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Our girls (Marina) by MixerJesy
Our girls (Marina)by MixerJesy
Maya and Carina have finally decided to start a family. After a few unsuccessful attempts, they decide that foster care is their best option. Luna and Emma have been in...
Maya's Sister  by greysfanfic16
Maya's Sister by Greyssfann123
Maya's baby sister, Mia, 15 years old. She lives with her parents or at least that's what she says. Due to Maya's work she barley gets to see her and the fact she avoi...
Under Her Wing by lovatic_f
Under Her Wingby faye 💕
A 13 year old actress is added to the set of station 19. She's great at playing her role but what happens when Danielle starts to see through her act.
My New Assistant  by OneDelucaBishop
My New Assistant by OneDelucaBishop
Carina Deluca along with her brother Andrew Deluca are the owners and CEO's of one of the biggest design companies in the world called Deluca Designs. She is newly divo...
6,000 Miles (Station 19) by MattieAnatomy
6,000 Miles (Station 19)by MattieAnatomy
Carina DeLuca's little sister, Adelina, comes to visit after the death of their brother. Little does she know, their father said the 16 year old isn't allowed to come ba...
mayas sister  by greysanatomy7564mcu
mayas sister by greysanatomy7564mcu
trouble lies around every corner it seems to follow maddy everywhere she go's.This is a story of maya bishops youngest sibling and all the challenges she will face #5 ma...
The Parent Trap by issuesnpeace
The Parent Trapby issuesnpeace
Caterina DeLuca and Luna Bishop are identical twins separated at birth due to their mothers' divorce. Eleven years later, they coincidentally get sent to the same summe...
Mayas secret  by Dsavreswife05
Mayas secret by Dsavreswife
Maya moves schools at the end of freshman year to hide her big secret. But the new girl Carina can see right through mayas protective barricade. Will Maya open up to Car...
Maya's twin sister  by pagingcarina
Maya's twin sister by pagingcarina
What will happen when Maya Deluca bishop finds out that she has a twin sister she never knew about. Will she want to get to know her or push her away like she does with...
The best is yet to come by Giulia_Rachel
The best is yet to comeby Giulia_Rachel
What if it could actually happen? After all, they had both gone through worse. They felt pain on their skin. What if by chance, they could feel that enormous joy for onc...
Sparks Fly | Carina Deluca by TheTealWriter
Sparks Fly | Carina Delucaby TheTealWriter
Drop everything now Meet me in the pouring rain Kiss me on the sidewalk Take away the pain 'Cause I see sparks fly, whenever you smile In which a brunette firefighters l...
They don't know (I've waited all my life) by sapphicslvr
They don't know (I've waited all zay
Maya Bishop remembers being iced out by her team, she remembers being on the verge of breaking down every shift as the new captain of 19, and she most definitely remembe...
Our babygirl (Marina) by MixerJesy
Our babygirl (Marina)by MixerJesy
"Mommy? 'ake up" said the little girl from the back seat of the car looking at her parents but neither of them seemed to be able to hear her "Daddy pwease...
Home is wherever I'm with You by Little_Rock17
Home is wherever I'm with Youby LittleRock17
A collection of one shots about the lives of Cap. Maya Bishop and Dr. Carina DeLuca. Fluff, Angst and everyting in between.
The Past Unknown by littlegremmi
The Past Unknownby littlegremmi
Faye was just a normal teenager trying to get through her final semester of high school. Well, as normal as she could be. Her mother was always present in her life and s...
A Home for Christmas by Icequeenlost
A Home for Christmasby Becca
Carina Deluca is a teacher about to go on holiday break when she finds out one of her students is in need of a little holiday magic. will she be just what Santa ordered...
Shining Our Lights (Until the Dark Comes) - Marina by shiningourlights
Shining Our Lights (Until the a
Firefighter Maya Bishop was just trying to enjoy a night out with her friends when she met the gorgeous Doctor Carina DeLuca. The two seem to hit it off, until Carina re...
glimpses  by -valux-
glimpses by ‏ㅤً
a collection of standalone drabbles, prompts fills or one shots. (posted simultaneously on AO3)
Stefanielle/Marina One Shots by endlessuniverses
Stefanielle/Marina One Shotsby endlessuniverses
A collection of Stefanielle and Marina One Shots Comment/message me ideas if you want a specific storyline!
Carina and her bambina ( a marina story ) by pagingcarina
Carina and her bambina ( a pagingcarina
Carina Deluca is a single mama to her 10 year old daughter Gabriella. Carina Deluca lived in Seattle for a few years but then had to move back to Italy to look after her...