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Moonlit Dinner by lumierutsuki
Moonlit Dinnerby lumierutsuki
#1 Paranormal/Supernatural Mystic Awards 2017 Highest Vampire rank #47 "You seem to enjoy coming here at your own will and peril." "Leon, pleas...
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Vampire prince and his new pet.....neko?  (boyxboy) by leelee-the-neko
Vampire prince and his new leelee-the-neko
the vampire prince saves a boy from being attacked, he plans on having him for a meal but finds out isn't exactly a boy. he is a neko! once he figures this out he plans...
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 Red Eyed Beauty || Jungkook FF by JiminGotNoJams13
Red Eyed Beauty || Jungkook FFby Kookie Crisp🍪
The coffin shakes violently just then the stone top burst and flys the the other side of the room the beautiful boy known as jungkook opens his eyes, his deep red orbs...
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TWIN VAMPIRES+TWINS VAMPIRES (B x B x B x B) by Vampiregirl_vk
Orczy was sent to a school named Stephenson High for some mission. But little did he know, there his mates were waiting for him, yes mates. One of the reasons for which...
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Devil Prince (Taekook) by Ming_shook_hao
Devil Prince (Taekook)by Ming_shook_hao
Jungkook is met with a group of new boys,the leader of that being Taehyung,a demon for that. Jungkook thinks he is a normal boy but since the group came,secrets are forc...
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Forbidden Blood by kyla_gracie
Forbidden Bloodby ⚜Kyla Gracie⚜
Her smile- that one smile. The one that makes your heart speed up, the one that makes you want to hold her and never let go. That smile rarely showed, but when it did I...
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My Vampire Love   by Sophie3265
My Vampire Love by Sophie3265
What happens when you're sold to a pureblood vampire? ~ Brittany, a fifteen year old girl is sold to a pureblood vampire prince... ~ Purebloods are considered the most d...
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The Boyfriend of a Vampire by CloudNarutoNamikaze
The Boyfriend of a Vampireby Naruto Namikaze
Naruto has been abused by his family because of his sexuality. He's gay and he's proud of being gay. His parents hated the fact that he's gay because to them it'll ruin...
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vampires pet by kaylasanne
vampires petby kaylasanne
vampires have taken over the world and humans are forst to be pets or slaves hi I'm caillie and this is my story of my life being a vampire's pet rewrighting
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The  Prophecy #Wattys2018# by amulyabalmury
The Prophecy #Wattys2018#by Amulya rao
Highest Rankings: #1 in Prophecy!!!! #20 in Werewolf!!!! #7 in Vampireprince!!!! #128 in History!!!! #99 in Faith!!!! #1 in Raiju!!!! Life was going on well with Anabel...
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Turned Heart by Lost_Little_Demon
Turned Heartby DontMindMyUser.Com
I'm 17 years old, it's a dangerous time now. Vampires, demons, many horrible creatures roam. They seem like humans, but with some features, you can tell what is what. ...
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Still Just Human by IvoryMoe
Still Just Humanby Ivory Moe
Book II of the Bought In To Royalty series I am Blue Copertez. Some know me as the destroyer of the Four Great Kingdoms. Some know me as the Warrior of Lightning. Some k...
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A Vampire As A Mate. (Completed) by Madanimal15
A Vampire As A Mate. (Completed)by Madeline Rosileen
Disclaimer- the idea of the book came to me as In was reading The prince's pet wolf but the characters belong to me. I also got the cover off google. All picks will be o...
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The Vampire Prince by Brookie-Chan
The Vampire Princeby Brooklyn Howard
Natsu Dragneel was born into a the Pure Royal Vampires lineage, Dragneel family. He was taken at birth and ended up training with a fire dragon, Igneel. Natsu joined the...
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Touch of Darkness by shayleeyarbrough
Touch of Darknessby Troll
An ex drug addict and a vampire prince love tale you never knew would happen. Grace thought her hospital visit was her second life chance and she didn't want to wast...
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Bound to darkness by animperialally1
Bound to darknessby Ally
The world is ruled by vampires , Arabella kingsly has lived with her beloved family until her 16th birthday when she is old enough to be sold as a slave , she is ripped...
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The Witch and the Vampire  by jehanvanie
The Witch and the Vampire by Jehan Neo
"Hihihihi!!!!" Sakay ng aking walis ay lumipad ako pahimpapawid. I smiled ear to ear as I saw the beauty of our land. I am Millie Dorothea V. Maeve. A beauti...
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Sold To The Vampire Prince by Gwen_eazy
Sold To The Vampire Princeby Gwen_eazy
Arielle damins, an eighteen year old girl, lived with her dad, step mom and step sister. Her mom died when she was a young girl and then her father remarried.she wasn't...
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Deadly Gorgeous Beauty (Lionheart Queens) by SequenceD
Deadly Gorgeous Beauty ( SequenceD
Sonia is apparently one of the girls in her family, born after every thousand years with unique powers...a gift given to her family a long time ago by some special tribe...
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Only you by Mysteee3
Only youby Mysteee3
"YOU'RE MINE" he screamed. "I'm not a freaking object, Dumbbutt". I said back. Then he came closer and started kissing me. "What the fudge lucas...
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