Ride the emotional rollercoaster of young adulthood with these free coming-of-age stories on love, friendship, high school drama, popularity and awkward teen moments.

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She's With Me AvaViolet
9.9M 411K
Zoe And The Beast [Completed] MiNsHi
4.4M 156K
Just A Friend? {Wattys 2015} Read_Write_LoveIt
5.1M 148K
I'm a Model that's Undercover as The Schools Nerd KittyKattt_
11M 362K
The Bad Boy's Nerd (completed) shutupdehlia
3.5M 96.1K
No more Good Girl (badboy goodgirl) #Wattys2015 smilelikeafool
2.4M 63.3K
The Bad Boys Saw Me Naked The_Muffin_Dude
1M 42.4K
Living with the Badboy- LWTB (Editing) sehrum02x
2.6M 83.9K
Falling Too Far anifantasies
1.5M 60.5K
Loving the fat girl [Book 1] ElleTheodore
1.8M 67.6K
Sleepwalker humored
1.2M 54.3K
Bite Me Kitten byebyesasha
619K 22.1K
Through His Eyes felicitate
1.2M 63.4K
Saving Everest Teenagexnightmare
1.9M 99.7K
Charming In Handcuffs (Editing slowly) Jenleighna
4.1M 145K
The Monroe Brothers #Wattys2015 smilelikeafool
394K 13.2K
Kissing Is the Easy Part rainbowbrook
2.3M 88.6K
I Am Living With An Idiot BrightWhiteSnow
2.7M 90K