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The Love of a Succubus by Delona20
The Love of a Succubusby Lona
Welcome to Vivian Daphne's world. Almost over 75 years ago, the succubus demon finally managed to get out of her fathers clutches... but at the price of being buried ali...
  • witchesandwizards
  • fantasy
  • vengeance
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The Emperor's Wife✓ by emjaywrites
The Emperor's Wife✓by Em Jay
SOME SAY SHE WAS SENT to unite the four Kingdoms. Others say, she was sent to divide them. Still others insist she sent by the Gods, as punishment. As a blessing. An off...
  • emperor
  • fantasy-romance
  • historical
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The Hidden Truth by Dhatkhutiekat
The Hidden Truthby Dhatkhutiekat
"You took everything away from me, my family, my whole fuvking life" he whispered softly yet deadly. Me? Take away his family? I barely know him and.. I was i...
  • thehiddentruth
  • mature
  • burningpassionawards2018
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Seized Assets (Asset Series Book #2) by KatNoir206
Seized Assets (Asset Series Book A.C. Beck
It's been two years since Larissa Donovan walked away from both the CIA and the FBI and vanished without a trace. Hidden away from the world that tried to kill her she...
  • familysecrets
  • mafia
  • chicklit
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Royal Assassin by 95McQueen
Royal Assassinby RB Rushdi
Prince Justin is forced into a marriage with the neighbouring enemy's princess, Jadelyne. Even though, he dreaded the arrangement, if it was for the sake of peace, he wa...
  • strongfemalelead
  • princess
  • assassin
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Stockholm Syndrome. [Boy×Man] by Trillion2Oblivion
Stockholm Syndrome. [Boy×Man]by *°*YASHIRO KOU*°*
Klause locked his jaw. Growling in my ear, "I'll give you advice just this once," His tone was gruff --Grey eyes that could be seen as a storm next to a horizo...
  • lgbt
  • love
  • humor
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War Of Vengeance  by MarvinWenzel
War Of Vengeance by Marvin Wenzel
Percy Jackson the son of Poseidon was casted into Tartarus because they thought he is to powerful and just to make it worse the only reason for their act was the request...
  • pertemis
  • chaos
  • betrayedpercy
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The Nerds Revenge by flightattendantme
The Nerds Revengeby 👑 Dark Queen 👑
ikaw yung babaeng madaling mahulog sa taong mahal mo at pinaglalaruan lang yung damdamin mo dahil sa isang mataba, maraming tigyawat at malaking eyeglasses, isang nerdy...
  • nagmoveon
  • teenfiction
  • lessonlearned
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Mr. CEO Spoil Me 100 Percent by Rain-Sensei_desu
Mr. CEO Spoil Me 100 Percentby PiercingWind001
A piece of divorce paper sent Xia Xinghe into a state of destitution. However, a car accident later, she transformed into a professional hacker with more money than sh...
  • childcare
  • sci-fi
  • military
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Dark Magic and the Black Hand (Book 4 of the Shadow Chronicles) by DragonRiderEXE
Dark Magic and the Black Hand ( DragonRiderEXE
The 4th Installment of the Shadow Chronicles . . . The world grapples for power and sinks into the fiery abyss as the divisions rake deeper and the war marches on towar...
  • fantasy
  • action
  • dragoon
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Of All Propositions (Discontinued :( ...) by MADecember
Of All Propositions ( Scarlet Frost
-The Italian's Convenient Revenge (Also known as ''Of All Propositions'')- Excerpt: (Attention, this is an excerpt, the summary is further down after this) "911, wh...
  • bride
  • wedding
  • deal
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The Bane Of Olympus- Book 1 by DitzyAndStubborn
The Bane Of Olympus- Book 1by HeadInTheClouds
Wouldn't you like a story so full of bitterness and hate that just makes you want to coil up and spit venom? Well, you found it! Manipulation is key and noting the deta...
  • reborn
  • lgbt
  • thegods
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Under the Crimson Moon by Confusedspaz
Under the Crimson Moonby Confusedspaz
Crime and punishment. Two things that didn't quite go together in the traditional sense when in regards to the Peaky Blinders. They committed the crimes and doled out th...
  • finnshelby
  • michaelgray
  • vendetta
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Flare | Young Justice by SprinkleTheStory
Flare | Young Justiceby Jenni
Flare is a young quiet but, sometimes an outgoing girl. She is hidden with many secrets and trying to hide her odd appearance. Her gentle smiles and support to the young...
  • fox
  • kaldur
  • missmartian
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Silence by spreadem69
Silenceby lil A
"Careful how you play your cards when you have a queen in your hands" The angel of London, the girl who everyone wanted to be, the name which would bring smile...
  • gangs
  • smoking
  • arrogant
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Vengeance- abused & neglected m reader by robbiewazup
Vengeance- abused & neglected m All Hail Megatron
Y/n Xiao Long was treated like filth. His sisters used him as a punching bag, his father saw him only as a slave... so when he is given the opurtunity to get revenge, he...
  • rwby
  • ghostrider
  • abuses
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Mon père la cause de mes souffrances  by nathouthou
Mon père la cause de mes nathouthou
Mais papa t'as pas le droit tu m'as vendu a un homme -si et je te déteste chaque jours un peux plus tu es la cause de tous -mais papa tu sais c'est faux et je ne te d...
  • souffrance
  • trahison
  • romandamour
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The Weeping Wolf (Slashers x Reader) by SweetChildO_A_R
The Weeping Wolf (Slashers x 💀 Disco Potato 💀
(Y/N) had a beautiful life-a happy family, friends, a home, and a strong passion for music. That all changes when her parents get divorced and her mum is left with nothi...
  • fanfic
  • leatherface
  • hanniballector
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The Girl in the Basement by Habiba_Elsadany
The Girl in the Basementby Habiba El-Sadany
After Darcy Tucker lost his mother as a child due to something his teacher, Mrs. Rudd, had done, he swore vengeance on her. Eight years later, Darcy finds a nanny-wanted...
  • psychological
  • secrets
  • blood
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The Bad Girl Wears Pink ✅ by LeRoyaleJae
The Bad Girl Wears Pink ✅by Sassy Bella ❤
|| HIGHEST RANKS: #13 in HUMOR #79 in TEEN FICTION || If you are going to be BAD, then you have to do it the BAD way... It's pretty simple: 1) Don't get caught 2) Alw...
  • pink
  • cellphone
  • teenfiction
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