Creepypasta Poems by meganproxy
Creepypasta Poemsby Megan Proxy
All poems by meh. ~WARNING: JUST A LIL DEEP~
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Finding Life {BoyxBoy} by -sometimes
Finding Life {BoyxBoy}by ℰη∂ყ ✿
❝a sad boy and an in-between❞ ❝a friend and an awkward body❞ Valentine & Oliver.
  • communication
  • learning
  • freethelgbt
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aesthetic quotes☁️ by lxnarr
aesthetic quotes☁️by lxnarr
some aesthetic quotes that i like.☁️ lowercase intended.☁️
  • humans
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Dear X//An XxxTentacion Fanfic by IamDoniJ
Dear X//An XxxTentacion Fanficby Aesthetic_Feels
A girl named Starlena decides to send a letter to her favorite rapper XXXTentacion aka Jahseh Onfroy after hearing he had 7 new charges pressed on him and was sent to ja...
  • depression
  • chokerchaingang
  • jahsehonfroy
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Stolen Pages by theloneranger_
Stolen Pagesby Cheese Fries
~Her words were my poison. I used them to consume myself. Disturbingly honest. Painfully strained. Carefully penned down. Dangerously addictive.~ A journal that landed...
  • books
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Harry Styles Quotes by 1Dgurl1914
Harry Styles Quotesby J.M.G
"I think I must have been a twin, but the other went away and left its nipples behind"
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OncerQueen16's Collection Of Poetry (#WattyAwards2018) by OncerQueen16
OncerQueen16's Collection Of Kay
A beautiful collection of poems dedicated to world issues, injustice, empowerment, or anything I feel NEEDS more awareness. Comment section is open for YOUR ideas as wel...
  • wattyawards2018
  • advice
  • healing
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six word stories  | ✓ by ScarlettCrane
six word stories | ✓by Scarlett Crane
Just a small collection of six word stories! ➵ New book "chaotic bliss" out now! ➵ Completed ➵ Stories include works by me and other authors. I don't own thei...
  • lost
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SAD LOVE STORY...(REALLY TOUCHING)(One shot) by mine_puddin
How does it feel when you love someone so bad,with all your heart and soul and you are in relationship with them but all they do is not giving any interest and gives you...
  • guy
  • sadness
  • love
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(un)Wanted Boyfriend || MaBill Fanfic [EDITING] by XxJEnYxX
(un)Wanted Boyfriend || MaBill ❤ ❤ ❤
It may seem boring from the first following chapters but I guarantee you all that it will get better chapter-by-chapter! So don't think twice on pushing the read button...
  • kiss
  • confusion
  • stars
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High Thoughts by manicpixieflowergirl
High Thoughtsby 💕Janie 💕
I mean the title p much explains it
  • funny
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~ II Talash-e-Khuld ~ The Quest for Paradise II ~ by orion623
~ II Talash-e-Khuld ~ The Quest Zoya
"Shukhr karoon mai kaise tera, mere Maula? Sajdon mai woh quwwat na hui mubtala, Ata kar woh quwwat ya rehmat baksh mujhe Ke yakeen ho chale, Tu Raazik hai mera...
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Music Needs Meaning! by Kalyn_Winchester
Music Needs Meaning!by Kay-Kay
I'm gonna post music. This music might be uplifting, it might make you think and it might make you sad too.. !WARNING! Contains Heavy Rock! Very emo. Much cringe.
  • screamo
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Lyrics by Floralharryxx
Lyricsby Floralharryxx
Lyrics can hold so many stories behind them and that's why they get stuck in our minds. -Rank: #49 in non-fiction
  • singers
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Lost Stars  by anthem-
Lost Stars by olivia
in which two nihilistic teens find the meaning of life when their hands entwine. current cover :: @parthenons [summary inside]
  • counselor
  • mental
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Dark Poetry by _AuraMoon_
Dark Poetryby Zoë Aura
War breaks out, Or so they shout. The odds of winning Are in doubt. We have no clue What the war is about, Yet we fight On and out. STARTED: The second of January, 2018...
  • meaning
  • anorexia
  • heart
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To all the boys in my life by mumumi
To all the boys in my lifeby Michelle
I've finally decided to write a book. This book is extremely special to me and means an awful lot. It holds separate stories about a boy that has made an impact on my...
  • thoughts
  • pain
  • life
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Positive & Meaningful  Quotes by WolfGalaxiaOwl
Positive & Meaningful Quotesby Galaxy 🌌 Lover
Having a bad day? I have some quotes that may help
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Scandalous Grace by MichelleT50
Scandalous Graceby Michelle T Hillis
Dana Wilson was a teen who struggled to find a safe place. Stifled at home by practical parents and family issues that threatened her well being, she longed for love and...
  • rejection
  • meaningfulpurpose
  • friendship
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Harmless Danger | Min Yoongi by jejujuliet
Harmless Danger | Min Yoongiby juliet
"I'm not very social." "Thats alright, I'm not very antisocial" © All rights reserved to the author of this book. Any form of s...
  • yoongi
  • meaning
  • secrets
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