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Playing The Surfer by Murffiee
Playing The Surferby Murffiee
"Does this feel real enough?" He grabbed my face delicately in his hands, the rain runs down our foreheads to where our lips meet, each of us tasting the cold...
- surfing feelings ⛅️  | ari gibson | a surviving summer fanfiction by evainwriting
- surfing feelings ⛅️ | ari evainwriting
in shorehaven, your eyes are on ari gibson. it's been a year since you've seen him and lost feelings start to surface. but the boardriders girls are your rising competit...
waves // jj maybank by lilybeth5180
waves // jj maybankby lily
~ in which she was drowning and he saved her from the crashing waves. ~ though marliegh conklin was a kook, her life was nothing close to perfect. through every wave tha...
The Waves~ by Honey_Girl10
The Waves~by 𝙼𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚎^
[{COMPLETED}]! Bakugo x Fem!Deku (Quirkless AU!) (Age Up!-ish UA) Katsuki Bakugo the handsome and sexy well built, life guard at Shirahama Beach. One day when the sun is...
- cascades 🏝 | ari gibson | a surviving summer fanfiction by evainwriting
- cascades 🏝 | ari gibson | a evainwriting
since moving to shorehaven, olive beckett has had time to get used to the sleepy town. but now that ari gibson has come back since disappearing for a year, will things s...
Tides by moudenes
Tidesby Mara Oudenes
Sun, sand and waves; day in and out the constant of life at Sea Glass Beach. The upcoming surfing festival sponsored by the high-profile brand Oceancrush will turn the u...
Surface Level || Klance by Captain_Amiraca
Surface Level || Klanceby Gecko
Keith wanted to get away, he needed to get away. Even if away meant traveling halfway across the country to work for his cousin as a lifeguard, and live with the other c...
ⓈⓊⓇⒻ 🄵🄰🄼🄾🅄🅂 (Harrison) by Wildafluwer
ⓈⓊⓇⒻ 🄵🄰🄼🄾🅄🅂 (Harrison)by Maisie
When Adeline, Hoppos daughter, comes back from her six year long trip around the world with Koby Abberton and Jesse, she joins the boys in blue and falls for the newbie.
From France to Bondi: an unending love || A Bondi Rescue fanfic by girly_blue1
From France to Bondi: an girly_blue1
Celine Lefebvre is a 23 years old French surfer. She won 7 times the gold medal all over the world. Celine is in Australia for three months, being taken care by a surfe...
Tidal Waves and Mistakes by worldwidewriting
Tidal Waves and Mistakesby C.B
Local thrill seeking "Delinquent", Blakely Renee Palmer, moves fast. Never slowing down or looking back. Living by her motto "it's easier to come to terms...
Seasick Dreams by theunknownkiddo
Seasick Dreamsby theunknownkiddo
Salt water, golden sands, Cali sun and surfboards. All these things pretty much describe Anthony Duncan's life. He's the wild-hearted loner, who spends most of his days...
To Drown a Beast by ThePossibler
To Drown a Beastby Emma Andersen
Autumn Laurel trys to ride through her life in a mellow state of mind. Wave after wave she rides until one fateful day at the beach. Autumn begins to feel secluded and h...
Bondi Rescue imagines  by LarissaSmith32spam
Bondi Rescue imagines by Larissa Smith 💕
I love Bondi rescue and decided why not do some imagines so enjoy 😂💖
Emma Moves In by BrandonReina9
Emma Moves Inby Brandon Reina
After Emily goes back to her parents, her grandmother heads back home to the abandoned house with Lucy and Tutu. But soon enough, Emma, who just got kicked out of Surfer...
Dempsey Talang Preparatory School by kiddolondon
Dempsey Talang Preparatory Schoolby Gina London☁️
Welcome to Dempsey-Talang Preparatory School, where former elite talents train and teach future elite talents to be the best in the world. Started; Friday, October 15...
Wakemastopilus Highschool [boyxboy] by kawaiiangels85
Wakemastopilus Highschool [boyxboy]by kt n lil lezzles lol txt it
William is a new student at Wakemastopilus Highschool. However he will soon learn nothing is as it seems........ [boyxboy]
You Have to Choose... (Hiccstrid) (On hold) by marshmellow_pillow
You Have to Choose... (Hiccstrid) Calica
(Apologies for the cover being cut off) Astrid is a professional surfer. Hiccup is a merman. How will they cope when their opposite worlds collide? I know it's not the...
SUMMER MEMORIES-- by EveryoneLuvsUs
SUMMER MEMORIES--by Seasonal_Love
Alana and Jazmine, two teenage best friends, are ending their junior year with their annual summer trip. Alana and Jazmine are almost COMPLETE opposites. With very noti...
Wave at Me by kutoriaa
Wave at Meby torii
For as long as I can remember, I've lived on the beach. I would let the sand fall through my hands and the waves cleanse my skin. I've always been ignored, friendless...
Legion of Super-Heroes [Two Additional Tech-Based Superheroes] by JonahHex5
Legion of Super-Heroes [Two Adam T. Harper
Kara Zor-El, devastated by the destruction of Krypton, is still finding it hard to adjust to her new surroundings and of course: the burden of being her heroic self: Sup...