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Waves (Percy Jackson & DC Crossover) by TheSolitaryStar
Waves (Percy Jackson & DC Kydae
Percy has become too powerful for Zeus' liking so he tires to send Percy back into the pit. However, Percy's patron saves him by sending him to another universe. But doe...
Renegade by R_E_V_I
Renegadeby ♠️🗝🎵🃏🕷
So... this is a story about Renegade, Dick Grayson. He was never adobted by Bruce Wayne and blah blah blah. If you are reading this it is most probably because you are...
Protecting our leader. by onlyloveisloyal
Protecting our Onlyloveisloyal
Set two years into the five year gap, Robin had become team leader. After threats from Slade and the Court of Owls wanting Robin to join them the team are sent to protec...
young justice-taken by nightwing1963
young justice-takenby nightwing1963
(UNDER EDITING) What happens when a mission goes completely wrong and Artemis is kidnapped by Slade, The Joker, Harley Quinn, and sports master? Will the team be able t...
Death Wing by Ace_Harvington
Death Wingby AceTheCardDeck
What if Damian Wayne was raised by Death Stroke? And his name was Damian Wilson? And he was injected with something to have powers? He could teleport and fly, but only u...
Regressing For The Enemy by Aphibibabe475
Regressing For The Enemyby Your Average Reader
This is a Teen Titans Fanfiction. Robin is set as our mc, desperately trying to come to terms with his coping mechanisms. While at the same time, fighting one of the dar...
Renagade or Robin? by Datfangaltho67
Renagade or Robin?by Datfangaltho
Robin was chilling with Wally when he received a text from an anonymous source. and it was a threat. He brushed it off as a hater who somehow got ahold of. his phone num...
Untitled book by We_are_Batfamily
Untitled bookby Alex Lauren
What is this about? Good question. Let me just say birdflash, jayroy, timkon, damijon ships like that. Oh, plus it's a reversed batfamily age so there's that and before...
Renegade (Arkhamverse)  by Renegade321
Renegade (Arkhamverse) by Ryland Wilson
Yes, yes I am well aware I deleted this originally but I can't stay away from the concept of Deathstrokes partner. This takes place during the events of batman arkham or...
Deathstroke's imagines ❤💛 by vbatgirly
Deathstroke's imagines ❤💛by Diana Spark
Deathstroke x reader💛 P.s. a female reader❤ I appreciate any ideas from you 💛
Murder at its Finest by DC_lover
Murder at its Finestby DC_lover
"If you kill a killer, then the number of killers in the world remains the same..." The Dark Knight spoke grimly. Renegade smirked mischievously,"Sure, b...
Unusual Skills And Habits by _Marionette_Puppet
Unusual Skills And Habitsby Goin Ghost
Dick Grayson was known as the open, cheerfully and caring older brother of the bat family but lately, the family has started to notice skills no one in the family got ta...
DC Preferences by LunaticLee728
DC Preferencesby LeagueOfLee~
Welcome! This book is a little different to my other ones, this is indeed ONLY preferences- no one shots. Requests are CLOSED! WARNING: Potential spoilers for the comic...
Why Always Me ?(Btsff) by dipshanel
Why Always Me ?(Btsff)by shine...
What will happen when you get to know that your family which you consider your family for 10 years is not your real family and they kick you out of their house as soon...
The Competition Mission Re-Write by onlyloveisloyal
The Competition Mission Re-Writeby Onlyloveisloyal
A simple mission: Stop the attack on the competition. A simple twist: Robin can't tell the team his identity. A complicated outcome: Richard Grayson is guilty?!?
Change of Plans by phantasyfan
Change of Plansby Merle
Jason Todd had always wanted to prove himself, to Dick, to Bruce, to the Titans, to himself, was always trying to be the best. Look where it got him. Chained to the ceil...
✔️Sick Day by -Jo-Jo-
✔️Sick Dayby -Jo-Jo-
Robin has never had the best of luck. But he hoped the universe might spare him since he's feeling absolutely terrible today. But of course, we all know how the univer...
Tayir (Book 1: Robin) by Shadow_Lothcat
Tayir (Book 1: Robin)by Lothcat
"Tayir...", the thing brought out... shocked?... before lunging forward attacking their target: Robin. Instead of the team's usual expectation Robin just stoo...
Deathstroke Imagines book by GamerWolf1178
Deathstroke Imagines bookby Gaming Jinchuuriki
Requests Open!! Since there isn't enough X reader for Deathstroke, my favorite character, I'm making a book for it! Unless it is specifically requested, the reader will...
Heroes in Disguise by Iynaitaza
Heroes in Disguiseby Iynaitaza
Renegade!AU. "It is so much easier to fall, when someone pushes you." Deathstroke and Ra's have teamed up, but it's not your everyday villain alliance. When...