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Hah Gaaay (Smoot) by GodOfNoU
Hah Gaaay (Smoot)by I'm fine.
Yea... So this if for all of you dirty Boyf Riends shippers. Enjoy!
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Fuckboy But I Love Him by maryyandangels
Fuckboy But I Love Himby
"You are driving me so wild babe" he said pulling at his hair and now grabbing me harder by the waist and he started sucking on my neck and jaw giving me wet...
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MY BODYGUARD by kuku369
The young, kiddish, talkative and mischievous billionaire girl Ragini Gadodia has a hot and handsome bodyguard named Laksh Maheshwari who stays with her half of the day...
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Naughty Billo(swasan ff)[Completed] by mars_111
Naughty Billo(swasan ff)[Completed]by mars_111
#65 in fanfiction on 21/09/2017 #57 in fanfiction on 05/09/2017 #62 in fanfiction on 03/09/2017 #75 in fanfiction on 24/08/2017 #81 in fanfiction on 21/08/2017 The story...
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Syeda Shaheera third-year MBBS student, a middle-class girl. Syed Imaduddin, CEO of S.J.S company, a rich class boy. Two hearts, two different parts, and two different...
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Glance by KitKanian
Glanceby kitkat
Loving is a mystery that even philosophers can't define what exactly this word means. Aleah Jane Galleja is a 15 year old girl when a 'deal' happened. After 6 years t...
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BDSM Academy (5sos) by StephanieFreeman101
BDSM Academy (5sos)by Stephanie Freeman
In this alternate universe, you are either a dominant or submissive. Here in this country they don't force a role on you at birth, like the rest of the world, but rather...
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·°.★_Park jimin_°★•. by BANGTAN_PersonaK21
·°.★_Park jimin_°★•.by ★°•_Kitty Gang_°•★
Hello Im Jimin from Bts [Roleplay book]
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✓ Beautiful Distraction  ( SwaSan FF ) ( Completed )  ✓  by AngelGoldieReal
✓ Beautiful Distraction ( Angel Goldie
college Based Story on SwaSan where Swara Loves Sanskaar Secretly n Calls Him as Mysterious Girl n Makes Sanskaar Fall for Her...A Fun n Love Based Story..
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East & West (Complete) by PujariShriya
East & West (Complete)by PujariShriya
Will be unpublishing this book permanently on 15th January, 2020 onwards. You can still read this ebook on Amazon Kindle. Keywords: east & west shriya pujari Leave a re...
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Naughty Billo (SwaSan ff) Season 2 by mars_111
Naughty Billo (SwaSan ff) Season 2by mars_111
The story of a doctor and a nursing student. both are totally different from each other and when they will be together what will happen???? swara is cute naughty while s...
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The Beginning of After|| Jenlisa AU by LadyInBlackkkk_
The Beginning of After|| Jenlisa AUby LadyInBlackkkk_
WARNING! 18+ *moaning loudly* "Ugh! LISAAAAA I'm cumming" Jennie keeps on moaning as Lisa continue pulling and pushing her finger in brunette folds, "this...
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She sleep by fighter_grrl
She sleepby fighter_grrl
The life of a young girl growing up in a Chicago housing project in the 1990's. She literally has to fight to survive and overcome many obstacles to follow her love of w...
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Naughty and Not Nice by dearhearty
Naughty and Not Niceby dearhearty
A dangerous romance is what everyone describes as the killer love. When you ended up being in a tough relationship, but one of them is ready to kill for the other. But n...
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~The~SKY~Is~Pink~ by _T_E_A
~The~SKY~Is~Pink~by 𝕋•𝔼•𝔸
starting afresh means back to square one for Kesha Adams its a lot more than that, it's finding herself but what happens when finding yourself costs the friendship of...
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the Strange thing about the Dandeson Sisters by CeeAh_doll
the Strange thing about the Cece' Brenea
Twisted is beyond the world for this family !
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Roses Get Bloody by purl23
Roses Get Bloodyby purl23
One student feel head over heels for his manipulative victim. To become her lover. When he was actually begging for freedom from her.
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Living With The Walkerson Boys (ON HOLD) by skittlemix
Living With The Walkerson Boys ( Erin James
Ashleigh Rose is a few months turned 17, and loving life. Her life consists of going out with the guys, having fun with her friends and just being her quirky self. When...
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My Bestfriend by lopezbrotherz_
My Bestfriendby lopezbrotherz_
This story is SUPER long so if you don't like a probably 25 - 30 chapter story. What are you still doing here?
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