Hi, I'm Siân! I'm currently a first year uni student doing a double major in English Literatures and Creative Writing, and I hope to one day get one or more of my stories published. 

I was born in Nottingham, England and moved to Australia when I was around nine-years-old. Growing up in England I was exposed to reading from a young age as part of the Harry Potter generation, and then I was exposed to authors like Tamora Pierce after moving to Australia, and my passion for writing kind of extended from there. Please remember I'm in Australia so I will use English spelling rather than American!

Update Schedule:
A Collection of Ruins --> Fridays
White Noise --> Tuesdays
The Reflection of Piper Chastidy --> Will start weekly updates soon!

I have a collab account with my friend, Mikayla, where we also post A Collection of Ruins. You can read it here or at @sian-and-mik :)

Highest Ranks:
White Noise [Rewritten] - SciFi #179
A Collection of Ruins - SciFi #893
The Inadequate Experiments: White Noise [Original] - SciFi #21
The Inadequate Experiments: Friction [Original] - SciFi #48
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sianywu22 sianywu22 Jul 30, 2016 08:18AM
Hey everyone! 
            So as I mentioned in my last announcement, I started back at university this week. I'm going four days a week and I also started two creative writing classes so I'm real excited! 
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[Wattys2016] White Noise (The Inadequate Experiments 1)

Social data: 2.3K reads. 183 votes. 48 comments.

Description: [Rewritten Version] "Some days I felt like I would never meet my Soul Mate. Other days I felt like I didn't need one." Following the end of the Third World War in 2358, the Scientists created the...

#699 in Science Fiction


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A Collection of Ruins

A Collection of Ruins

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[Collab with @Mikayla_Wills !] The Metropolis was the last place standing, and the only safe place left...

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My Journey to Wattpad

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As requested by @Indigo_Night even though it's like a year and a half late >.< The short story of...

The Reflection of Piper Chastidy

The Reflection of Piper Chastidy

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Piper Chastidy's reflection has gone missing. Every mirror she looks in reflects everything around her...

The Inadequate Experiments: 1. White Noise [Original]

The Inadequate Experiments: 1. White Noise [Original]

48.5K 2.5K 450

It started with a War. It ended with a Watch. But the Watch was only the beginning. The Watch counts d...

#666 in Science Fiction

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List