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Pitch Slapped || Completed by FoxyGlory
Pitch Slapped || Completedby FoxyGlory
Melody Conrad, sister to Stacie Conrad but better known as Baby. When the two sisters go to college they have an adventure of singing, screaming, love, and more. Melody...
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Secretly Super| Lab Rats by caler_jo_hyden
Secretly Super| Lab Ratsby Caler Jo Hyden
In which a secret superhuman befriends three teen bionic heroes. All rights belong to the creators and producers of the Disney television show Lab Rats. I only own the...
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Smart Guy. (Chase Davenport x Reader) by RandomFandoms821
Smart Guy. (Chase Davenport x Kat
You've been on the Bionic Island for the whole time it's been open. You were never on Krane's side. You had a form of mind bionics that kept you from it. On the island...
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Lab rats Chase one shots by thehungerflashgames
Lab rats Chase one shotsby SeCReT
*Requests are open* ONE SHOTS ABOUT CHASEY I write about Chase Davenport from the dinsey channel series 'Lab rats'. I do requests sent to me through personal message. It...
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Sunshine {Donald Walsh} - STOPPED by jamethystb
Sunshine {Donald Walsh} - STOPPEDby circuses
I entered the wrong dorm. I decided to stay there because you're way too cute. I never thought we had to be enemies. But a treblemaker never plays by the rules. A.N : I...
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Thomas Brodie Sangster x female reader imagines by Fan_Of_EverythingXD
Thomas Brodie Sangster x female Fan_Of_EverythingXD
Alright this is My first book so this is crap This is book is full of Thomas and all of his characters he played like: Samuel: Phantom Halo Newt: Maze Runner Simon: Nann...
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Lab Rats: The Fourth Bionic by dizzy_winter88
Lab Rats: The Fourth Bionicby dizzy_winter
Meet Dana Davenport. She's the youngest bionic sibling. She has cryokinesis, and pyrokenisis, and other abilities she has yet to discover. She lives in the basement, alo...
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Lab Rats (A Chase Davenport love story) by Evie_Austin
Lab Rats (A Chase Davenport love Evie_Austin
The most popular and nicest girl in school. Always sees bullying, finally she gets tired of it and sticks up for someone. Little does she know she will fall in love with...
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I hope you hate this as much as I do
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🌴Benidorm🌴 by -cutizlove
🌴Benidorm🌴by 💓Connie💓
Your name is Y/N L/N and you are 11 years old. ( At the start of THe story) Your family has Always been close friends with the Garvey's so naturally they are like family...
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RWBY:Let Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key by Tojamaru
RWBY:Let Your Heart Be Your Tojamaru
Liam Rose was adopted by the Rose Family when he was left at their doorstep when he was an infant, for ten years they tortured him and put him down about himself. The on...
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Since I Saw Him Last: A Gary Barlow Fanfic by natasha_melissa
Since I Saw Him Last: A Gary natasha_melissa
Natasha is about to meet her idols, Take That, for the first time. She thinks she'll be getting a signed album and a photo with them but her favourite member, Gary Barlo...
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DuckTellTales by Scertwy
DuckTellTalesby Scertwy
*UNDERGOING EDITS* You are Y/N Mcduck, the adoptive daughter of the richest duck in the world, Scrooge Mcduck! You go on amazing adventures with your Dad and the rest of...
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Connection's: A Kingdom Hearts Fan-Fiction  by Roxas_Ventus
Connection's: A Kingdom Hearts Roxas Nobody/Ventus Wind
Sora has touched the hearts of many people, making many connections. Those connections are what he holds dear in his heart. But what if he were finally ably to realize t...
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lab rats || season three by kellberg
lab rats || season threeby kellberg
the story of haley ford and the lab rats has been a crazy ride for the past two seasons. haley, along with adam, bree, and chase, find themselves on a cargo freighter to...
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Might Solve a Mystery, or Rewrite Hist'ry! by avatarhay
Might Solve a Mystery, or A Person
Ducktalesxreader I fell into a world with anpamoricphoc animals??? Help!!! Wait a minute in know these ducks. I'm in Ducktales! By the time the shock settled in I had al...
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| I'm Miserable.. | Quest!Oswald x Reader [ON HOLD] by Gelotophobic
| I'm Miserable.. | Quest!Oswald WHAT'S POPPINGUHHHH AUUUGHNNNN
[ Under editing and On Hold because this shit stink ] Okay fourth story here we go boios! In this story, you are Ortensias twin sister, Orschelis ( Or-shell-is ). You...
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Photograph by FoxyGlory
Photographby FoxyGlory
"You're one of those acapella girls and I'm one of those acapella boys and we're gonna have aca-children. It inveitable." 《BTW this story starts off in the fi...
The Long-Lost Sister by Annabella____Malfoy
The Long-Lost Sisterby Kali Diablo
My name is Darci and my life is hectic. Dad's always away, sister's the most annoying thing to ever walk the earth and the only thing keeping me sane is the occasional v...
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Somebody Once Told Me (Shrek X Obama) by SheriffSapp
Somebody Once Told Me (Shrek X how do you change your full n...
The tragic story of Barack Obama and Shrek.
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