Beaten, Bruised, and Kissed

Beaten, Bruised, and Kissed

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Rachel By RachelFine Updated Sep 05, 2017

"Don't let me fall Ryder! Don't let me fall," back then, I had no idea the truth behind that plea. With my feet in his tiny, 5 year old hands, he held on tight. But I fell in a different way. One that doomed me from that day on, and change my life forever. 


Growing up as a quadruplet can be hard. Especially if you have a lot of uncles, aunts and cousins who live with you, and you're the less attractive one out of the four of you. Growing up, Tiana was a very outgoing girl who wanted to be heard. She'd speak her mind and never let anyone get in her way. Now, she rarely talks at home because she just ends up being interrupted and feels like no one cares anyways. The only one who will listen and understand is her mother, but even with her, it seems like she's hiding something. With all these feelings of neglect, she's developed a passion for motorcycle's and a dream to travel the world so she could be anywhere but home.

Growing up as an only child is freaking amazing. Especially if your parent's are rich and give you anything you want. Spoiled rotten with a no good attitude, Ryder lives a life of luxury. But at an early age, he develops strong adult feelings for a certain Tiana. As they say, there's a thin line between love and hate. Instead of showing her in kisses, he's been physically and mentally bullying her since freshman year even though they were childhood friends. 

Will Ryder figure out what he really wants before Tiana leaves to go live her dream of traveling the world? Or will Tiana take a road out that will leave everyone heartbroken?

(spin-off to "Abused, Mute and Human")

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