Anonymous (A Cinderella Remix) by DumDumPops4
Anonymous (A Cinderella Remix)by Cayleigh
At a young age, Prince Ethan Alexander's mate was kidnapped. Lost and alone, Ethan has spent the last decade of his life trying to find her. Without success. Chloe Leig...
  • prince
  • youngadult
  • teenfiction
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Just Another Cinderella | ✔ by TheLittle_Naga_Girl
Just Another Cinderella | ✔by Ahgase
Ella Pearson thought she along with her mother was bound to a debt which made her life miserable and they wouldn't be able to be free until they clear it. Never in her...
  • dance
  • romance
  • possessive
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[1st draft] Glass Slippers: A Cinderella Retelling by Pennywithaney
[1st draft] Glass Slippers: A Sarah
All Clara wants is for her siblings to be happy, but with her stepmother constantly creating work, demanding attention, and ruining their lives, she knows this may never...
  • disney
  • fairytaleretelling
  • princess
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My cute green cinderella by LionellLim
My cute green cinderellaby LionellLim
A story about a boy who lives in a small house that once had a good and happy life but after his mother died and his father re-married with another woman, his life chang...
  • todorokishoto
  • bakugoukatsuki
  • fairytail
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The Season (Season Series #1) by MissKatey
The Season (Season Series #1)by Kate
**A Wattpad Featured Story** Libby Marks-Whelan is decidedly not a lady. Kicked out of nearly every finishing school in the country, she's shocked when her demure, str...
  • fairytale
  • royal
  • ball
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Cinderella After Midnight by pab0panda
Cinderella After Midnightby ☆《 Melody 》☆
Once upon a time, Cinderella tried the shoe on, it fitted perfectly. So she married the Prince and they lived happily ever after? Bullshit. The truth was... As soon as...
  • liam
  • thriller
  • prince
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The Secret Singer by addictofchocolate
The Secret Singerby Evelyn Rodriguez
Cover by: @_ViciousCupcake_ with tweaks and a sticker added by @tinhovercarinice What if Cinderella never lost a shoe? What if she never met her prince at a ball or had...
  • youngadult
  • cinderella
  • drama
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Ball Gowns? Please. by redtopic127
Ball Gowns? N. B. Allen
"What?" She holds a stern look the entire time. "Nothing, I just didn't expect you to be..." I trail off. "You thought I was the secretary? Or e...
  • boy
  • wattys2018
  • ceo
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You're mine (a Peter Pan fanfic. Ouat) by itzpineapple
You're mine (a Peter Pan fanfic. Ms. Pierce
Ashlynn is the daughter of Cinderella She is nice, kind, sweet and loyal Just like her mother always tough her. Until one night she proves how far she would go for som...
  • pan
  • lost
  • romance
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The Bad Boy's Cinderella by Trisha_Mahone
The Bad Boy's Cinderellaby Austin's_labyrinth
Book 1 in the Bad Boy series Trailer link: **** Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Don't look back, The Bad Boy is after you. **** Cinder is a...
  • girl
  • trailer
  • friendship
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Yandere Prince X Reader by Gravity-FAN
Yandere Prince X Readerby Gravity-FAN
What if the story of Cinderella, took a really dark turn? What if your prince will do anything to get you back? Read to find out. I do not own any picture. May contain...
  • prince
  • fanfiction
  • dark
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Happy Beginning Captain Swan by Isabelle_xoxo22
Happy Beginning Captain Swanby Isabelle
After Emma Swan finished the final battle with the adult Gideon, Storybrooke changes for the better. Emma and Killian finally have a life that they both can enjoy togeth...
  • charming
  • emmaswan
  • henry
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Hideaway (Being Edited) by Blackrose2027
Hideaway (Being Edited)by Rin
(Previously known as The Cinderella's Bad Boy) ------- "Be your own kind of Cinderella" ............ (Extended Summary inside) All Rights Reserved. (Cover by...
  • ball
  • disguise
  • highschool
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Finding His Cinderella by lliizz15
Finding His Cinderellaby Iiz.e
Meet Leah Marcus, the biggest nerd of school. Scores straight A's that's why is hated by every cheerleader and the boys. Loves to hide behind books, and boxes of pizzas...
  • cinderella
  • badboy
  • lovetriangle
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The Girl of the Ashes by WinterLFrost
The Girl of the Ashesby WinterLFrost
Yep. Another Cinderella retelling. After Serafina's mother dies giving birth to her third child, Serafina is devastated. When her depressed dad brings home a new step-m...
  • angst
  • romance
  • sass
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Regina ✔️ by theshystoryteller
Regina ✔️by Rachel
"I'm not your princess." "You're right. You're my queen." #45 in Romance
  • business
  • romance
  • completed
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Cinderella my Ass (COMPLETED ✔) by Freaking-Weirdo
Cinderella my Ass (COMPLETED ✔)by Nyssa A. Stravage
Highest rank #1 in humor #1 in sgs400 #1 in shines2017 "Aren't you scared that you might fall?" I asked him. I noticed in darkness his lips tugging up in a...
  • mysterious
  • girl
  • cinderella
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The Servant Girl by i_am_a_merp
The Servant Girlby i_am_a_merp
You've probably all heard the tale of cinderella, but what happens when cinderella is a servant to the prince? A tale of friendship forgotten, or is it? After an acciden...
  • castle
  • love
  • jordan
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Wolf of Cinders by TurtleCat5
Wolf of Cindersby Turtle Cat
The Alpha of the pack is the leader. He is the main one in control and sets the laws of his pack. The Omegas are the lowest of low in the pack, lower than the subordina...
  • pack
  • evilstepmother
  • love
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WARNING! Fairy Tales by RobThier
WARNING! Fairy Talesby Robert Thier
WARNING! Please be advised that this is not a bedtime story about sparkly fairies and pink unicorns. This book may contain graphic descriptions of poisoned apples and wi...
  • fairytale
  • wizard
  • powers
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