) by JOYHYT
Against Fate (Eternal Love of Drea...by JOYHYT
This is a 'Modern Love Story' fanfiction based on Eternal Love of Dream drama series/Ten Miles Pillow Book Novel, written by Tang Qi Gong Zi. The storyline would be simi...
Author's Synopsis: An urban fiction. Mediocre is a common characteristic of the majority. But when someone outstanding appears beside you, your life will change because...
From the Ashes of Love by Marrragan
From the Ashes of Loveby Marrragan
This story is a Fan Fiction for a television series called Ashes of Love (in English) and 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 in China (pronounced: Xiāng mì chén chén jìn rú shuāng) It picks up sho...
The Flood Controller's Wife by dailyglassofwine
The Flood Controller's Wifeby dailyglassofwine
Weiying was born a man but due to some circumstances he had to pretend to be a girl until he was eighteen years of age where he planned on debuting the kingdom as the ma...
MDZS [Meme Book] by BLsLittleDevil
MDZS [Meme Book]by BLsLittleDevil
The Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed book of funny memes to fluffy memes because there's just not enough. Everything from Mo Dao Zu Shi to The Untamed, memes are everywhere! Al...
Different Realms-Same Emotions by Leimylove
Different Realms-Same Emotionsby Leimylove
A cross-over fanfic between WangXian and Wenzhou. What happens when the world of wuxia and xianxia collides with each other?Will the both cultivators be accepted by the...
Web of Secrets by DavidMusk
Web of Secretsby David Musk
Mana Artists rule the world, and the path to power is a well-kept secret, restricted to state-approved programs and universities. Akari Zeller will never be a Mana Artis...