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Girl Meets Antisocial by Rylee_11037
Girl Meets Antisocialby Rylee
Meet Lexi Winkle, Lucas' childhood friend, a girl who has a hard time having passion for anything. She's usually off in her own world with her video games and doesn't ca...
His Texas Girl// Lucas Friar by Six_Call
His Texas Girl// Lucas Friarby Six_Call
What if Lucas had a girlfriend the whole time? What if he never had a crush on Riley, but she didn't see it? What happens when they meet her in Texas? What happens wh...
Nathan Meets World | Lucas Friar by Not_A_Bad_Slytherin
Nathan Meets World | Lucas Friarby WhatAboutMerlin
Being happy is the goal...but greatness is my mission. -Childish Gambino Nathaniel Shaw Matthews is 14. He's 14 and in the seventh grade. That may not seem like a...
Hear me ♡zay and farkle love triangle♡ by DJZabini15
Hear me ♡zay and farkle love trian...by DJ
"does anyone hear me? I feel lost. I feel broken." Aralynn "Ari" Stevenson come to a new school her middle school year. She instantly befriends the b...
Girl Meets The Real World by meggurines
Girl Meets The Real Worldby meggurines
-ON HOLD- I'm not much for descriptions, but this is a book detailing the irrevocably crazy life of Hadley Friar- Lucas Friar's genius little sister- after they arrive i...
Everything Changes (Sequel to Small Town Girl) by RED0823
Everything Changes (Sequel to Smal...by RED0823
The John Quincy Adams gang are now in high school, and this is where everything changes. They will face ridicule, upperclassman, and a lot more stress. Will they stick t...
Girl meets the sick|| GMW by Sarcastic_WalE
Girl meets the sick|| GMWby Sarcastic_WalE
Winter Parks is the new girl to John Quincy Adams middle school. However no one knows where she came from or where she is going. One thing is for sure, she seems sick b...
Girl meets (Y/n)  by oya_oya_oya25
Girl meets (Y/n) by P
You are (Y/n) (L/n), a girl in 7th grade that just changed school in order to start a new life. There, you meet sunshine Riley, badass Maya, Howdy Lucas and braniac Fark...
Farkle Has A Girlfriend? (Farkle Minkus x OC) by ScarletVisiontrash
Farkle Has A Girlfriend? (Farkle M...by Makayla
"Y-You said you'd stop leaving h-hickies," "It's not my fault your neck tastes nice," (Actual Description Inside)
You'll Be Mine ➶ Farkle Minkus by starkinternship
You'll Be Mine ➶ Farkle Minkusby brittney
New to John Quincy Adams, siblings, Lucas and Brittney Friar, create new friendships with a group of creative individuals who stand out from everyone else. But while hav...
Farkle x Reader  Butterflies by multifandomgirl9827
Farkle x Reader Butterfliesby Rosie
You're a new student at John Quincy Adams Middle School.
Our little secret by GirlMeetsSabrina
Our little secretby SabrinaMeetsWorld
This is a Lucaya au What happens if after 3 years Maya finally returns home but she isn't alone she's back with a daughter will she be able to keep her daughter a secret...
Girl Meets Ryan Matthews by oneofthepotterheads
Girl Meets Ryan Matthewsby NotSoKindLady
Ryan Matthews was older than his twin by six minutes and twenty seconds. Though this never seemed to matter to their parents, as she was the obvious favorite. Riley fac...
Lucaya//Oneshots by CaliTacui
Lucaya//Oneshotsby ••••••
A book of Oneshots (one chapter stories) Or some two to three part stories :]. The cutest moments of Maya Hart and Lucas Friar.
Mine [Rilaya] by -girlmeetsfanfic-
Mine [Rilaya]by inactive
Maya loves Riley. Cory can tell. Lucas is cheating. Maya knows. Riley is oblivious to it all.
Our Family GMW by Satanswife_16
Our Family GMWby Bee
Maya, found out she was pregnant at 15. She, didnt tell her daughters dad. Riley, decided it was time he knew. Now, hes back. Will Maya be happy? Read to find out. Cove...
Runaway [Rilaya AU] by -girlmeetsfanfic-
Runaway [Rilaya AU]by inactive
It was a normal night for Riley Matthews -- she'd put on her pyjamas, brushed her teeth, and was about to get into bed. But that's where the normality of it ended. A gir...
Lucas Friar's Twin sister by Maddyolson__
Lucas Friar's Twin sisterby gymgirlolson
( Girl meets world characters plus Olivia) Lucas Friar and Olivia Friar moved to new York to get a fresh start in life, Lucas wants to change but Olivia doesn't want to...
 ✓ | small bump → girl meets world by dotsicle
✓ | small bump → girl meets worldby lousy with virginity
Riley's Mistake #Wattys2016 by Jovie2016
Riley's Mistake #Wattys2016by The_Arty_Writer
There are so many Lucaya fanfics so I'm making Riley's fanfic. I normally don't do fanfics, I'm against them for some reason, but I just had a strong opinion on the unfa...