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An Alian's Pet by Mcat1124
An Alian's Petby Mcat
human rule, human create and humans distroy. But what happends when Clover discovers shes not in control of her life anmore. Clover is now a pet, a pet of an alian
Getting Closer To My Mate by fspinkey
Getting Closer To My Mateby fspinkey
Zach, the alpha werewolf, finds out that his mate is a human and she is far away from his beautiful imagination. Fima, the nothing special human girl, is unaware of mate...
Alpha's human mate ✔ by hinashiekh_
Alpha's human mate ✔by hinashiekh_
ADVIK KHURANA ( age 22) Alpha of his pack, he took over at 18 when his father decided to step down .he has anger issues . REYA SINGH( age 18) a human girl who is really...
Ice Age: Continental Drift  by catharina_2005
Ice Age: Continental Drift by _sweetkiwano_
Noa, a human girl who was raised by sabers and just met the herd got separated from her pack and needs to get back along side with Manny, Diego, Sid and Granny. Along th...
In Too Deep by carla_martinsxxx
In Too Deepby floriana miller x
16 year-old Flo North visits the world famous mer-aquarium for the first time. She had no clue it would change her life. When Flo meets gorgeous merman,Noah, she had no...
Ice Age: Together Forever  by catharina_2005
Ice Age: Together Forever by _sweetkiwano_
The lives of the herd and saber pack were going great, until Noa meets two human boys, Min and Kai, who she quickly befriends with. Not only that, Zane, an old enemy fro...
Why Sonamy It's Better Just Friendship/Ships Better That Are Hated by BebeiaArts14
Why Sonamy It's Better Just BebeiaArts14
This book is not to cause bullshit, It's opinions of other people.Even the creator does not ship them, only when something is not canon just to please these "fans&q...
Dark Cravings by wolfiess44
Dark Cravingsby wolfiess44
Seraphis, the son of the Egyptian God of Death , has been on the run for far too long, trying to escape his father and responsibilities. Only by chance he lays eyes on...
His Little Mate by lmajernik
His Little Mateby Lauren
Charlotte Mond lives a simple human life, consisting of work, school, and her family. Alpha Theodore Stark is a strong but kind man who is willing to do just about anyt...
Turned Heart by Lost_Little_Demon
Turned Heartby DontMindMyUser.Com
I'm 17 years old, it's a dangerous time now. Vampires, demons, many horrible creatures roam. They seem like humans, but with some features, you can tell what is what. ...
The Alpha's surrogate by Simani97
The Alpha's surrogateby Mercy Simani
Aviana flees from her country and is on the run from her past, trying to find a way to live in a new City and make Money so it should never catch up, no more abuse, hurt...
15 Boys + 1 Girl by green1000
15 Boys + 1 Girlby Mystic Wolf
This is an alternative universe of Yandere-Simulator: In a small city that's called Buraza Town, is where Ayano Aishi lives and has to attend the annual dance to meet he...
The Vampire's Ring 💍 by moonylupin08
The Vampire's Ring 💍by Divyanshi
(First book of the Rings trilogy.) Cover credits: Medievaltomboy . *** "Stop! Leave me right now!!" He grabbed my arm and threw me against the dungeon wall. ...
True Love Under a Sunset  by killsisgay
True Love Under a Sunset by Kills
Girl x Dog story (based off of a true story)
New World 🌎 by Msmiller133
New World 🌎by Msmiller133
the story telling about an Elf that appears in our world accidently and Rose the human girl who helps him to return to his world Hope you enjoy it Sorry for the mista...
Living With Vampires (Ava Maine Book 1) by Shannonloveszim
Living With Vampires (Ava Maine Shannonisthebest
16 Year old Ava Maine is A human girl living with 3 vampires and Ava is a quiet girl who is always a loner but one day adam her mothers lover and he falls for ava... Tha...
Nikolai by PurpleFerret
Nikolaiby PurpleFerret
He was ruthless and he was intimidating. Nobody took him as the type to have feelings. Some called him the face of terror. ------------------------------- Nikolai is a s...
The Wolf And The Traveler by BlueRose910
The Wolf And The Travelerby Sam υ¢нιнα
α ωσℓf αи∂ α нυмαи ¢нιℓ∂ мєєт σи α ¢σℓ∂ иιgнт αи∂ тнє ωσℓf ιѕ иσт иσямαℓ, тнє ωσℓf ¢αи вє¢σмє α нυмαи. тнє ωσℓf ιѕ α νєяу вιg вℓα¢к ωσℓf αи∂ α мαℓє, нє ωαѕ α ℓσиє ωσℓf α...
Coffee With Wolves by MAR-Zmallows
Coffee With Wolvesby im xo xad
In which a modern werewolf found out he is mated to a one-of-a-kind human. Mason: That's putting it lightly author, Oh, hi! I'm Maddox's younger twin by 5 minutes. My b...
NOCTIFER by isya-sky
NOCTIFERby MαɾαႦҽʅʅα
• 𝓃𝑜𝒸𝓉𝒾𝒻𝑒𝓇, 𝓃𝑜𝒸𝓉𝒾𝒻𝑒𝓇𝑜𝓊𝓈 • A bringer of night or darkness; the evening star. _____ She is lost in a new, strange world. A world full of magic and monst...