Cancer//Nathan Prescott x Reader by Rotting_Rowan
Cancer//Nathan Prescott x Readerby 💔
  • cancerpatient
  • nathanprescott
  • lis
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I Bet I Won't Fall in Love With You~Nathan Prescott x Reader~ by thoughtbubble101
I Bet I Won't Fall in Love With thoughtbubble101
On your first week in Blackwell, you capture the eyes of Nathan Prescott, despite Victoria's disapproval as she fights her own feelings for him. Victoria, fighting hard...
  • dontnod
  • blackwell
  • lifeisstrange
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For Him ~Grahamscott~ by adoreljh
For Him ~Grahamscott~by Babs
Nathan, a stuck up rich boy, is working for a man called Mark Jefferson. Jefferson does some really fucked up shit, and he really doesn't support it at all. He's always...
  • nathanprescott
  • maxcaulfield
  • victoriachase
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Nathan Prescott X-Reader X Mr. Jefferson by Creme-de-la-Creme
Nathan Prescott X-Reader X Mr. Creme-de-la-Creme
  • mr
  • nathanprescoutt
  • markjefferson
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Hellions of Arcadia by mysticxdragonx
Hellions of Arcadiaby MysticxDragon46
"If you died, would anyone care? Would they really care? Maybe, they'd cry for a day. But let's be honest, no one would give a shit, they wouldn't. That's who you a...
  • lifeisstrange
  • romance
  • pricefield
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-[Chloe PricexReader]- All Over Again ~Life Is Strange~ by TyLien
-[Chloe PricexReader]- All Over Ty
You, coming back to Arcadia Bay and meeting a certain blue haired punk that might have changed your life around. But in the process, what dark secrets will you reveal an...
  • lis
  • markjefferson
  • nathanprescott
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Life is Strange Imagines by Confetti-Cupcake
Life is Strange Imaginesby Sara
Just some Life is Strange imagines containing your favorite characters! You could read this; you have all the time in the world.
  • readerinsert
  • victoriachase
  • romance
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His Model - Mr Jefferson x Reader - Life Is Strange by Alaska1rhyvn
His Model - Mr Jefferson x Alaska1rhyvn
A Mr. Jefferson X Reader FanFic. You're a new student on Blackwell Academy, with a passion for photography. Because of your insecurity you think low of your work. Unt...
  • markjefferson
  • lifeisstrange
  • xreader
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The Collection of Oneshots by MineSimmer_260
The Collection of Oneshotsby MineSimmer
[Also on my Quotev] Welcome! This is a book filled with various one-shots with the following: ~Avatar: The Last Airbender ~Blue Exorcist ~Crush ...
  • kurokonobasket
  • toradora
  • blueexcorist
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Blue Angel [Amberprice FF] by ColdAsTheHeart
Blue Angel [Amberprice FF]by Charles
When Max moved to Seattle, Chloe was on her own. Until Rachel Amber came into her life. But can she rescue Chloe from being the wreck that she is?
  • lisbts
  • wattys2018
  • amberprice
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Various Males X Seme Male Reader by Nothing_Here_AtAll
Various Males X Seme Male Readerby ∋━━o(`∀´oメ)~>
Same as my other crappy stories. Weekends/Slow/Yaoi
  • assassinationclassroom
  • aot
  • lifeisstrange
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themes! ♡ by shyloli
themes! ♡by ʚ♡ɞ
let me help you create a cute theme, luv! [ #1 highest ranked & viewed themes book on wattpad. ] .。.:* .。.:*☆
  • plots
  • 1d
  • comebacks
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Life Is Strange Shit  by LoafIzStrange
Life Is Strange Shit by Nipple prescock
{COMPLETED} Just wired shit I find about life is strange
  • max
  • warrengraham
  • nathan
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Life is Strange AmberPrice: One Shots by XHellaStrangeX
Life is Strange AmberPrice: One XHellaStrangeX
(Fluff&Smut) AmberPrice short one shots! I'll take requests too if you want me to write a specific scenario involving Chloe and Rachel! (:
  • joycemadsen
  • pricefield
  • chloeprice
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bloodshot eyes and violet smoke - nathan prescott x reader by got-well-soon
bloodshot eyes and violet you saved our lives
(cover art by me) after too many embarrassing stints with the infamous prescott, y/n just wants to move on or forget, unfortunately, life just keeps bringing them back t...
  • nsfw
  • readerinsert
  • nathanprescottxreader
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Life is Strange Group Chat. by -zaeeful-
Life is Strange Group Lee
| c h a t m e s s a g e s | Max, Chloe, Rachel, Warren, Kate, Victoria and Nathan start a fun group chat. These are their messages. DUN DUN.
  • chasescott
  • rachelamber
  • amberprice
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Love Comes With A Price by Logan-Gray
Love Comes With A Priceby Loganberry
Chloe Price X Fem!Reader. You move to Arcadia Bay with your foster family, hoping to get some fresh air and start a new life. But you never expected to be enrolled in Bl...
  • chloeprice
  • fanfic
  • wattys2017
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Amberprice: Before The Storm by Chargedlion
Amberprice: Before The Stormby Chargedlion
What Rachel and Chloe's friendship was like before it all went wrong
  • chloeprice
  • rachelamber
  • lifeisstrange
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Amberprice Aftermath by Megagirlgamer
Amberprice Aftermathby Megagirlgamer
All this happened after the dark room scene at the end of Life Is Strange Before The Storm
  • lisbts
  • wattys2018
  • lifeisstrangebeforethestorm
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Partners in time {Pricefield fanfiction} by BluePunkRockRebel
Partners in time {Pricefield Nikita Gomez
This will be my second Pricefield fanfic a follow up to Love Beyond Time. If you haven't read LBT I do reccommend you do so since there will be allot of refrences to the...
  • lifeisstrange
  • girlxgirl
  • lis
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