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Blood: the symbol of our love  by I_dontevenknow013
Blood: the symbol of our love by 𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 ⸸
(dekuXtoga) All shall fear , beware Their here..
Be My Hero by dekuxtogaforlife
Be My Heroby dekuxtogaforlife
As Deku left UA to become a vigilante to try to stop Shigaraki and All For One, he runs into Himiko Toga who has left the L.O.V temporarily due to losing her dear friend...
The Symbiotic Heroes: Deku and Vampiress  by Revognah
The Symbiotic Heroes: Deku and Revognah
What happens when two childhood friends both with "villainous" quirk start a relationship? What happens when the try to become heroes? What happens when they m...
Friends Forever by dekuxtogaforlife
Friends Foreverby dekuxtogaforlife
Before they were enemies they were the bestest friends, Toga was the New girl in elementary school, on her first day she began getting bullied until Deku stepped in to p...
Being Myself with You by DePowerful1
Being Myself with Youby Stone Throne3309
When Midoriya finds out that Uraraka was only using him to get closer to Bakugo, Izuku feeling betrayed goes out on patrol to clear his mind. He runs into a yellow-haire...
The Sleepover (Deku X Toga) by KK_Groover
The Sleepover (Deku X Toga)by Kyota Katana
It's midnight at the UA dorms, everyone's asleep... except for Izuku Midoriya. Whilst everyone sleeps comfortably in their own rooms, Midoriya can't help but stay awake...
Caught  by Doga546
Caught by Doga546
Deku x toga get caught being in a relationship and being friends with the villans (won't be too much lemon)
A Rewritten Life by rogue73
A Rewritten Lifeby rogue 73
what happens if a young Midoriya left his home from the constant bullying. travelling abroad he trained to become the vigilante Purotekutā (Japanese for protector). foll...
Izuku will have a mixed personality of Garou(despises bullies and heroes, as same abilities), Saitama(unfazed by everything).
King of the hero's |My hero academia x One piece| by _kosu_
King of the hero's |My hero Kosu🐉
In this timeline, Izuku Midoriya was born with the Gum Gum quirk, which allows him to stretch and blow up his body at will. In the beginning, he thinks it's useless unti...
Toga x izuku *lemon* (one shot) by hangetsu2
Toga x izuku *lemon* (one shot)by hangetsu2
(A/N this after All Might vs AFO and before Class1A goes to the dorms) *WARING LEMON* Toga decided to visit izuku, and give him a gift that he would never forget *WARIN...
Abandoned Blood by FogCityForge
Abandoned Bloodby Corvo Fox
Izuku Midoriya finds out that his girlfriend, Ochaco Uraraka, has been cheating on him with Bakugou because he took things "too slow". He then runs off after c...
Your Mine Got It  (Deku X Toga) by BryantSmith9
Your Mine Got It (Deku X Toga)by Yeeter2423
I do not own any of the art in this I also do not own BNHA . This is my first fan fic I hope you like it thanks 😁😁😁
Endless Bounds by Dream-Writes
Endless Boundsby Dream-Writes
A young quirkless boy bullied his whole life finally gives in to the evils of the world. But to do so, he disappears from every single person in his life and joins with...
what scares me (Blind Deku) by lolwov
what scares me (Blind Deku)by lolwov
What if a few students over hear a very very interesting conversation taking it as a challenge they try to discover the Mystery and truth . . .. .only for accidents to h...
⚠~Villain Rehab~⚠  SLOW UPDATES by mandimendoza56789
⚠~Villain Rehab~⚠ SLOW UPDATESby mandi_smip💕
SLOW UPDATES it all started with a game of who can kill the most people in 10 minutes but toga had to go and stab a pro on patrol and now they are being chased by pro h...
Mhatale: rise of the first gods by Casw123
Mhatale: rise of the first godsby Vampiric mage
What if deku was a late bloomer who had the powers of sans but had a more cold yet more intelligent personality than cannon. What if deku found out the secrets of the un...
Villain Deku x Toga by vincentwyvernwing2
Villain Deku x Togaby A Simple Simp
THIS STORY HAS BEEN LONG DISCONTINUED FOR PERSONAL REASONS- Feel free to read what we have anyway but like it's not finished and never will be.. ❤️This is just a rolepla...
My Senpai Loves Me by dekuxtogaforlife
My Senpai Loves Meby dekuxtogaforlife
Izuku Midoriya is starting his first year of high school where he hopes his Junior high past doesn't follow him. But from attending this school he meets Himiko Toga his...
Fated battles of family  by ShayminH
Fated battles of family by Shaymin
Izuku shimura grandson of nana shimura After he found out his grandma was a hero he was even more determined to become one just like her. He's even more lucky when he a...