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TFP X Techno Organic Reader by Miracle-the-Fangirl
TFP X Techno Organic Readerby Mira
(Y/N) lived a normal life with their parents. Well as far as they could tell. But one day and a couple mistakes later change everything. Now their moved to a new highsch...
Expressionless Mute (Reader Insert) by ElementalReaper9000
Expressionless Mute (Reader Insert)by ElementalReaper9000
(Transformers Prime x Mute!Reader) Description is unavailable. (Warning: Other characters from other shows may be involved.)
Heavy Metal (Transformers x Reader Oneshots) by MetalTrash
Heavy Metal (Transformers x Robots make me cry
What it sounds like, reader will most likely have some kind of superpower or whatever in most of these because imagine being a normal fleshie lmao Requests open, prefer...
Transformers x Reader by I_escape_with_music
Transformers x Readerby HeartBeat666
(((REQUESTS ARE OPEN))) (Please read the parts with 'Request' in the name so you know my system.) I've really gotten into Transformers! This is not like any of my other...
Gasoline (Yandere!Optimus Prime x Reader by howdandy
Gasoline (Yandere!Optimus Prime Kandju
Y/N L/N had recently moved to Jasper, Nevada when she was abruptly forced into a war she had no motivation to be part of. The only reason she and her father had moved th...
A series of transformer oneshots for all your cybertronian needs! these oneshots are all about the fluff. no lemons. DISCLAIMER:All images belong to their rightful arti...
Transformers x reader (oneshots) ( TEMPORARILY ON HOLD) by RubyPasha
Transformers x reader (oneshots) ( RubyPasha
Request temporarily closed The title says it all From all kinds of Transformers from Tfa to bayverse (Some lemons but mostly fluff) Don't do character x character No...
Family by LastLightAlive
Familyby LadyNebula
((Keep in mind that I wrote this years ago- so the writing is just cringe- but it gets better at the special chapters)) ---------- ((Child!Reader x Father!Optimus Prime)...
Transformers One shots ((Reader-insert)) by LastLightAlive
Transformers One shots (( LadyNebula
_________ I AM NOT TAKING REQUESTS _______ There is a break between new and old one-shots- the older one-shots will not be deleted and shall simply be left there for you...
Dogformers x human reader (COMPLETED) by RubyPasha
Dogformers x human reader ( RubyPasha
You are a 17 year old orphan who doesn't go to school. You are used to having a hard lonely life until you sine up at a dog rescue shelter. Most of the dogs there are up...
Guardian (Optimus Prime x Reader) (New Edition) by LegacyofthePrimes
Guardian (Optimus Prime x Reader) LegacyistheName
This is the rewritten version of my story 'Guardian' and it is the second story in the Will of the Primes story line.
tribulation [crosshairs x reader] by bliztbika
tribulation [crosshairs x reader]by Bika
The Autobots had created an Academy to train their recruits before battling with the Deceptions. Or for Black Ops mission, recon, etc but mainly to defeat the 'Cons. Ev...
Transformers One Shots  by genesismarin1
Transformers One Shots by gmfangirl
Tratando de dar vida al fandom. I open the request! Spanish and English. Just one shots REQUEST ARE OPEN Optimus Prime x Reader Mirage x reader Bumblebee x reader IronH...
TransFormers Prime: My Little Sweet Spark. (Optimus x Daughter Reader) by GalaxAkaGalaxy
TransFormers Prime: My Little Galax(Galaxy)
Y/N Prime All-Spark has no idea what her life has in store for her. Her best friend Miko has started to ignore her. She started feeling unwanted and that night thought a...
The Female Titan [Transformers Prime x Reader] by angelisaweeb
The Female Titan [Transformers angelisaweeb
You're a Titan Shifter known as the Female Titan, but nobody knows this. They're giant alien robots from the planet Cybertron and fighting a battle on Earth, what a grea...
Sometimes all you need is a change. (Ratchet x reader) by DaddyTrashPanda
Sometimes all you need is a That_One_Sprinkle
Words shall not describe what you are about to undertake... Will this lead to something or are your effort truly in vain.
TransFormers x Reader [updated : Prompt is Open] by bliztbika
TransFormers x Reader [updated : Bika
What the cover and title said but it consists of : •imagines• •headcanons• •preferences• •oneshots• •scenarios•
Lost and found (Orion Pax/Optimus Prime x reader)  by MioDream
Lost and found (Orion Pax/ Mio Kozakura
Orion Pax/Optimus Prime x human reader [TFP] When Optimus Prime sacrificed himself for Earth to stop Unicronus, and became Orion Pax again, what if the events of him b...
The Hard Way (Transformers/Shatterglass X Modern!Reader) by peacockdragon12345
The Hard Way (Transformers/ I_AM_KING
Sometimes life is like a cartoon.You live it with people and gain some memories or you decide to go all out and avoid people. But this was reality, this is no game to be...