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Goldberg by nowikugo
Goldbergby Nowikugo
After being diagnosed quirkless, Izuku's father didn't take it too well. The stress grew too much for Inko. But one day, he just left. Izuku is scrambling for money to s...
Breaker of the Mighty by AlexYT1234
Breaker of the Mightyby AlexYT 1234
Izuku was told by many that he would never be a hero, he wasn't strong enough, he was powerless, but he rejects them all he will be powerful, and unlike those with quirk...
Izuku Yagi The Villain Scientist (Villain Deku Story) by Half___Soul
Izuku Yagi The Villain Scientist ( Half___Soul
"What was the line you said after I asked you if someone with a non-fighting quirk is able to be a hero? Oh ya, you said 'Sorry kid but you need a powerful quirk to...
I have a feeling that I'm not supposed to be here...... by Im_so_done_rn
I have a feeling that I'm not Im_so_done_rn
Inspired from a story I read a while ago. 💀Darth Vader💀: Unknown number show yourself. unknown : uhhhhhh, hi? When Izuku is added into an unknown chat, what will happe...
Machina by Sesake
Machinaby Sesake
Izuku has a dream, a goal, a burning desire to help others. To do that, ever since he was little, he set his eyes on becoming a great hero, someone who protects the inno...
UA's Immortal Teacher by MoonMonarchy
UA's Immortal Teacherby MoonMonarchy
Meet Izuku Midoriya, UA's resident immortal. After an extended holiday traveling the world, Izuku-sensei decides to come back to UA and teach the next generation of hero...
Superior Human  by Excalumbra
Superior Human by 😎
(MHA X COTE) - Izuku Midoriya attended a private school for nearly 10 years, only to return home when it was shut down. He intends to enjoy a peaceful life, but will he...
Power Without a Quirk by Sesake
Power Without a Quirkby Sesake
Some people will tell you life is unfair. That your place in the pecking order is decided the moment you were born. That what you are born with is what you end with, gif...
Boo (DISCONTINUED) by Lily_pad1
Boo (DISCONTINUED)by Lila.Wolf_82
Izuku Midoriya has a ghost quirk AU. Not smut, or angst or other crap. This Midoriya constantly being annoying, funny, sassy and etc. This story was inspired by one of @...
Quirks don't make a hero by Unalive
Quirks don't make a heroby Fire
Izuku Yagi is the son of Inko and Toshinori Yagi, and the brother of Ikaru Yagi. He's bullied by Katsuki Bakugou, Shioka Bakugou, Shoto Todoroki, Kokoro Todoroki, and hi...
Broken. (BNHA AU, EXPIRIMENT RedCat265
Izuku was kidnapped when he was four. he never saw who took him, but he does know that they hurt him, so... so much. they broke him in ways he didnt know could be broken...
Izuku on the Rise by Mentally_Unstabl
Izuku on the Riseby Mentally_Unstabl
Izuku is born a year earlier and the whole plot crumbles happily away. Featuring: A class consisting of a single student, Aizawa being a homeroom teacher twice and Izuku...
My War - UA Civil War by overcxst_
My War - UA Civil Warby Миша
Nezu announces the return of the UA Civil War. When Izuku gets chosen to lead the villain team, and none of his friends join him, what will he do? Will he crumble under...
Seven Days by whimsical_girl_357
Seven Daysby Whimsy
Then Izuku's voice shifted, to a confident and relaxed drawl. "Anyway, I think I'm done." "Young Midoriya, what do you mean?" "I'm done colourin...
Python The Snake Vigilante (Vigilante Deku) by asnakelover
Python The Snake Vigilante ( Snake Lover
Young Izuku Midoriya was just your average four year old until that faithful day..everything changed. He was told that he could never be a hero his father left his mothe...
Vigilante Hikari by 2021Night
Vigilante Hikariby 2021Night
Deku was a quirkless boy who nearly gave up on his dream, but Bakugo convinced him to continue. Due to an accident when he was 7, he gave up on becoming a hero and swore...
Ghost of Himself by Mixboy8
Ghost of Himselfby Mixboy8
This is a rewrite of my first attempted book called: Phantom. Izuku Midoriya is a normal boy, or at least he used to be if the world was different but now 80% of the en...
Hero's point of view by S3ansean
Hero's point of viewby Tonka
Izuku died in a suicidal attack against AFO, when he woke up he found himself in Korea but in a world where there are no quirks but with soulmates marks , with some new...
Invisible by epex2020
Invisibleby insomnia at its finest
Izuku midoriya was a happy child with a wonderful mother and had a nice group of friends but when he turned 4 he got his quirk and it only went downhill. He was bullied...
Soul Thief by 5coffeestillsleepy
Soul Thiefby ☕💤
After losing his mother at a young age with his father out of the picture, Midoriya Izuku starts to see the world in a new light. The filter that only sees the good is r...