Ball Gowns? Please. by redtopic127
Ball Gowns? N. B. Allen
"What?" She holds a stern look the entire time. "Nothing, I just didn't expect you to be..." I trail off. "You thought I was the secretary? Or e...
  • cute
  • cinderella
  • life
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Hideaway (Being Edited) by Cupcake2027
Hideaway (Being Edited)by N.O
(Previously known as The Cinderella's Bad Boy) ------- "Be your own kind of Cinderella" ............ (Extended Summary inside) All Rights Reserved. (Cover by...
  • stepmother
  • mystery
  • teenfiction
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Finding His Cinderella by lliizz15
Finding His Cinderellaby Iiz.e
Meet Leah Marcus, the biggest nerd of school. Scores straight A's that's why is hated by every cheerleader and the boys. Loves to hide behind books, and boxes of pizzas...
  • cute
  • mean
  • nerd
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Once upon a Cinderella Dream... by PantsuGoettin
Once upon a Cinderella Daydreamer
Everybody knows the story of Cinderella. It ended with the prince and Cinderella living happily ever after. The villain got punished and they both got married. It was a...
  • lightnovel
  • drama
  • cinderella
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Cinderella my Ass (COMPLETED ✔)  by Freaking-Weirdo
Cinderella my Ass (COMPLETED ✔) by Nyssa A. Stravage
Highest rank #1 in humor #1 in sgs400 #1 in shines2017 "Aren't you scared that you might fall?" I asked him. I noticed in darkness his lips tugging up in a...
  • midnight
  • smiles
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The Secret Singer by addictofchocolate
The Secret Singerby Evelyn Rodriguez
Cover by: @_ViciousCupcake_ with tweaks and a sticker added by @tinhovercarinice What if Cinderella never lost a shoe? What if she never met her prince at a ball or had...
  • romance
  • anotherhsstory
  • high-school
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My cute green cinderella by LionellLim
My cute green cinderellaby LionellLim
A story about a boy who lives in a small house that once had a good and happy life but after his mother died and his father re-married with another woman, his life chang...
  • bakugoukatsuki
  • midoriyaizuku
  • katsudeku
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Hired To Love by JordanLynde
Hired To Loveby Jordan Lynde
For Bennett, the plan was simple. Hire a girl to pretend to be his girlfriend, keep the facade up for six months, stage a break-up and then claim he was too heart broken...
  • contemporary
  • koreandrama
  • newadult
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Yandere Prince X Reader by Gravity-FAN
Yandere Prince X Readerby Gravity-FAN
What if the story of Cinderella, took a really dark turn? What if your prince will do anything to get you back? Read to find out. I do not own any picture. May contain...
  • yandere
  • cinderella
  • fiction
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BOOK1:Descendants (Reading About Their their Past) by WOLFsterki
BOOK1:Descendants (Reading About Jauregay.
The Aks, Vks and their parents are transported into a theatre just before the tourney game. What are they doing there? What books are they going to read? What about thei...
  • evie
  • readingtheirbooks
  • doug
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Don't Call Me Cinderella by LolliFenn
Don't Call Me Cinderellaby LolliFenn
#1 in Balls #25 in Historical Fiction #4 in Masks "Don't." Ella whispered as she stepped towards the man before her. "Don't what? I'm not the one that li...
  • fairytale
  • england
  • historicalfiction
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Mr. Hollywood by flipflopjrb
Mr. Hollywoodby Jessie
You would think that having a Hollywood star as your best friend would be the most amazing thing in the world right? Going to all the parties, meeting other stars, getti...
  • love
  • forgiveness
  • superstar
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Twisted Tales: Cinderella by er-dagan
Twisted Tales: Cinderellaby Evelyn Dagan
So I'm guessing you've heard of Cinderella. Who hasn't? But what if.....Cinderella hated the Prince? I mean, like, reeeaaalllyyy hated him. And vice versa? In Carolyn's...
  • step-mom
  • castle
  • balcony
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Keeping Secrets (An Anonymous Novella) by DumDumPops4
Keeping Secrets (An Anonymous Cayleigh
"Lies and secrets are like cancer in the soul. They eat away the good and leave only destruction behind." Since finding out about her past and moving into her...
  • famous
  • singer
  • princess
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[1st draft] Glass Slippers: A Cinderella Retelling by Pennywithaney
[1st draft] Glass Slippers: A Sarah
All Clara wants is for her siblings to be happy, but with her stepmother constantly creating work, demanding attention, and ruining their lives, she knows this may never...
  • fairytale
  • fantasy
  • love
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Once Upon a One Night Stand | ✓ by simonesaidwhat
Once Upon a One Night Stand | ✓by simone shirazi
❝ What if Cinderella absolutely hated Prince Charming? ❞ Several years and a handful of scandals were enough to make Taliana Avilla forget all about her sworn enemy...
  • fakedating
  • highschool
  • school
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Finding Cinderella by raindrops_
Finding Cinderellaby kei
[2018 VERSION; WEEKLY UPDATES] He's. . . hot, popular, and proud. She's. . . plain, eccentric, and persistent. There's nothing common between them except that they hate...
  • teenfiction
  • featured
  • tristan
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Hunger Games: Disney Edition by Disney_lover13
Hunger Games: Disney Editionby Disney Dreamer
The villains have taken over the Disney Kingdom, and have decided to start a horrid tradition: The Hunger Games. Who will be reaped, who will survive, and most of all, w...
  • mulan
  • snowwhite
  • disney
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The principals affair (principalxstudent) (girlxgirl) by supergirlstories
The principals affair ( supergirlstories
COMPLETED!! Emma Woods, 17, wasn't that popular teen that everyone looked up to and adored. Yes everyone knew her but not for popularity but for being a lesbian. Her pa...
  • female
  • teacherstudent
  • highschool
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THORN [A Paranormal Romance] by LEPalphreyman
*A Paranormal Romance made of Star-Crossed Lovers and Fairytale Magic* He was sent to curse her. But he got caught under her spell... --- An organization of fairy god-pe...
  • kiss
  • spell
  • sleepingbeauty
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