// Instagram 2 {h.s} // by BsNs1998
// Instagram 2 {h.s} //by Jess Simpson
Second book in the Instagram series! Get ready for some real drama. #43 in fanfiction -- Cover: PaulineStyles1994 <3
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Alone •Shawn Mendes by Sammyiams
Alone •Shawn Mendesby Samantha Webb
Claire Johnson; a smart, talented musician who wants to pursue a life in music, but not only in music. When a huge tragedy occurs, Claire feels like her world is falling...
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Moonlight Kiss | PeteKao by keydimples
Moonlight Kiss | PeteKaoby 😍 Chimmy 😍
----Preview---- "Let's be real, I hate you!" Kao stated right before Pete kiss him roughly, Kao pulled Pete away, rubbed his lips with the back of his hand &qu...
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the night we met ⇝ wyatt oleff | ✓| by midnightemm
the night we met ⇝ wyatt oleff | ✓|by em
TAKE ME BACK TO THE NIGHT WE MET, WHERE IT WAS ONLY YOU AND I. text messages || social media || real life created. october 15, 2017 published. october 20, 2017 end. m...
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Strike // A.Griezmann by nothing--inside
Strike // A.Griezmannby Anna
She worked at a bowl hall and he loved bowling with his friends but not because he was good at it ... Completed // unedited ©nothing-inside 2016
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BLACK INK AWARDS 2018 [OPEN] by Earlgreymilkteaaa
BLACK INK AWARDS 2018 [OPEN]by The Black Ink Awards
The Black Ink Awards 2018 is here to find hidden gems in the sea of Wattpad works. Read the book for more information. YES, WE ARE OPEN! CONTEST STARTS: MAY 25th 2018 CO...
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My Boyfriend (나의 남자 친구) by Onionhead
My Boyfriend (나의 남자 친구)by Laurestine
Rosé's testament of Junhoe's love, told in short and sweet moments of the couple's everyday life. blackpink's rosé x ikon's junhoe {yg couple series 01}
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iNCORRECT iKON 2 by igotkonic
iNCORRECT iKON 2by ☆ ʙʏᴇᴏʟ 별 ☆
" get ready? bro time " things ikon haven't said (but we can probably imagine) •ongoing, daily/weekly updates •these are funny quotes/convos not fanfictions! •...
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iKON IMAGINES  by sexyyoongi
iKON IMAGINES by n i c
[REQUESTS OPEN] iKON x reader - i'll be putting y/n in every imagines ; )) there will be texts, imagines & scenarios in here
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The Storm Ignites || Johnny Storm by X-Lisa-Anne-X
The Storm Ignites || Johnny Stormby Lisa Anne
Two years have gone by. Reed and Sue are getting married, Ben and Alisha are still happily together. As for June and Johnny; they were at their happiest - together and...
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New Beginnings | TFP by Hollaugh
New Beginnings | TFPby Hollyツ
•ᴛʀᴀɴsғᴏʀᴍᴇʀs ᴘʀɪᴍᴇ ғᴀɴғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ• After the passing of her Grandma, Kayleah sets off to Jasper Nevada in hopes to comfort her grieving Grandpa. To her surprise she runs in...
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apple of my eyes | k.junhoe [completed] by immahoeforstyles
apple of my eyes | k.junhoe [compl...by youngblood
"You're my most precious person, my strength, my weakness, my smile and my laughter. You're everything I need to survive. And unconditionally, I love you.You're the...
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how to be aesthetic tips ☾ by nightaudios
how to be aesthetic tips ☾by nightaudios
in this book that I'm writing, I'll be showing you tips/tricks and much more on how to be aesthetic on |almost| everything \book written on June 25, 2017\
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Today Tomorrow Always (iKON x Black Pink Fanfiction) by onomorio
Today Tomorrow Always (iKON x Blac...by onomorio
*This is the continuation of The Album (iKON - Blackpink FanFiction)* Lisa Manoban, the positive brainy babe, is now on her 2nd year in college. Her first year in colleg...
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Me & You by cloudynoonaa
A fictional story between fans and idols Idol & Me Khaylan tingkat dewa para fangirl untuk biasnya. Rainy yang hampir gila karena dunia kpopnya bisakah ia membuat mimpi...
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Ask the transformers by OceanArt3mis
Ask the transformersby Ocean_@rtist
Feel free ask them!
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evil boyfriend + junhoe by anonnoying
evil boyfriend + junhoeby king
"want a break up really bad but love him to death" ©anonnoying 2018
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June Darby [Being Human AU] (Transformers: Prime) by Fanfic_Fanatic13
June Darby [Being Human AU] (Trans...by Fanfic_Fanatic13, obviously
"It seems that we have almost come full circle once again," Megatron crooned, taking a few calculated steps toward Jack, who immediately tensed into a fight-re...
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My Prince Charming (Dottie x blaze) by BlazeWolf36
My Prince Charming (Dottie x blaze)by Kylie Rose
Dottie is a princess of Phoenix drop kingdom. When she turns 16 she is forced to marry Ein the prince of the dark kingdom. On one cold night Dottie sneaks out and runs a...
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ikon ; bxb oneshots by dearhanbin
ikon ; bxb oneshotsby chase
just a few of my trashy oneshots :)) © all rights reserved || 2018 - dearhanbin
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