Awaken Me: Guide To Veganism by willowwolf10k
Awaken Me: Guide To Veganismby WillowWolf10k
A guide to help you on your vegan journey. Be sure to check out my other book VEGBATE where I discus the common excuses against Veganism to help educate people on what V...
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Why I Became A Vegan by ReadingInMirkwood
Why I Became A Veganby Aleia
Hello there! My name is Aleia, and I'm a vegan. No, I don't only eat fruits and vegetables. No, I haven't dropped dead of nutrient deficiency. No, protein is the least o...
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Why Am I Vegan? (Speech)  by societyofwords
Why Am I Vegan? (Speech) by Ella
I've written this speech to explore and inform you about why I'm vegan and the truth behind animal agriculture. I hope you take the time to read it and if you would like...
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