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When I can drown in blood, I can lay on the ground ! by FranziskaHirsch
When I can drown in blood, I can Franziska Hirsch
a queen without a heart and a cripple without humanity. i have chanced people and their story's but still hope u like it. Not done 1# fanmade - 22th November-29th Novemb...
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  • bjorn
  • hate
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Spark by amanda1930
Sparkby K.A. SAMPSON 👣
⭐5X WATTPAD FEATURED STORY⭐ Dec...2018~UndiscoveredBooks~Still being written Feb...2019~Young adult stories~Animal house Mar...2019~Magic Profile~Teen and YA July...20...
  • sparkle
  • bully
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Side Effects of You  by ThelovelyAngels
Side Effects of You by 💲💢 ƒⓞяEI𝓖几 🏆♗
I was looking for a cure to pull me through Try to decide which medicine to use And every bottle has your name on the label Doctor said you keep me stable So now, I'm ta...
  • demilovato
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  • business
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Kings and Queens by wonderingflower
Kings and Queensby - c.m ♡
"Bitter are the wars between lovers." Emilia Taylor had done everything she could to get away from the school's hierarchy. After everything that had happened...
  • player
  • richkids
  • teenfiction
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The Catalyst by MaeveShawler
The Catalystby Maeve Shawler
Traveling across Fellera is cold, but at least the ale is pretty good. It's even better if you have friends to share it with, and Noah's got a few of those. Though to be...
  • lgbt
  • romance
  • epic
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The Seventh Son by Lokiii_XoXo
The Seventh Sonby Loki'sbae❤
My family rejected me. She rejected me. I rejected me. And then one blessed day I got promoted by the one person I didn't dream I would be graced to meet in this lifet...
  • throne
  • king
  • depression
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Elven Legacy by MaeveShawler
Elven Legacyby Maeve Shawler
It has been one year since the quest for the catalyst. In Fellera, Jaden and Zemisha are now engaged, but their close friends know this is only a political partnership...
  • epic
  • battle
  • adventure
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(Merlin) A princesses heart by MelissaWardle
(Merlin) A princesses heartby Mel
Re-Edited!! A story of a young princess who is to marry Prince Arthur the one true king of Camelot but a heart can be a funny thing it can be belong or be taken who will...
  • romance
  • fantasy
  • wattpad
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On My Mind {Suspian}  by Itz_Emmz_
On My Mind {Suspian} by 🌸Emmz🌸
Slowly, she folded the letter from her sister. Her mind overflowed with thoughts and her blood burdened with envy. She was conflicted with mixed emotions. She knew she h...
  • wattys2018fanfiction
  • mountain
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Because I Love You✔️ by Aaron_Ledgers
Because I Love You✔️by Aaron_Ledgers
They say love conquers all. His shattered the fabric of reality and began a world-altering change that would eventually shift the concept of life and death forever. 🌺💛...
  • warriors
  • drama
  • supernatural
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MERLIN SEASON 6 (Editing) by _afra_and_amra_
MERLIN SEASON 6 (Editing)by afra and amra
After the death of Arthur , queen Gwen rules the kingdom...merlin believes Arthur would return one day..His belief did not fade away..when the queen having the death cor...
  • love
  • magic
  • thriller
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The 'Slut' Pack by CitlaliGonzalez0
The 'Slut' Packby Citlali Gonzalez
"*" is to show that the chapter has been edited... Partially thoroughly. ------Alexandria Rene Summers----- Rejected, by none other than Alpha Kyle Rivera...
  • werewolvesandvampires
  • supernatural
  • drama
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For King and Country       ||e.p|| by --forgotten-lyrics--
For King and Country ||e.p||by Allie 😛
"Many years ago, before Narnia was ever born, there was the Western Wood. But it was called Klove and it was a territory of Archenland, south and west of the Giant...
  • peterpevensie
  • adventure
  • lucypevensie
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Thorn & Glass {ONGOING} 《Book 1》#WATTYS2019 by Sanctus3xul
Thorn & Glass {ONGOING} 《Book 1》 Sanctus Exul
Beyond the MainGate lies what seems to be a god-like civilization. No foreign, intelligent lifeform has ever crossed the MainGate's spherical boundary intact. But even i...
  • spacetravel
  • artificialintelligence
  • gameofthrones
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The Goblin Queen. by writingforsomeday
The Goblin Kenzie Lim
With dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, you find yourself there in the castle that lay beyond the goblin city. There, caught in the crosshairs between reality and...
  • workinprogress
  • davidbowie
  • jareth
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Cinderella - (Torracat x Brionne) by LittenIsSwagg67
Cinderella - (Torracat x Brionne)by Lit-Bunny
Primarina has died from a gravely illness. Samurott being Brionne's father, decides to take her somewhere where she'll learn and grow. Delphox and her two daughters! Sam...
  • dartrix
  • cutiefly
  • torracat
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Hypnotic  by Darbadook
Hypnotic by Darbadook
The moment you fall; shall surely be the moment you crawl.
  • hypnotic
  • loveatfirstsight
  • friendship
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KINGDOM COME (prince harry) by toodepressedforshit
KINGDOM COME (prince harry)by D R E A M E R
"Long May She Reign." Queen Eleanora II has been Queen for as long as she could remember.Prince Harry has been her childhood best friend but as they grow older...
  • britain
  • unitedkingdom
  • alternateuniverse
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Kiss of Judas by HeavenlySenju
Kiss of Judasby 餅
The kingdom of Vaedith turns to its thieves to help win a waging war against their longstanding enemy; Cin. Little do the Valena royals know the real war had yet to com...
  • kingsandqueens
  • xoc
  • kingdom
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The Reluctant Queen by SusieEllery
The Reluctant Queenby SusieEllery
"Sophia! Run!" Louis' voice rang through my ears. I knew instantly they had found us. King Adrian's men were here. My legs moved all on their own, my hands s...
  • fantasy-romance
  • love
  • possessive
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