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Viking Tribute by JVernis
Viking Tributeby Jany Vernis
At sixteen, Sunngifu is more of a spoiled child than a dignified thane's daughter. She is destined to a life of wealth and power. Until her father fails to pay the Vikin...
  • vikings
  • iceland
  • kidnapped
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Eva's Wish (Completed/unedited) by strangestrain
Eva's Wish (Completed/unedited)by Leesha
It's Eva's 18th birthday and she is making her birthday wish count. On her birthday she wishes that she would find something that would challenge her to become her best...
  • ivar
  • shortstory
  • humour
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storms in blue skies by astrangewoods
storms in blue skiesby Angela
Bjorn's raid from Moorish Spain brings back more than Ivar expected. will he be able to handle this exotic creature or will her fire consume him?
  • wattpride
  • gods
  • ốc
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visage ; bjorn ironside by triphly
visage ; bjorn ironsideby triphly
" i'm so in love with you. " " i've known you for, like, twenty minutes. " ---- In which a wild child from a clan considered feral even by N...
  • hvitserk
  • history
  • rollo
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The Boneless by primber
The Bonelessby primber
When she was merely an infant, her mother, Asta Hansdottir, died from a fever in the night. Three winters later her father, Carr Ahlberg, died in battle, fighting along...
  • anderson
  • hvitserk
  • ancient
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Judas | Ivar the Boneless Vikings DISCONTINUED by mikkiandnackk
Judas | Ivar the Boneless kinda here
"They call her the Queen of Bones, and say her throne is made of skeletons from the vanquished." "Do you think she'd be willing to lend me some of hers?&q...
  • ragnar
  • history
  • action
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Tóki Geirr (Vikings) by Untitled314
Tóki Geirr (Vikings)by Untitled314
"On a river in a basket, laid a babe. This babe was not like any other, for it was Tóki Geirr who rested within the basket. She was retrieved by a handsome man,&quo...
  • ivar
  • vikings
  • athelstan
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Ivar's secret admirer - Imagine by UltraaVioletSky
Ivar's secret admirer - Imagineby UltraaVioletSky
He is the sworn enemy of your kingdom, and yet you crave to meet the legend behind the infamous name Ivar the Boneless.
  • ivartheboneless
  • vikings
  • imagine
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Viking Hearts: Hvitserk's Bride by Rysaynys
Viking Hearts: Hvitserk's Brideby ★・Kate・★
The second story of my duology called Viking hearts. It focuses on Hvitserk. The first story is called "Bride of the Boneless". Both stories are connected but...
  • hvitserk
  • ragnarsson
  • ivar
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Vikings imagines from season 1-4, mostly imagines with the sons of Ragnar. *Under edit* [book 1 of 2] highest rank in Fanfiction #223 ivarhoegh © 2017
  • bjorn
  • ivartheboneless
  • halfdantheblack
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Shieldmaiden | Vikings by kells00
Shieldmaiden | Vikingsby kells00
[Vikings] [Season 4B- ] Ingrid was a blessing from the Gods, a gift for her mother Lagertha, a woman who never believed she could have anymore children. As a young child...
  • lothbrok
  • vikings
  • ivartheboneless
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Ivar the Boneless Imagines by HonestSycrets
Ivar the Boneless Imaginesby Sy
All my one shots and drabbles about Ivar the Boneless
  • ivartheboneless
  • vikingsimagines
  • ivarxreader
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Forging A Heart (Ivar the Boneless) by KittensMeow_
Forging A Heart (Ivar the Boneless)by Carolina ❤
A Grecian girl is taken from her home in the Mediterranean during a raid in a Christian monestary. She is thrown into dangerous waters after she is gifted to Ivar, who b...
  • fanfiction
  • bjorn
  • ubbe
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A Matter Of Time ~ I.R. ~ Ivar The Boneless ~ A Vikings Fanfiction by Electric-Heart
A Matter Of Time ~ I.R. ~ Ivar ❁
Iris Blake had seemingly fallen through time. Nothing made sense, and she may never return to her previous life. Will she make an attempt? Or will she accept the circums...
  • historysvikings
  • fanfiction
  • ivarvikings
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Blood Harvest  |A Vikings Fanfic| by multiifangirls
Blood Harvest |A Vikings Fanfic|by Lex & Laur
Alexys. Blonde hair, stained red. Blue eyes, bathed in silver. A creature beyond our world, so much so that it could only be of Odin himself. To assume so would be c...
  • historical
  • ivar
  • thor
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bones on fire ♕ ivar the boneless by xhaleesi
bones on fire ♕ ivar the bonelessby ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ ᴏғ ʜᴇᴀᴛʜᴇɴs
BONES ON FIRE • two broken people will either fit together perfectly, or destroy each other beyond repair • • summary inside • • vikin...
  • dragons
  • love
  • jorah
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The Prophetess *COMPLETED* by Raven_Mera
The Prophetess *COMPLETED*by Raven Mera
"My lord, you cannot sell me, what will I do? Are you so heartless you would sell me to a Northman?" "You are a woman. You will do as I declare, or you ar...
  • ailith
  • vikings
  • historicalfiction
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The Boneless King [COMPLETED] by Gabiabbi
The Boneless King [COMPLETED]by Gabriella
Book 1 of the boneless king series Plot: Gabriella (OC) goes camping and she finds a portal and travels through time and ends up in the Viking era where she meets the so...
  • lovestory
  • vikings
  • alexhogh
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Concubine {Vikings} by Aussie_Otaku_15
Concubine {Vikings}by Fangasm_Girl_1
"Dear God, forgive me for I have sinned. I've thought lustfully around these pagans, they make me feel...different. Please help me, guide me back to the pure woman...
  • hvitserkragnarsson
  • ragnarsson
  • ubberagnarsson
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A Viking's Rage by heather_cooki
A Viking's Rageby H.H. Cook
[2018 Watty's Shortlist]She was nothing more than a slave in a world ruled by wicked men... When Aiya's life is turned upside down by her ruthless Lord, an enemy force a...
  • adventure
  • danes
  • pagan
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