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D E V I L I C I O U S • Kai Parker by clowathena
D E V I L I C I O U S • Kai Parkerby b a n d i t o
"Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kai Parker is now stuck in the 1903 prison world, altho...
a long way( an islamic love story)[COMPLETE] by another_bookworm_
a long way( an islamic love story) chasing dreams
he liked her, she hated him, apparently for silly reasons. he respected her but she couldn't bare him around her. he loved her with all his heart and she was unaware of...
Masked Girls by maskedst
Masked Girlsby este
Rifton Girls' High School is the most elite all-girls school in the city. With a strict scholarship-only admission, a grand school campus and plentiful funding from its...
Superhero Chaos ✔️ by raychillar
Superhero Chaos ✔️by Rachel
"Every time I knock you out, you drool," Phantom points at my black shirt sleeve with a gloved finger. I groan in frustration, there's a puddle of drool on it...
The Undoing Of Villains | ✓ by earlyatdusk
The Undoing Of Villains | ✓by cleo ツ
Villains. Heroes. Try as they might, one is always bested by the other, an endless fight without true meaning. We all have to pick our sides, but I think it's outdated...
The Peacock And The Bee (Chloe Bourgeois × OC) by zeetheshipper
The Peacock And The Bee (Chloe zeetheshipper
Me : It's about Chloe. I know everyone hates her, but I just wanna give her a chance. So... without further ado... drumroll please... don't hate me... I love stalling my...
My Son's Teacher Is a Mafioso (MANXMAN) by KikiEmin
My Son's Teacher Is a Mafioso ( Kiki
Spin-off of Hitman in Love (18+), can be read separately Orazio Audi, the underboss of the Serraino-DiGiovine famiglia meets the most handsome man he's ever laid his eye...
Spirit Animals Vol. 1 by XXrogueXlucyXX
Spirit Animals Vol. 1by A.L. Rogue
In a world where your strength is judged by your spirit animal there are three animals that were cast out. The bear who was made of strength, the fox made of speed and t...
A Life Forgotten - Book 3 (Once Upon A Time) by JEHallows
A Life Forgotten - Book 3 (Once J. E. Hallows
The Crocodile is dead. Captain Hook is finally free. But his Happy Ever After isn't quite how it should be. His princess has become that which he hunted for so many lon...
let me be there. ▹ vladimir makarov by SunsetLovesYoshi
let me be there. ▹ vladimir makarovby lena ꕥ #BLM
[ DISCONTINUED !! ] "without even realizing it, you taught me a lot of things. not only about life, but how it's okay to feel something extraordinary about someone...
"GOD SAVE ANYONE WHO STANDS IN HER WAY." Even the painters couldn't capture the kind of darkness with which she made an empire bow. • winner of thefaefolk's b...
Stormbringer: King by RainingStorms
Stormbringer: Kingby ・S T O R M W R I T E R・
"Family is an eternal treasure--" Xenor Avalon was the firstborn of the king of Argon. Storm Avalon was the second. They were brothers--constantly bickering a...
Dinning with Frogs by TheWhipHand-
Dinning with Frogsby The Woman
Sherlock needs Irene Adler's help to bring down Moriarty's network. Irene drives a rather hard bargain.
Dangerous Nightshade by myprettydear
Dangerous Nightshadeby My Pretty Dear
Tasie Ebony Garden has her personal opinions on heroes and villains. Cardend is the town with supers who are always making headlines. When Tasie is 'rescued' by a villa...
Incognito by catastrophes
Incognitoby Madeleine
A new super makes an appearance in the midst of the city's height of heroes. The oversaturation of heroes pushes him under the radar. With little press releases and a mi...
Barbie Descendants (Disney Descendents AU) (Major Editing) by Decembra1998
Barbie Descendants (Disney ❤ TALLULAH ❤
In a modern day idyllic city of Paris, a young prince soon-to-be king as made his first proclamation to have five villainous teens from the Isle of the Lost to live in P...
THE WHAT IF THEORY |  sasukarin by Milochondria
THE WHAT IF THEORY | sasukarinby Call me Milo
It was the end and Sasuke had chosen who he wanted to be, and who he wanted to be with. Sasuke pledged allegiance to the village that massacred his entire clan and left...
Roséville by elysianights
Rosévilleby ♛Rosé Stark Rogers♕
#5 in Mystery/Thriller on 10/2 ❝You have no idea about how dangerous I am, who I am and what I did. I prefer it that way. I am the designer of my own catastrophe, I am...
Armie by spite-
Armieby wendii mciver
here is maë. girl. mortal. philosopher. harbinger of death. here is armie. boy. god. lover. armageddon. and here is the end of the world.
The Rules of the Red -  2nd Edition |✓| by letmelivetonight
The Rules of the Red - 2nd 🌻Jada Trainor
*A Wattpad Featured Story* In order to solve the mystery surrounding her father's death, eighteen-year-old Naomi Noble is forced to move back to her hometown of Harbor V...