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Manifest: The story by RandomWriter910
Manifest: The storyby just a writer x.
[WARNING: This story may contain sexual activity such as sex (nsfw), rape & etc. Abuse, Murder, some cringy stuff, swearing, Self Harm & Suicide. ] Chapters that contain...
Bionic Hearts | Chase Davenport by MayLarie10
Bionic Hearts | Chase Davenportby MayLarie
~Book Dedication~ It could take some time for you to realize you love someone, but enjoy the rollercoaster. It will be the best love story for your future family. You'll...
KillSwitch ─ s. rogers ✓ by vantassels
KillSwitch ─ s. rogers ✓by shay
unbeknownst to steve rogers, when he went into the ice, he left behind a daughter with peggy carter. ten-year-old alexandra carter disappeared off the face of the earth...
VARSITY 9 | BL by WeiDao
VARSITY 9 | BLby WeiDao 維道
|| SPECIALIZED SCI-FI SPORT ACADEMY || It's testing day, and the results are out! The population has evolved to now contain the Xaiyon Gene, a morph in one's DNA that al...
[COMPLETED]💛You're The Reason🖤(Venom X Female!Reader) by mahiru_scarlet9
[COMPLETED]💛You're The Reason🖤( ✒📖Miss_Fanfictionist📖✒
Venom Movie 2018 Fanfiction _______________________ "You're the Reason Y/n'' IM NOT GONNA TELL YOU THE STORY IN THIS DESCRIPTION!! 😆 You have to read the book to f...
Rage of Vendetta (The Vendetta Series #2) by ChloeFairchild
Rage of Vendetta (The Vendetta Chloe Fairchild
In the anticipated sequel to In Vendetta House, Ariel and her gang of superpowered Cambions are back and better than ever. Since escaping Vendetta House, a place where C...
I Can Read Minds, Idiot || Five Hargreeves x Reader by itsme_bowie
I Can Read Minds, Idiot || Five Bowie
"Five what're you thinking about." "Nothing..." "I can read minds, idiot." "Ok fine..." ☆●○●○●○●○●☆ Book One I'll try to make on...
Supernatural 12 (BTS & Blackpink ff) by LW7_FF
Supernatural 12 (BTS & Blackpink •ʟᴡ7 ꜰꜰ•
Y/n, a special girl and her brother are gifted with supernatural powers. Y/n, who doesn't know about her powers soon finds them out and overcomes obstacles with her supe...
Entangled (Yuta x Reader)  by Psychic1808
Entangled (Yuta x Reader) by Psychic
A group of students are gathered to be trained to find out their superpowers. What happens if they are unable to showcase their talents? What if there is a huge mystery...
Welcome to the Future  by SpiritWolfNura
Welcome to the Future by Kyran Wolfe
For 130+ years, monsters have been extinct with the only things left behind having been their hybrid children. Over the years as the hybrids continued to reproduce and 8...
Endogenesis  (Endogenesis PT 1) (Complete) by LizzeMikkelsen
Endogenesis (Endogenesis PT 1) ( Elizabeth Mikkelsen
*Complete* In 2060, most of the world's population was wiped out in the blink of an eye in what would later become known as the Rapture. For the survivors living in the...
Cyberpunk Edgerunners (Lucy x male reader) by MagnusWrites
Cyberpunk Edgerunners (Lucy x MagnusWrites
This book might not be as long as my Rebecca one but hopefully it is still as good. This will be set after the events of the anime. Once again I will release two chapter...
Van Terra [MOVING JUNE 30] by auroraanorth
Van Terra [MOVING JUNE 30]by Rory North
Jasper Van Terra stalks the streets of the city-planet Kronos, masquerading as a notorious (and obnoxious) teenage supervillain. Under the guise of pulling heists and pi...
Flames | NCT by lost_in_neocity
Flames | NCTby lost_in_neocity
Ft. NCT OT21 In a world where humans run free, supernatural creatures roam in a world hidden from them. Wielders of fire are as dangerous as the element itself. Etherea...
In Vendetta House (The Vendetta Series #1) by ChloeFairchild
In Vendetta House (The Vendetta Chloe Fairchild
There is a mansion in the middle of nowhere called Vendetta House, tasked with the sole purpose of taking in kids like Ariel: Cambions, the offspring of demons. The day...
Empathy [Ben Hargreeves] by WithLoveAndCupcakes
Empathy [Ben Hargreeves]by A.Rose
Ever since she was a tiny baby abandoned on the front porch of the Umbrella Academy, Eloise was attuned to the emotions around her. Elle would cry harder, love deeper, a...
Sorry, I Just Can't Fall In Love || Jung Jaehyun || NCT by jeongguk_taetae
Sorry, I Just Can't Fall In Love | jeongguk_taetae
"Stop being a coward Y/n......and love me........" *Warning* : contains smut. || Complete ||
Alone | NCT by lost_in_neocity
Alone | NCTby lost_in_neocity
Ft. NCT OT21 In a world where humans run free, supernatural creatures roam in a world hidden from them. In a room full of familiar people, some still feel as if they ar...
Lab Rats Season 1 by ScarletWitch19
Lab Rats Season 1by ScarletWitch19
We all know the story of Adam, Bree, and Chase. The three bionic superhuman siblings. But what if there was a fourth sibling? Meet Cassandra Davenport. But you can call...
Enders by MP13Girl
Endersby McKenna
After three long months, Team VAKAD is finally back together, and Violet finally knows the secret behind all the strange occurrences happening to her. But she isn't the...