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Little Wallflower (Kohnnie) by Princess_Stacy
Little Wallflower (Kohnnie)by anastasia
What happens when you strongly believe nothing is real and feelings and emotions are just hallucinations? Ask Johnnie. He can tell you in a poem. But when Johnnie meets...
mha x reader ANGST FEM by dracosgirl4eva
mha x reader ANGST FEMby :o i hate my user and idk how...
⚠️⚠️TRIGGERING CONTENT⚠️⚠️ collection of mha angst one shots lol have fun
Her Grumpy Neighbor [M.Yg] by youforian
Her Grumpy Neighbor [M.Yg]by ✿ฺkakeru✿ฺ
»In which she was an exception to the world who forgot him« [COMPLETED] 【 SHORT STORY 】
 A City of Color: An Anthology by BlankFaceBroskiis
A City of Color: An Anthologyby BlankFaceBroskiis
I'm not very good at making summaries, but here's an attempt: The City is a place somewhere in the future, far enough along where a calendar would be meaningless. Someti...
Lucy's First Road Trip by CKalberg
Lucy's First Road Tripby Dream Dawg
Lucy was average until she stumbled across her own conscious mind stuck in a tiny trash bag of green relevancy in a dreamy Chevrolet Suburban from 40 years ago Explore L...
Bounce by trillpurple
Bounceby trillpurple
Kayla Phillips. The Dancer. The Model. The Good Girl. The Easily Influenced Baddie. Kayla Phillips the girl fresh out of college. One day she gets excepted into a world...
free | taegguk by taehyungseyelid
free | taeggukby poetry in motion
[ON HOLD] jeongguk's always known not to trust his mother. she lies, manipulates. makes him feel like the kind of person who would do the same thing. one day, when she r...
Sex,drugs and out of control  by m_cooper01
Sex,drugs and out of control by Maya Cooper
My names Tilda I'm 17 and I may just be your worst nightmare.
The Trip (An MDMA Experience) by LongeGinge
The Trip (An MDMA Experience)by Venus
This is a short story to help individuals decide about their choices in drugs. A young girl finds herself bored after smoking weed since she was 12 years of age and crav...
REVERSE BIRTH: The Battle Against False Consciousness in the Age of Moloch by BennyBroke
REVERSE BIRTH: The Battle Benny Broke
When a newscaster disappears on live TV while reporting on a hurricane, the bizarre clip immediately goes viral. Was it a freak accident or something supernatural? Does...
Remembering In Colour by ab1gaill0
Remembering In Colourby Abigail
Aging is hard enough on its own, forgetting you aged adds another layer of challenges, especially on the inside of Eli's mind.
the midnight gospel story by bennubomani
the midnight gospel storyby Brokenheartedmuslim
10 psychedelic and philosophical stories based on the great show midnight gospel on the Netflix. prepare to to be amazed and in wonder at hallucinating beauty of the u...
Underground by amateurh0ur
Undergroundby amateurh0ur
Many years have passed since Sarah Williams has saved her brother Toby Froud from the King of the Goblins (go watch the movie Labrynith if you haven't). Now Toby is grow...
One Of Us by red_cxndle
One Of Usby (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✧°: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
A group of teenagers, Luke, Pia, Loki and Fifi discover the secrets of a mysterious mirror in a museum. They get teleported to a dimension made solely of their greatest...
One day at a time.. by CTFxCLovee
One day at a CTFxCLovee
Charles and Alli Trippy announced their divorce. But what is happening now? Charles has a new girlfriend and is living his life. Alli is staying with her parents with f...
Coffee by burningmels
Coffeeby burningmels
The sensual smell of coffee drifted through the air, attracting the tired woman towards the gleaming pot...
Shift by Artxore
Shiftby Artxore
I am your regular 16 year old girl, grumpy and hates school.But there is one thing a lot of people don't know about me, something so unrealistic but can be done.. Shifti...
Under the burning skies by h_g_rolon
Under the burning skiesby H_G_Rolon
A lone fishermen, Noah, traverses uncharted territories in search of a mysterious island. It is believed to have unique traits that will help those who are lost. Only a...