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Vampire's Pet by cannoness
Vampire's Petby Cannon
The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The...
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Vampires pet by GhostEaterer
Vampires petby GhostEaterer
myra Gidon, a blonde, that was born into the life of a human pet. after her mother died, when being forced to mate with a sex pet, and give birth to Myra, she is left b...
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Turned Heart by Lost_Little_Demon
Turned Heartby DontMindMyUser.Com
I'm 17 years old, it's a dangerous time now. Vampires, demons, many horrible creatures roam. They seem like humans, but with some features, you can tell what is what. ...
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The Noble's Hidden pet  by dragon_seeking_books
The Noble's Hidden pet by •ᴥ• 𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖌𝖔𝖓 ᵔᴥᵔ
⚠️ ALL ART IN BOOK IS DONE BY @Lorziel_ on Instagram and copyright belongs to myself after commissioning⚠️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A secretive Noble Vampire has taken a convolute...
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Beautiful Blood  by ah041501
Beautiful Blood by ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Vampires... pets.. dare I spoil more?
The Vampire Queens Pet. by mariajean1999
The Vampire Queens Maria
in a world ruled by vampires and humans are there pets only some get to be the queens pet. some say she gets a new pet each day because she drains them in one seting an...
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Difficult Master by SweetScribbles
Difficult Masterby SweetScribbles
True blood vampires rule the world with impure vampire clans as servants and humans as blood bags and pets. Ever since human pets became a reality hundreds of years ago...
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The Vampires Lapdog  by hxnsee
The Vampires Lapdog by hxnee
in a world of which humans are merely alive for the usage of a vampire, how will a girl survive her purchase?
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One Direction's Pet (discontinued)  by Rosychandelier
One Direction's Pet (discontinued) by Rosychandelier
What if all celebrities were part of the undead? What if the stars that got famous though youtube or singing shows didnt get famous by just talent? Celebrities, the wa...
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You and Me by itsyourgirlcris
You and Meby Crissy Fletcher
Hi, my name is Abby, Full name Abigail Smith but please call me Abby. I just turned 17 and the vampires have decided to make themselves heard and known to the world, the...
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the vampires little mut by tetrass42
the vampires little mutby lily crane
imagine a world filled with werewolfs, whitches and vampires. a world only you read in books... a world where nightmares finaly come true... this is the kinf of world i...
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I'm A Vampires Pet by playpal23
I'm A Vampires Petby Destini Wells
a 17 year old girl named April Cornerstone is purchased at an auction by a Lord named Kaden Salvatore. (don't mind the last name if y'all have seen Vampire diaries. I co...
Captive by noelreef4
Captiveby Coral Noel
Boy meets girl. Boy buys girl and decides whether or not to eat her. What could go wrong?
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Slave to you by user32213149
Slave to youby Rebekaroni
Vampires are not real. This has to be a dream no a nightmare. I mean I've read about them and have seen them on tv but none of that could have prepared me for the truth...
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The vampires pet 🧛‍♂️  by stelenadesire
The vampires pet 🧛‍♂️ by Desireofbooks❤️
Hey guys so I decide to write a story and I don't like when people say I have nothing to say just read the story it's really good so obviously not 🙄 A girl is captured...
Rose by hailey_xx_
Roseby Hailey
ON HOLD (First in the Flower Girls series) Amelie Rose has been wanted by the Vampire Government of America for over twelve years, she has been running, and has been s...
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The Beautiful Pet by NovemberXdream
The Beautiful Petby NovemberXdream
The world full of Vampires, to have the most beautiful men and women as Pets
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Daughter or Pet of a Vampire by MirrorGem11
Daughter or Pet of a Vampireby Gabby
Kaylee's Parents wanted her to be free. Now they're dead and she's sold. The vampire's name is Kaden, he seems like a cruel master on the outside but what happens when s...
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His Little Slave by music_is_lovee
His Little Slaveby music_is_lovee
My mom and I got into a fight and I took off down the street... would I regret that decision? Running down the road I heard a car in back of me and I slowed down thinkin...
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Vampire Slayer by m00ng0d
Vampire Slayerby Unicorn
It all started when Lorainne was only 4. That's when she's lost her parents due to attack of creatures they've only seen for the first time in their lives. After that tr...
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