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Engraved In Your Soul by imtotallynotokay
Engraved In Your Soulby アシュトン
I used to wish I could change the outcomes of that night but I'm happy now. You'll always be in my heart and I'm so grateful to have spent the time I did with you. Cover...
  • sadness
  • destiel
  • castiel
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Snapshots of Grief by lpfan503
Snapshots of Griefby lpfan503
A collection of loosely related chapters built around real-life events after the passing of Chester Bennington, told from Mike Shinoda's POV. Implied low-key Bennoda. *D...
  • bennoda
  • grief
  • movingon
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Corpse Party: A world without Satoshi by ShihoFujioka
Corpse Party: A world without Gothic Rebel
What if everyone from Kisaragi Survives. Except for one person...How would Naomi, Yuka, and the others cope with Satoshi's death. Espically when everyone else forgot abo...
  • alittlebit
  • forgotten
  • satoshixyuka
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Jen by GinaHarris827
Jenby Gina Harris
  • interrogation
  • survivorsguilt
  • vampires
Sadie by alexis_wing
Sadieby hopeful
Take a look into Justin's mind as he recalls a girl named Sadie. As his friend Elijah tries to pull him back into reality, conflict is bound to occur.
  • heartbroken
  • guilt
  • conflict
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As Cold As You Are. by NixiumOrion
As Cold As You FixionDrums
This Walking Dead story takes place in the AFTER the events of season 4. But will have flashbacks dedicated to the previous seasons! This story tells us about a survivor...
  • clementinexoc
  • ocxclementine
  • thewalkingdead
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A Place For My Head. by americanidiot2004
A Place For My Kat Campbell
Roni and Adam did everything together. That's what made it so hard when Adam died in the crash. Everywhere Roni goes she's reminded of her twin brother. She has to get o...
  • longboards
  • inspiration
  • travel
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LOSING BLUE by brokaythen
Although losing things are extremely easy, getting them back is usually impossible. Jay Rodriguez, teenage artist, is trying to find the perfect shades for his murals. H...
  • swimmer
  • artist
  • movingforward
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Crimson by KENN330
Crimsonby K#NN
Crimson is a story about Homosexuality and criminal insanity.
  • love
  • survivorsguilt
  • life
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The Ranges by imsadandsorry
The Rangesby imsadandsorry
My body's back home, my head's on the battlefield, and my hope is long gone.
  • death
  • fear
  • grieving
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Time Stops For No One by Magyka13
Time Stops For No Oneby Mage
So, I did a's rly sad i almsot cried typing it. edit: I lied I actually cry every time Runix is essentially immortal.
  • runix
  • guilt
  • merlin
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The Story Of Two Ghosts by GreyBlack7
The Story Of Two Ghostsby G. B. Woody
Narrator was a space man who visited International Space Station five times. But after an accident during his duet mission with Christopher, his life changes forever...
  • psychology
  • sci-fic
  • hallucination
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The Transcendent Vindicator by nightwish435
The Transcendent Vindicatorby nightwish435
Abigail Wright, a young transgender girl in Bellview High, is haunted in both her dreams and waking world by visions from her school's dark past, all revolving around a...
  • angelofvengeance
  • mentalhealth
  • dreams
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Not Alone by Depressinggreenie
Not Aloneby Depressinggreenie
After a nightmare Steve heads to the communal livingroom to find a distraction. Instead he finds comfort. ________________________ Rating: Teen and Up Characters: Steve...
  • marvel
  • nightmares
  • steverogershasptsd
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Captive by raent34
Captiveby Rachel Taylor
A short story about a once prideful space captain driven to madness by survivor's guilt. *the cover art does not belong to me. All due credit to the artist.
  • stories
  • space
  • short
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Unspoken Thoughts by Coragen
Unspoken Thoughtsby Coragen
These are some of my actual Thoughts But in Story form •It's hard to tell people our thoughts, so that's why we write. Everyone finds our stories and poems so beautif...
  • reallife
  • survivorsguilt
  • depressed
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The Men Who Died by ajknight00
The Men Who Diedby Adam J. Knight
Enduring the trials and tribulations of life are already enough to have the ones who struggle with it suffer more. When death serves as yet another constant trial for a...
  • fear
  • life
  • hearse
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Where The Heart Takes Me by Sowmya_lakshmi
Where The Heart Takes Meby Sowmya
How I wish I were someone else! A lot of us have said this. But, do we actually mean it? And, what if one fine day, we wake to up to discover that it actually came true...
  • romance
  • findingpurposeinlife
  • survival
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After the Accident by amosz25
After the Accidentby amy mcmullen
  • love
  • survivor
  • survivorsguilt
How I survived Killing Myself by Charlesxleopold
How I survived Killing Myselfby Charlesxleopold
When Charles a soldier wakes up from a six-month coma, he must deal with his failing marriage, the death of his friends in the attempt to rescue him and living through t...
  • deployment
  • survivors
  • mentalbreakdown
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