The Bloodlust Alpha by Youre_My_Sanctuary
The Bloodlust Alphaby Coco
Highest in Werewolf: #2 "Selene, my daughter, please hear us out. I know we don't deserve it, but your sister is pregnant and-" I held up my hand to stop the m...
  • alphamate
  • mate
  • vengeance
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Picture Perfect (Billion Dollar Bad Boys _ Book Two)(Sample Chapters) by bearmama256
Picture Perfect (Billion Dollar Sadie Torrance
Beautiful women were a dime a dozen to jaded fashion photographer Lance Sanchez. At the top of his field Lance had the power to make and break careers. Jilted by his lov...
  • fashion
  • action
  • sanchez
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Inappropriate Circumstances  by EunisLadybuGgDavIs
Inappropriate Circumstances by Eunis Dreamchild 🌙
What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have...
  • death
  • erotica
  • voyeurism
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Seized Assets (Asset Series Book #2) by KatNoir206
Seized Assets (Asset Series Book KatNoir206
It's been two years since Larissa Donovan walked away from both the CIA and the FBI and vanished without a trace. Hidden away from the world that tried to kill her she...
  • secretsrevealed
  • familysecrets
  • vengeance
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Fight Like A Girl by BadassGiirl
Fight Like A Girlby Diana
"Let's teach her a lesson boys," the crowd made way for two guys, who were cracking their fists-along with my predator. I exhaled a sharp breath. I didn't wan...
  • mean
  • enemy
  • crime
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Vengeance- abused & neglected m reader by robbiewazup
Vengeance- abused & neglected m All Hail Megatron
Y/n Xiao Long was treated like filth. His sisters used him as a punching bag, his father saw him only as a slave... so when he is given the opurtunity to get revenge, he...
  • big
  • neglected
  • abuses
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The Asset by KatNoir206
The Assetby KatNoir206
Larissa Donovan is one of the country's most valuable intelligence assets, working in the shadows where few know of her existence and even fewer know her real name. Whe...
  • vengeance
  • familysecrets
  • mafia
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The Hidden Truth by Dhatkhutiekat
The Hidden Truthby Dhatkhutiekat
"You took everything away from me, my family, my whole fuvking life" he whispered softly yet deadly. Me? Take away his family? I barely know him and.. I was i...
  • thehiddentruth
  • pregnancy
  • mature
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Dark Truth by WritingSoldiers
Dark Truthby Analia Kane
She glanced over her shoulder, "Why are you following me?" Jake smirked, "Why are you walking in front of me?" She halted and asked, "Mr Hil...
  • secretary
  • truth
  • thriller
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crow's faith (rainbow six siege story) by EchZero
crow's faith (rainbow six siege EchZero
wally kim thach callsign "Crow", a soldier that joins team rainbow as he wanted to find the man responsible for killing his father.
  • lemon
  • vengeance
  • rainbowsixsiege
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The Lion King Chronicles: Vitani's Vengeance by adelaide_angel
The Lion King Chronicles: Vitani' Allison Schaust
Vitani is born into a war-torn world. How fitting that her name means 'I am war'. Not long after she is born, Simba kills her father, Scar, and exiles many of them to th...
  • vitani
  • thelionking
  • animals
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War Of Vengeance  by MarvinWenzel
War Of Vengeance by Marvin Wenzel
Percy Jackson the son of Poseidon was casted into Tartarus because they thought he is to powerful and just to make it worse the only reason for their act was the request...
  • war
  • vengeance
  • primordials
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The Bane Of Olympus- Book 1 by DitzyAndStubborn
The Bane Of Olympus- Book 1by HeadInTheClouds
After most of Camp Half-Blood and Olympus turns their back on Percy, Chaos claims Percy as his son and lives his whole entire life all over again. However, to add on to...
  • perseus
  • hestia
  • vengeance
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Vengeance  by Fanofthehunt
Vengeance by Book Worm
After the wars had ended, Percy went to visit his mother and stepfather, only to find them murdered. This time, he accepts godhood, feeling it is what his mother would w...
  • pjo
  • pain
  • idkwhattoputhere
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La richesse de l'amour. Tome 5 by LauraMourette
La richesse de l'amour. Tome 5by Laura Mourette
Du haut de ses trois ans, un enfant voit le monde d'une manière différente de celles des adultes. Pour lui, de petites choses anodines peuvent paraître effrayantes. Pour...
  • rancoeur
  • tobias
  • kevan
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The Imperial Concubine by Alanett
The Imperial Concubineby Alanett
The wolf king chases his little rabbit. Wei Ying was never felt love. Because of that she is shy . Although she is very beautiful and smart. After entering the harem o...
  • empress
  • death
  • children
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Her Vengeance by Vimmu17
Her Vengeanceby vimalaparuchuri
How do you feel when someone stole your heart making a best place in it and then shattering it into a tiny pieces which can never be mended and attached. How do you fee...
  • boss
  • vengeance
  • arranged
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Lady Mutiny | Rogue Assassin Book One (#Wattys2018) by druidrose
Lady Mutiny | Rogue Assassin MB | M.Dalto
*WATTYS 2018 - LONGLIST* Lady Lilia Cortova, renowned silk merchant by day and deadly assassin by night, all at the age of nineteen, mysteriously disappears while on a r...
  • youngadult
  • spies
  • wattys2018
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Heroic Vengeance (Male Ghost Rider Reader x BNHA) by ReyChristopher
Heroic Vengeance (Male Ghost Bonnie the Bunny
During your time at U.A, you were usually pushed around, because you were quiet. Though you were one of the strongest, you were introverted, hence why you're bullied. Yo...
  • midoriya
  • iida
  • bakugo
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Vengance Nuevas Especies (Completa) by lackstar18
Vengance Nuevas Especies (Completa)by Elena Milla Gonzalez
Vengance es un macho solitario y curtido por el dolor, con la perdida de su compañera siente el mundo abrirse en dos. A pesar de ser libre y tener amigos anhela mucho ma...
  • nuevasespecies
  • vengance
  • teamjustice
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