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Mind Over Matter (PAUSED) | The Vampire Diaries by CallingCollins
Mind Over Matter (PAUSED) | The Rene't Collins
"Do you honestly think that I, your best friend, would rat you out like that? Okay, maybe you know me a little too well." Delaney had a hard life from the begi...
  • rebekahmikaelson
  • damonsalvatore
  • vampires
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The Queen of Cats by maybeiwas2shy
The Queen of Catsby david
Dark things swarm around the city. Newspaper-boys are lured into houses, strange mansions whisper into musicians' ears, old men tell tales of vampires, drums boom in the...
  • music
  • multipov
  • paranormal
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Hidden Dreamer ~A Charles Trippy Fanfic~ by Nichole-bree
Hidden Dreamer ~A Charles Trippy Nichole Bree
Hello! This is a story involving Charles Trippy! And also! DISCLAIMER: I LOVE ALLI AND ALLIE AND I SUPPORT THEM BOTH FULLY! So don't get on my a** about it :D Just kiddi...
  • ctfxcfanfic
  • ctfxc
  • charles
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An Occurrence at Summerland Tavern | Blind Date 21 of 31 by CliffJonesJr
An Occurrence at Summerland Cliff Jones Jr.
To win a bet, Suzi Sparrow needs to go on a new blind date every single day for a month. Three weeks in, she's scraping the bottom of the barrel. She finally gives in an...
  • weird
  • dark
  • scary
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H A B I T S by wonderingwhyy
H A B I T Sby Leah
separation leads to desperation yet avoiding you is just one of my bad habits I can't rid of p.s. gonna contain some very lesbian thoughts
  • poetry
  • lgbt
  • thoughts
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My Psycho Husband  by Jungkook_BTS_x17
My Psycho Husband by Saya's_Kookie
Hyejin lost her memory in an accident. she woke up to a man and a little girl. Fear and confusion fises in her as she hears whats going on. she doesn't know why she is t...
  • jungkook
  • psycho
  • trippy
throughout the spacetime☽ poetry by zetareticulans
throughout the spacetime☽ poetryby zeta☽🐉
A collection of poems and lyrics.
  • philosophy
  • people
  • lyrics
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The Theatre of the Absurd by ConstantineLazari
The Theatre of the Absurdby Constantine Lazari
A short story ...
  • life
  • constantine
  • adventure
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Little Wallflower (Kohnnie) by Princess_Stacy
Little Wallflower (Kohnnie)by stacy
What happens when you strongly believe nothing is real and feelings and emotions are just hallucinations? Ask Johnnie. He can tell you in a poem. But when Johnnie meets...
  • kylexjohnnie
  • pansexual
  • gay
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My Even More Fun Filled Art Book  by Radxcals
My Even More Fun Filled Art Book by パイナップル
I haven't uploaded any art in awhile but I'm sort of back. I now do digital art (the cover for this book is an example) so yah.
  • cool
  • fantasy
  • voteandcomment
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Tumblr Textposts by neinhitlernein
Tumblr Textpostsby Wolfgang Stalin
Random collection of weird shit from the weirdest site to ever exist.
  • weird
  • tumblrposts
  • weed
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The Adventures of Life: A Treasure, Philosophy, & Adrenaline Rush by ViralLight
The Adventures of Life: A 3rd Eye Literature
#Random #Philosophical #Funny #Trippy #CompilationOfShortStories
  • psychedelic
  • trippy
  • startover
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Sex,drugs and out of control  by m_cooper01
Sex,drugs and out of control by Maya Cooper
My names Tilda I'm 17 and I may just be your worst nightmare.
  • naughtiness
  • party
  • boys
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Sacred Geometry 🔥 by CliffJonesJr
Sacred Geometry 🔥by Cliff Jones Jr.
A young student visits the home of a renowned scholar who has made an offer to tutor the boy in mathematics. Over an unusual cup of tea, the two begin discussing geometr...
  • sff
  • mkultra
  • illuminati
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Inked: Disney Goes Grunge (ON HOLD) by MaddieCakesx3
Inked: Disney Goes Grunge (ON HOLD)by Pretty Gemini
Disney just got a little more realistic. Hilarious, awkward, scary and heartwarming one shots with all the Disney Princes and Princesses we grew up watching and some of...
  • princess
  • oneshot
  • girl
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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by iwishiwasinaustralia
Lucy in the Sky with Diamondsby iwishiwasinaustralia
The title gives it away, don't ya think?
  • trippy
  • poetry
  • lsd
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Arboretum  by ValidateMePlease
Arboretum by James Marshall
A short horror novel about a mysterious closing of a state park named the Holden Arboretum. Join a team of four brave souls as they explore the eerie park to find the tr...
  • workinprogress
  • mystery
  • plottwist
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The Everlasting Dream (#Wattys2018) by JBStevenson
The Everlasting Dream (#Wattys2018)by J.B.Stevenson
Only people with imaginations so bold, will hear and see what this story will behold.
  • journey
  • trippy
  • adventure
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Nodus Tollens by Robbennedy
Nodus Tollensby Robbie // Kennedy
dreams r weird
  • dreamception
  • dreams
  • twobroschillinginahottub5feetapartcausetheyrenotgay
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diary of a madman  by TheInstantClassic
diary of a madman by TheInstantClassic
don't read this you'll judge ok read this put it back when you're done
  • stoned
  • trippy
  • weed