Hi, I'm Siân! I like Spider-Man, Doctor Who, writing and Kaneki Ken's happiness. 

NOTE: I'm currently rewriting The Inadequate Experiments with the intention of getting it published; as a result of this, The Inadequate Experiments: Friction will no longer be updated. See "A Note on The Inadequate Experiments" (under The Inadequate Experiments: Friction) for more information.

Currently writing:
- The Reflection of Piper Chastidy
- The Sinister Shadows
- A Collection of Ruins (with @Mikki97)

Currently reading:
- Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austen
- Switched - Amanda Hocking
- Cinder - Marissa Meyer
- The Assassin's Blade - Sarah J. Maas

I'm English but I live in Australia, either way I still spell colour and favourite and grey properly, so please don't try to tell me I'm wrong because its not the American spelling...

Please also keep in mind that whatever material I post on here is the very first draft and has likely not been edited -- any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

I have a collab account with my friend, Mikayla, where we also write A Collection of Ruins. You can read it here or at @sian-and-mik :)
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sianywu22 sianywu22 4 months ago
Hey everyone!! Just a little update considering I've been absent for a month or so -- I've just entered my yearly exam period which will last two weeks, my art major is due in a month, and my prac ex...
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The Inadequate Experiments: 2. Friction

Social data: 1.5K reads. 147 votes. 35 comments.

Description: The Scientists have taught Sera two things: first, her kind is the future of human evolution; second, they are always right. She finds herself unable to go home following the death of her mother, and the onl...


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A Collection of Ruins

A Collection of Ruins

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[Collab with @Mikki97!] The Metropolis was the last place standing, and the only safe place left on Ear...

The Inadequate Experiments: 1. White Noise

The Inadequate Experiments: 1. White Noise

23.8K 1.4K 247

It started with a War. It ended with a Watch. But the Watch was only the beginning. The Watch counts d...

The Reflection of Piper Chastidy

The Reflection of Piper Chastidy

305 10 4

Piper Chastidy's reflection has gone missing. Every mirror she looks in reflects everything around her...

The Sinister Shadows [Prequel to White Noise]

The Sinister Shadows [Prequel to White Noise]

505 39 11

The year is 2358. The Third World War has ended. The world is in ruin. The UN has gathered the eight rem...

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List