The Masked Singer | Book One ✔ by xFakingaSmilex
The Masked Singer | Book One ✔by Steeply
• Previously Featured on Wattpad • Everyone dreams of becoming the next big thing in the music industry because who wouldn't dream about enjoying the luxuries of fame...
  • xfakingasmilex
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  • teenfiction
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SHE by KateInTheClouds
SHEby Chess
"She" book series book 1. Ruby Gold had it all. The most handsome quarterback boyfriend, best grades, rich family, her own cheer team, the looks and the person...
  • lgbt
  • sexuality
  • goodgirl
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Becoming Popular ( COMPLETED ) by Mona-Mae
Becoming Popular ( COMPLETED )by Ramona G.
[As promoted by @theduffmovie profile] Vivienne Lanter is a geek. Glasses, bad clothes and a depressing reputation all because of Matt Jacobs who did a horrible thing to...
  • geek
  • teen-fiction
  • love
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James & Lyla by UnsinkableShips
James & Lylaby sarah
When Lyla starts writing the words she should've never left unsaid. Copyright © 2016 by UnsinkableShips. All Rights Reserved. Cover by @bateaux.
  • highschool
  • letting-go
  • friendship
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Forever Lyla by UnsinkableShips
Forever Lylaby sarah
When Renner falls in love with the pretty girl in his history class, the last thing he expects is for her to notice him, particularly when, at first, all she seems to se...
  • sad
  • love
  • shortstory
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Saving Annalise by QueenOfTheDorks
Saving Annaliseby queen.
Annalise Fall seems to have everything - she's the smartest girl in her sixth form, has the perfect teachers, the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend. The perfect lif...
  • goodgirl
  • hot
  • drama
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My Badboy Neighbour [SAMPLE, Wattys 2015 Winner] by yabookprincess
My Badboy Neighbour [SAMPLE, Watty...by Arden Hall
SAMPLE, PUBLISHED! A girl, a boy, and a bet. Good girl Astrid Ella Bailey, the Oreo-loving school nerd of Evergreen High, has anxiety issues. Like any other nerd, she pr...
  • nerd
  • goodgirlbadboy
  • badboyandgoodgirl
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The Elusive Heart of Nova Hart ✔ by mannasminion
The Elusive Heart of Nova Hart ✔by cath
• featured on the What's Hot list • • winner of The Most Addictive Story in The Writers Awards 2017 • ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ❝ i'm going to woo you; piece by piece, wor...
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Breaking The Player | ✓ by LittleNerdDreamer
Breaking The Player | ✓by LittleNerdDreamer
I raise a eyebrow glancing the direction of him, seeing his hands on some blonde bimbo. "I might have to consider this challenge." I say. I'm always up for a g...
  • love
  • funny
  • hotguy
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Upper East Side by weltington
Upper East Sideby ᴥ
the rich kids of the upper east side.
  • society
  • high
  • featured
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From Nerd To Badass by mysteriousgirl137
From Nerd To Badassby P_A_T_I_E_N_C_E
Ethan Blake 'bad boy' returned from London after 2 years to complete his senior year. Veronica who was nerd when Ethan left has now become the bad ass of the school. Wha...
  • nerd
  • drama
  • blake
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Vanilla Salt Memories by Angely_Suger
Vanilla Salt Memoriesby Angely_Suger
'Honestly,getting banished from my own hometown Harmonia to an strange unknown school is the least worst thing that i had expected to happen to me.. As, the abandoned da...
  • melancholy
  • magicschool
  • fantasy
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Ex-best Friends with the Bad Boy by -NeonGirl-
Ex-best Friends with the Bad Boyby -NeonGirl-
Grace York is back in town after he best - friend Josh Lee betrayed her for popularity. She was back and she was coming back in style. Things aren't always as you expect...
  • ex
  • boy
  • romance
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The Popularity Project by Aaliyah134
The Popularity Projectby Just abit normal
"Well, I called you because I've thought about the makeover and--" "She's in." Lucy cut in, biting her lip again innocently when I scowled in her dir...
  • popularity
  • jealousy
  • frenemies
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The cuddle buddy code by sagetisdale0550
The cuddle buddy codeby Sage Tisdale
The rules were simple, 1) no kissing 2) come whenever it happens 3) no one knows 4) never go in the attic 5) never be afraid to ask for a ride & 6) no falling in love A...
  • fun
  • code
  • bexley
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Break Her  by necieelder
Break Her by necieelder
"Hey, your-" he starts to say with a michevious grin on his face. I stick my hand out in his face and smile. "Ive already heard that one before." I...
  • humor
  • fatgirl
  • crush
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Baseball Caps {Wattys 2017} by nahnotnash
Baseball Caps {Wattys 2017}by ☁️-nash
#Highest Ranking : 158 in Teen Fiction 9/03/17 I positioned my feet and hung the bat right behind me. I watched my little brother as he threw the ball and it came hurt...
  • shortchapters
  • romance
  • boy
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Dismissing Dakota [book 2] by sumeyaalington
Dismissing Dakota [book 2]by Sumeya E. Alington
Highest Ranking: #16 in Teen Fiction - The story of Dakota and Silvia continues in the sequel, Dismissing Dakota. ⚠️ DO NOT read the summary unless you...
  • teenfiction
  • senior
  • irish
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The Popularity Algorithm by vaishalidenton
The Popularity Algorithmby vaishali ↬ वैशाली
***A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY*** The people of the small town of Thornbrook, New York are no strangers to the finer things in life. In this posh city, teens and parents al...
  • fire
  • wattys2018
  • badboy
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Sonamy High School Drama by Sparkles9378
Sonamy High School Dramaby Sparkles9378
Amy Rose is a 16 year old hedgehog about to face one of the most difficult things in life: High School. But when she moves back to her old life on Mobias, everything ha...
  • sonamy
  • drama
  • fanfiction
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