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Madeleine By catastrophes Completed

Lorena Payne has suffered from heartbreak for years, her best friend ditching her for a life of revenge. When she finally plummets, a new superhero literally sweeps her off her feet. Throw in a distasteful Super Villain and you've got a handful. Lorena doesn't notice, but her new Super stalker  is only serving as a distraction for something much, much larger. It's up to her to step up her game and show the world that girls can be the hero - with or without tights. 


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CaptinLevi01 CaptinLevi01 Jun 23, 2017
For putting Andrew Garfield as one of the main character I love u
                               He's so hot😍😍😍
                              Even tho he's like 18 years older then me but age doesn't matter if its Andrew Garfield😍😍😍
Green_Galore Green_Galore Mar 31, 2017
I thought he was commiting suicide. I was scared for a sec there😌😌😌
Killico Killico Apr 23, 2017
Okay so I just loved this start and why am i the first one to comment??! Honestly it's pretty much perfectly structured - snappy first sentence, lots of intrigue in the second so well done xx 
                              Ps so excited to read this, bet it's gonna be amazing :D
Zara_Warrior Zara_Warrior Feb 01, 2015
Alex? Alec? Alec Lightwood? The Mortal Instruments? Get it? Then they'd both be gay!
Zara_Warrior Zara_Warrior Feb 01, 2015
Ha ha. I thought of Augustus. Which isn't funny, cuz now I'm more sad than I was before.
Zara_Warrior Zara_Warrior Feb 01, 2015
So many christina Perri songs running through my head right now...