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Phone Bug [Akashi Seijuro: COMPLETE] by kirami-tan
Phone Bug [Akashi Seijuro: COMPLET...by kira ♔
Life always throws the unexpected at us, but don't they say "expect the unexpected"? Well, someone living inside Akashi Seijuro's phone was what he never expec...
  • bugs
  • phone
  • technology
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What's Up, Doc? by Sgt-Tombs
What's Up, Doc?by Sgt-Tombs
✖️H!Bugs Bunny X Reader✖️ Looney Tunes Corp. needs a new Toon-someone fresh, bold, charming. Who better to ask for than the lovely [Y/N], the stunning fox? Especially...
  • warnerbros
  • show
  • romance
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Ask Or Dare the Mogeko Characters by Nico_No_Talk
Ask Or Dare the Mogeko Charactersby Nico
Basically what the title says (Cover made by me)
  • ask
  • bugs
  • mogeko
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Insectophobia by TehEthanX
Insectophobiaby TehEthan X
April (Glitter Spring) Has A Bug Phobia. Yet She Deals With a Problem, A Mysterious Portal From Brooha That Takes Her To A Place Where Her #1 Fear Is All Round her. She...
  • bugs
~Hollow Knight: A wanderer's journal~ by OfTruthAndPassion
~Hollow Knight: A wanderer's journ...by OfTruthAndPassion
This is the journey of one vessel in particular... the perfect vessel... the purest vessel, and the True Hollow Knight of Hollownest... However a god vessel known as the...
  • unique
  • purestvessel
  • honor
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Collide in the heart (daffy x bugs) by kellinquinnslover04
Collide in the heart (daffy x bugs)by I want to die
Daffy and bugs have always had feelings for each other but when Lola bunny, bugs, Tina Rosso and daffy go out on a double date these hidden feelings show through...
  • bunny
  • bugs
  • gay
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See Me (Shino Aburame Love Story) by 125animeislife
See Me (Shino Aburame Love Story)by KatAnimeFan
Fuyumi Ryu is a girl who lives with her father. She is blind but has excellent hearing and can feel where things are with her feet. Her hearing helps her imagine what ki...
  • kiba
  • hinata
  • shino
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Petite Venin by TwistedNym
Petite Veninby Nym
"I may be a Viper, but you are a snake." The dislike between Samson Merandus and Daliah Viper is very mutual, and their relationship is nothing if not build on...
  • spiders
  • redqueenff
  • merandus
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Unrecognizable Babble by rabiteer
Unrecognizable Babbleby God
life is ugly and you are too.
  • funny
  • theories
  • creepy
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Aburame Naruto by nolars
Aburame Narutoby nolars
in his fifth birthday naruto stumbled upon a aburame failed experiment, chimera ants. With the help of his new clan he is able to matter his new powers. I do not own nar...
  • smart
  • bugs
  • strong
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Baffy (Bugs Bunny x Daffy Duck) by lexspiers
Baffy (Bugs Bunny x Daffy Duck)by lexspiers
I don't know where I will take this story, or how long it will be. There are some cuss words, if you mind! If there are any grammatical or other issues, feel free to le...
  • gay
  • daffyxbugs
  • bugsxdaffy
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smut  by Frogoffangelique
smut by Frogoffangelique
looney tunes smut hell yea it's fucked up so read it
  • funny
  • humor
  • heat
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bugs last hope  by xmenevolution
bugs last hope by Wolfie
shino tired of being ignored by all his friends and village convinces his dad to move the class elsewhere. he convinces his dad to move to a group of villages long forgo...
  • moving
  • fairytail
  • shino
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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Encyclopedia by Leopardclaw
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Encyclop...by Leopardclaw
Have the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but don't know when or where to find a specific fruit, fish, insect, art, fossil, clothing item, furniture item, or tool? Want t...
  • art
  • animal
  • game
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Lilea - The world of bugs by Lapizuli3
Lilea - The world of bugsby Lapizuli3
'I hate bugs' it said before he transformed into a snail servant and met the lord. When the seventheen year old Marc discovered a plague of snails in his backyard he dec...
  • humanize
  • transformations
  • fantasy
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Falling in love with an Aburame (x reader) by Kiria_Aburame
Falling in love with an Aburame (x...by Kiria Aburame
the second story in my series of "falling in love" my first one was Falling in love with a hyuga (Neji x reader). http://www.wattpad.com/myworks/32964824-falli...
  • xreader
  • love
  • aburame
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Definition Of Fear by -royaltyfree
Definition Of Fearby king
[ fear → /'fir/ • noun ] "an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat" Kotone is an od...
  • ninja
  • shino
  • kiba
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Who Said Bugs Can't Love? {A Hollow Knight Fanfic} by Sargi_The_Jackal128
Who Said Bugs Can't Love? {A Hollo...by IzzOzz
Hazel Williams, a fourteen year old everyday resident of San Antonio city with a big heart for animals and a great sense of humor, wakes up at her house one day to find...
  • romance
  • fluff
  • maturethemes
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The Child Who Could See All by Red0rchid
The Child Who Could See Allby Red Orchid
This Novel is about a child, who realizes she has a truly remarkable power but she gets lost in many worlds inside her own mind.
  • redorchid
  • birds
  • whimsical
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Counterpart × Bugsey AU by sashash-
Counterpart × Bugsey AUby sash & ash
In which Kasey McCall and Bugs Stilinski are in the same universe and it's just one big giant ball of angst and love.
  • stilinski
  • simplystiles
  • hale
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